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NCAAF Championship Betting Odds & Lines


The NCAAF Championship is college football’s biggest tournament of the season. The makeup of the NCAAF national championship games has changed quite a few times since 1992.

The most recent change to the NCAAF national championship games came in 2014.

For the 2014 season, the College Football Playoff was adopted to determine the NCAAF national champion. The College Football Playoff, also known as the CFP, consists of four teams voted on by a 13-member committee.

The committee ranks the four teams, with the first-ranked team facing the fourth-ranked team. The second and third-ranked teams are then left to play each other. The winners of those two matchups then go to the NCAAF Championship game against each other for the NCAAF national championship title.

The CFP is not without controversy, as the CFP committee has selected teams to play for the NCAAF national championship that didn’t win their conference championship. Things like this make it a little harder to develop a betting strategy on the NCAAF Championship game, especially if you are betting during the middle of the NCAA college football season. However, you can still use some strategy when betting on the NCAAF Championship game.


If you are looking to bet on the NCAAF Championship game, BetUS is the site to handle your bet. They offer betting options on the NCAAF Championship game. BetUS also accepts cash or cryptocurrency deposits for betting. This gives a flexible convenience to those that prefer to use cryptocurrency instead of cash.

When you are ready to bet on the NCAAF Championship game, here are some strategies that you can use:

  • Look at the number of times the team has made the CFP recently
  • Was the team able to replace essential players that left for the NFL draft
  • Has the team made any significant changes before the start of the season
  • Is the team a championship-caliber team
  • Is the team the defending NCAAF national champion
  • If the team is the defending champion, have they ever won the NCAAF national championship back-to-back times
  • Did the team acquire new talent that can make an impact on the team
  • Does the team have a schedule facing Top 25 NCAAF teams

It’s essential to look at the teams’ overall history as well. Some teams have a better chance of making it to the NCAAF Championship game. Teams like Ohio State, Clemson, and Alabama have been in the CFP games more than other teams since 2014. These teams have the edge with this history of making it to the CFP.

Between 2014 and 2020, Alabama has been in the NCAAF Championship game five times, winning three of those times. Clemson has been in the NCAAF Championship game four times, winning two times. Ohio State has been in the NCAAF Championship game two times, winning only one time.

This shows in seven years, three teams were the most likely to go and win the NCAAF Championship game. Taking note of the dominance of these three teams will help in your betting choice.

With these things in mind, it can give a better insight into what team has the best chance to win the NCAAF Championship game. That insight will help make a more informed bet that has a better potential of paying off in the end. Sometimes, the NCAAF national championship odds don’t tell the whole story. That is why researching a team is always a good thing to do before betting on them.

FAQs On The NCAAF Championship Game

For people new to BetUS, or new to betting in general, you may have some questions. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the NCAAF Championship game.


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Yes! As long as you live in a state that allows for sportsbook betting, you can bet on the NCAAF Championship game using BetUS.
The NCAAF Championship odds are in moneyline format. The plus odds are the most common odds throughout the season and into the playoffs. The plus odds mean you will win that amount for every $100 you bet. There is also EV, which means even odds. You will get the same amount you bet returned to you if you win. Last is negative odds. Negative odds mean you will get a lower return on a winning bet. For example, a -500 odds returns $20 on every $100 you wager.
The NCAAF Championship is held at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana, for the 2021-22 NCAAF season.
From the BetUS site, the NCAAF Championship can be found under the FOOTBALL link on the left side. When you click on the NCAAF Championship tab, this will take you to where you can bet on the NCAAF Championship.
Clicking on the NCAAF Championship tab will bring up a page of teams that you can bet on for the NCAAF Championship. To bet on any of these teams, just click on the odds number associated with them. This will add them to your bet slip. You will have to put in an amount you want to wager on the team. Click on PLACE MY BET after you’ve added the wager amount. You will then have to confirm the bet. After that, your bet is placed, and you can print your bet slip.
The NCAAF Championship odds work in a money-line format. A bet on a team is a straight-up bet that they will win the NCAAF Championship. After the regular season is over, the odds will go in order of ranking by the selection committee. The number one ranked team will have the lowest odds, while the fourth-ranked team will have the highest odds.
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