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NCAAM Awards


The College Basketball awards market consists of eight individual awards that are handed out at a series of events called the ‘Fan Jam’ that are held by the league as well as league sponsors. The event hands out awards to both the men’s and women’s NCAA college basketball finalists, so it’s a pretty big event across the college basketball leagues.

As mentioned, there are eight awards that are given out:
The John R. Wooden Award was founded in 1976 and is named after coach Wooden, who valued the spirit and ideals that he sought in his players. The award is given to both a men’s and women’s player of the year in their respective leagues. The ballot is chosen by the National Advisory Board and there is an extensive criteria that the players must meet. The awards are voted on by over 1,000 NCAA basketball experts from all 50 states.

The Legends in Coaching award recognizes coaching success and a coaches legacy in the NCAA league. This isn’t an award you would win in one season, it’s a lifetime award given to coaches demonstrating success, much like John R. Wooden saw in his career. The Wooden Award Committee votes on criteria such as a coach’s character, success and philosophy.

There are also Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame positional awards which are given to the players that have demonstrated excellence at their respective positions.

  • The Bob Cousy Award is given to the point guard of the year across the whole NCAA basketball league.
  • The Karl Malone Award is given to the power forward of the year across the league.
  • The Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Award is given to the center of the year.
  • The Julius Erving Award presented by Daltile is awarded to the top small forward of the year.
  • The Jerry West award is given to the best shooting guard in the league.


When it comes to betting on the NCAA basketball awards markets, you can place a wager on any awards market – as long as you have a good idea of who might win. All of these awards markets are considered futures wagers, where you will bet on an outcome long before the event occurs.

NCAA basketball futures are a fun way to place a wager long before the season starts, and allows you to make some serious bank on some long odds to win some money in the long run. If you place a wager on a college basketball award, you will be choosing from a list of the nominees, and their odds will reflect how likely they are to win the award.

When it comes to the Naismith awards markets, you will have a selection of players who are performing well and likely to win the award during that season. This can be anyone in the league of that particular position.

The odds will likely be displayed in the American odds format, which means the higher the number in the hundreds or thousands, the less likely the player is to win the award. If the number is in the negative, the more likely it is to win, and the lower the number is into the negative, they are even more likely to win.

Here at BetUS, you can bet on all of these awards markets, not many sportsbooks offer odds on these lesser-known markets, so you are in luck here. We offer a great selection of odds on all NCAA basketball betting events, including the regular season, women’s NCAA basketball and more.

If you think you’re ready to bet on the NCAA basketball awards markets, head over to the sportsbook and start betting!


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You can bet on the NCAA men’s college basketball awards right here at BetUS Sportsbook.
All you have to do to bet on the NCAA men’s basketball awards odds is to choose the player that you believe will win their individual award.
The odds are released based on the most likely candidates to win the awards. Once you have an idea of which player you believe will win, you can place a wager on that player – the odds will show you how likely that player is to win.
Be sure to keep an eye on players who are performing well and having a good showing during the regular season.
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