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NBA Season Stat Leaders

Rebounding Leader Tue, Nov 01, 2022 EST

Rot 2022-2023 NBA Rebounding Leader Moneyline
1001 Nikola Jokic     +125
1002 Rudy Gobert     +150
1003 Domantas Sabonis     +375
1004 Clint Capela     +600
1005 Joel Embiid     +900
1006 Giannis Antetokounmpo     +900
1007 Jonas Valanciunas     +2500
1008 Jarrett Allen     +2800
1009 Jusuf Nurkic     +3300
1010 Deandre Ayton     +5000
1011 Nikola Vucevic     +5000
1012 Anthony Davis     +6000
1013 Wendell Carter Jr.     +8000
1014 Bam Adebayo     +8000
1015 Robert Williams     +8000
1016 Julius Randle     +10000
1017 Chrisitan Wood     +10000
1018 Steven Adams     +12500
1019 Luka Doncic     +15000
1020 Karl-Anthony Towns     +15000
1021 Mitchell Robinson     +15000
1022 Jakob Poeltl     +15000
1023 Andre Drummond     +15000
1024 Russell Westbrook     +15000
1025 Pascal Siakam     +15000
1026 Tobias Harris     +20000
1027 James Harden     +20000
1028 Paul George     +20000
1029 LaMelo Ball     +20000
1030 Kyle Kuzma     +20000
1031 LeBron James     +20000
1032 Kristaps Porzingis     +20000
Rebounds Per Game Leader. Must meet offical NBA requirements.

NBA Season Stat Leaders Betting Odds & Lines


Season stat leaders are one of the most exciting NBA bets. This is a wager that’s easy to understand. This is an NBA futures wager that predicts who will lead the league in a stat category. NBA lines offer odds on leaders in scoring, assists, 3-pointers and rebounds.

Typically a scoring leader averages over 30 points per game. James Harden was the association’s scoring leader for three consecutive seasons from 2018-20. In 2021, Stephen Curry led with 32 points per game.

It was a close race last season. LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Joel Embiid were around 30 points per game. James was ineligible for the scoring title since he did not play in enough games.

Embiid won it at 30.6 points per game. Ahead of the 2022-23 season, NBA odds list Embiid as the favorite (+200) to lead in scoring.

As most would expect, Curry dominates the 3-point category. Since 2013, Curry has led the category in 7 of 10 seasons. Harden led in 3-pointers from 2018-20. With -200 odds, Curry is the clear favorite to lead in 3-point field goals.

Since 2018, Russell Westbrook has led the NBA in assists in three of five seasons. James had the honors in 2020 and Chris Paul won assist champ last season. The sportsbook has Harden as the favorite (+125) to lead in assists.

Andre Drummond led the NBA in rebounds from 2018-20. In 2021, Clint Capela was crowned the rebound champ at 14.3 per game.

Last season, Rudy Gobert took it home with 14.7 rebounds per game. For the 2022-23 season, NBA lines have Nikola Jokic as the favorite (+125) to lead in rebounds.

How the NBA Season Stat Leaders Odds Work

NBA season stat leaders odds look like most futures bets. A field of players are offered for each category. Most of the time, all players will have positive odds since there’s a large group of options.

In this case, the player with the lowest positive number would be the favorite. For instance, Embiid at +200 to lead in scoring is the favorite since he has the lowest number.

There are cases where the favorite will have negative odds. This usually signifies they are a big favorite. For example, Curry is -200 to lead in made 3-pointers. The second choice is Damian Lillard at +700. This is a huge gap.

The odds work like any other wager. For Curry’s -200 odds, a $200 bet is required for a $100 profit. For Lillard’s +700 odds, a $100 bet would yield a $700 profit.

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Vast NBA knowledge is a huge help when betting on season stat leaders. Knowing virtually nothing about the association would be a recipe for a disaster.

You need to have an idea of who’s best in each category. After all, this is essentially betting on who’s the best in each category. Most of the time, the options are obvious. For example, Curry is the greatest 3-point shooter of all time.

After you narrow each category to a handful of players, consider each option’s workload. On the surface, Harden or Tyrese Haliburton as assist leaders may look like poor choices compared to Paul.

However, Harden has become far less aggressive since leaving the Houston Rockets. In addition, Haliburton will have the ball in his hands a lot since the Indiana Pacers have a poor roster. Haliburton’s assist average jumped to 9.6 after he was traded to Indy.

Clearly, Indiana plans on running its offense through him, which will yield more assists. With scoring, always select a player that will get plenty of shot attempts and is the team’s clear No.1 option.

The same can be said about three-point leaders. Rebounding is also similar. Look for a team that relies on a player for rebounds. The Cleveland Cavaliers’ Jarrett Allen has competition with Evan Mobley on the roster, while the Atlanta Hawks’ Capela is easily the team’s best rebounder.

Most Important Players

For scoring, Embiid, Antetokounmpo, Luka Doncic, Kevin Durant and Trae Young are great options. All get plenty of field-goal attempts in their respective offenses.

Of course, they all have a track record of being talented scorers. As mentioned, scoring leaders usually average 30 points or more.

When selecting a 3-point field goal leader, volume could be the most important key. There are plenty of elite shooters in the NBA, but they need to get plenty of shot attempts. Curry, Lillard, Young, Donovan Mitchell, Fred VanVleet and Buddy Hield are good options.

Assist leaders are always the primary ball handlers of their offense. Plus, you should look for an offense that scores a lot of points. It’s hard to lead the NBA in assists with an inefficient offense.

Players like Harden, Paul, Doncic, Young and Darius Garland fit the mold. They are great playmakers and the primary ball handlers of solid offenses.

Rebounding is pretty straightforward. Look at who’s the best of the best. Jokic, Gobert, Domantas Sabonis, Capela and Embiid are some of the NBA’s elite rebounders.

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NBA Season Stat Leaders Faqs

BetUS offers plenty of options for each category and has great bonuses.
There are two major keys for betting on NBA season stat leaders: Know who’s among the best in each category and consider each player’s situation.
Joel Embiid is the favorite (+200) for scoring, James Harden is the favorite (+125) for assists, Stephen Curry is the favorite (-200) for 3-pointers and Nikola Jokic is the favorite (+125) for rebounding.
Favorites usually have the highest negative odds. With NBA season stat leaders, some categories have no player with negative odds so the favorite will have the lowest positive number. Stephen Curry is -200 to lead in three-pointers while Donovan Mitchell is +800. Curry is the favorite while Mitchell is a big underdog. For Curry’s -200 odds, a $200 bet is required for a $100 profit. For Mitchell’s +800 odds, a $100 bet would yield a $800 profit.
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