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FCS Betting Odds & Lines


College football has a long and storied history. Since its beginnings in 1869, college football has come a long way. In 1978, the NCAA had their championship bowl games separated into two divisions, Division I-A and Division I-AA. And for 27 years, this was the makeup for college teams’ placement in bowl games.

Starting in 2006, the NCAA decided to change the names of the divisions. This is where the birth of the FBS and FCS came to light.

The FCS, which is short for Football Championship Subdivision, is the new name for what was known as Division I-AA. It was first used during the 2006 season, marking the end of the Division I-AA, which was used dating back to 1978. The FCS is considered college football’s lower level between FBS and FCS.

Two factors break down the field of FCS Championship games. The first is the ten teams that have won their conference championship game at the end of the NCAA football season. The next set is of 14 teams that a playoff committee of the FCS selects. The FCS playoff committee also handles the seeding of the teams, determining which eight teams will receive a bye and which 16 teams will face each other.

The style of the FCS Championship is that of a single-elimination tournament. The tournament is broken down into five sections.

  • The first-round consists of the 16 teams that didn’t receive a bye week.
  • The second-round consists of the eight teams from the bye week against the eight winners from the first round.
  • The Quarterfinal match-up consists of the eight winners of the second round.
  • The Semi-finals match-up consists of the four winners of the Quarterfinals.
  • The FCS Final is the championship game between the winners of the Semi-Finals.

The brackets are created based on the region that the teams are in. Teams can be no more than 400 miles apart via ground travel when the committee makes the bracket for the FCS Championship. The committee also has a first-round rule that teams can not be from the same conference as an opponent if they have already played each other.

BetUS offers a range of betting options for FCS games, including the FCS Playoffs and FCS Championship games. Whether you want to bet on the game, by the half, or by the quarter, BetUS has you covered!

BetUS offers the ability to bet on FCS games using cryptocurrency. They offer the ability to use four different types of cryptocurrencies on the market. Those four cryptocurrencies are:

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Bitcoin Cash
  3. Litecoin
  4. Ethereum

BetUS has you covered whether you are using a credit card or crypto to place your FCS bet.

BetUS also offers prop bets for all the FCS Playoff and FCS Championship games. They have over/under bets on total TD’s scored, longest TD scored, shorted TD scored, total FG’s made, and longest FG made just to name a few. With this wide range of betting opportunities , BetUS brings a new excitement to the game.

There are some things you might want to look at before making a bet on your FCS game. Things to look for include:

  1. Team’s record
  2. Team’s current win or loss streak
  3. Player match-ups
  4. Team’s offense and defensive stats
  5. Team’s ability to cover the spread
  6. Team’s ability to cover the over or under
  7. Any previous match-ups between the two teams

These are just a handful of things to look at before making an informed bet on a team. This doesn’t guarantee that your bet will be successful, but it will help you with understanding if your team has a better chance of winning a bet.
How to Bet on FCS Section

There are quite a few questions that people have when it comes to betting on FCS games on BetUS. We will go over and answer the most common questions that may be asked.

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A: BetUS has a section dedicated to the FCS. From the sportsbook tab, just click on FOOTBALL and then scroll down to FCS. From here, you will be shown all the FCS games that are being played. There will also be an announcement tab under a game if the game is an FCS Playoff game.

A: The odds for all betting will have a plus or minus sign in front of the number. In some cases, there will be the word “EV” which means you will get an even money payout. If you see a plus sign, +120 for example, this means a $100 bet will win you $120. If you see a minus sign, -200 for example, this means a $100 bet will win you $50. You will also get back the original wager amount back if you win.
A: The FCS odds are based on what a likely outcome might be. So the higher the payout odds, the least likely that it is for that outcome to happen. Moneylines have the largest difference in odds. A team that is the favorite to win will have a lower moneyline odds payout. Whereas an underdog team will have a higher moneyline odds payout.
A: From the FCS tab, you can scroll down the screen to find the game that you want to bet on. When you find the game you want, you can click on the type of bet you want to make on a team. This can be the point spread, moneyline, or the over/under. When you click on the bet you want, it will show up on the right side of the screen. From there, you then put the amount of money that you want to risk on the bet. Then all you will need to do is click CONFIRM to finalize the bet.

Less experienced gamblers may also wonder if there’s any strategy to betting on the FCS games. While betting isn’t exactly based on science, there are some strategic elements to betting on FCS games.

To develop a strategic element to your betting, you will need to do some research. Just because a team is favorite doesn’t mean they will win or cover the spread. Looking at the team’s record, player trends and match-ups, points scored for and against, record against the spread, and opponent record.

Is that team on a losing streak, or are they on a tear-winning game? Have they been able to cover the spread in the past, or do they fall short? Has the team covered the over, or do they cover the under in their past games? These are just a few things to look at before making a bet on a team. Past trends can help give a better look at a team’s chances of winning a game.

Looking at some of these simple things can give a clearer picture of the team that you want to bet on. It will also help to assess whether or not you should take a risk on a team if they are an underdog. With this information, you can know that you are making the most informed decision before you place your bet. All you need to do now is turn that knowledge into a winning bet.

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