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NBA Rookie of the Year


As soon as the NBA Draft concludes and players are members of their new franchises, the odds on the top draft picks are released by sportsbooks and are always highly discussed. Players from the NCAAB and international leagues are all recruited and drafted, and there is always speculation which players will fit in seamlessly and improve teams right away.

In 1953, the first NBA Rookie of the Year award was introduced, and the trophy is named after Eddie Gottlieb, former Philadelphia Warriors head coach. The recipient of the Rookie of the Year award is decided by a panel of North American journalists and broadcasters who each vote on the top three players who displayed exceptional skill for a rookie.

The panel will rank their top three players, and each first place rank will earn a player five points, each second place ranking earns three points and for each third place ranking a player will earn one point.. The player who earns the most points will win the Rookie of the Year award.


Betting on this NBA Rookie of the Year award is a fun way to try to predict a new player’s performance, but with fewer options and the likelihood that one of the top few draft picks will win, it can be a risky wager.

If you are planning to bet on the NBA Rookie of the Year award winner, there are a few front runners – specifically first round draft picks, that have the highest chance of becoming a starter on their new team. These are the players to keep an eye on. There are usually only a handful of likely suspects – usually the top three to five players picked in the NBA Draft.

Also, what makes this award even more exclusive is that a player can only win this award once in their career – their first year in the NBA – so the stakes are high, and the pool is slim.

All you have to do to pick a winner in the NBA Rookie of the Year award odds is choose a player from the list, check out their odds, and place you wager. The NBA Rookie of the Year award odds will be the numbers listed next to the player’s name, and the lower the number into the negative, the bigger the favorite, and the higher the number in the positive, the bigger the underdog and less likely that player is to win the award.

Be sure to keep an eye on these odds as you will need to assess if you need to cash out your NBA Rookie of the year award bet early, if a player slumps or doesn’t live up to the expectations of the league. This happens a lot, so it’s best to cash out your bet before you lose too much value. You will not receive your full wager back unless the player has the same odds as when you first placed your wager and their stock will drop further if you wait until the announcement.

In the history of the award,  21 winners have been the first overall pick, only two have won both the MVP and Rookie of the Year award in the same season, and 30 of recipients eventually ended up going to the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame.

LaMelo Ball of the Charlotte Hornets was the winner in the 2020-21 season. As we look to the 2021-22 season, we are anticipating the season’s winner, especially with a more normal season after dealing with COVID the past two years.

Betting on the NBA Rookie of the Year is a fun way to place a wager that lasts through the whole season and test your psychic abilities. Will your chosen player do you proud and win the award? Find out by placing your NBA Rookie of the Year award bet over at our sportsbook.

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The NBA Rookie of the Year award odds are listed right here at BetUS Sportsbook. You can find the most competitive Rookie of the Year odds as well as plenty of NBA betting lines.
All you have to do to place an NBA Rookie of the Year bet is to figure out which player you want to bet on, and place your wager! The worst part is waiting for your NBA Rookie of the Year award bet to cash.
The 2022 Rookie of the Year favorite is the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Evan Mobley.
The NBA Rookie of the Year award odds will be set at the beginning of the season. You are able to place your wagers and you wait until the award is announced after the regular season. Throughout the season you are able to cash out your wager if need be, but you have to be patient when seeing a wager through.
There is a much slimmer pool of candidates for this award as this award can only be won once in a player’s entire career. You have to make sure you do your research and pick the player who has the best chance of success on their new team.
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