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Rot Odds to win ACC Atlantic Division Moneyline
121 Clemson     -250
122 NC State     +500
123 Wake Forest     +750
124 Florida State     +1800
125 Boston College     +1800
126 Louisville     +2500
127 Syracuse     +10000
2022/2023 winner. All wagers have action.
Rot Odds to win ACC Coastal Division Moneyline
141 Miami Florida     +125
142 Pittsburgh     +265
143 North Carolina     +800
144 Virginia     +400
145 Virginia Tech     +800
146 Georgia Tech     +3000
147 Duke     +20000
2022/2023 winner. All wagers have action.
Rot Odds to win Big Ten West Division Moneyline
161 Wisconsin     +165
162 Nebraska     +275
163 Purdue     +550
164 Iowa     +450
165 Minnesota     +550
166 Illinois     +3000
167 Northwestern     +10000
2022/2023 winner. All wagers have action.
Rot Odds to win SEC East Division Moneyline
221 Georgia     -600
222 Tennessee     +1400
223 Florida     +1600
224 Kentucky     +1200
225 South Carolina     +4000
226 Missouri     +6000
227 Vanderbilt     +30000
2022/2023 winner. All wagers have action.
Rot Odds to win SEC West Division Moneyline
241 Alabama     -400
242 Texas A&M     +550
243 Ole Miss     +1600
244 Arkansas     +1600
245 LSU     +3600
246 Auburn     +8000
247 Mississippi State     +6000
2022/2023 winner. All wagers have action.

NCAAF Divisions Betting Odds


College football is one of the most exciting sports for people to watch. With over 100 NCAA football teams, there are plenty of different games to watch every Saturday.

NCAA football is divided into 11 conferences, with each conference having an East and West division or a North and South division.

The winners of these NCAAF Divisions then face their counterparts in their NCAAF Conference Championship game. So it becomes important to see which teams are in which division of their NCAA conference.

The variables with the NCAAF Divisions help add excitement to each game in college football.

For example, the Big Ten is split into a Big Ten East and Big Ten West division, while the Pac-12 is split into the Pac-12 North and Pac-12 South divisions.

Monitoring each team and where they are in a conference division is important when getting into the wagering side of NCAA football.

Something that the NCAA is doing is moving teams into other conferences. The Big 12 conference is expected to have four additional teams added by 2023 or 2024.

The move is seen to split the conference potentially into East and West divisions with seven teams each.

How do NCAAF Divisions Odds Work?

NCAAF Division odds are moneyline NCAAF odds based on which NCAA team will win their division. Each team is assigned odds based on their chances of winning the division they are in, with the NCAA football odds moving as the NCAA season progresses.

So when selecting your NCAA football team, remember what division the team is in and who they may face during the NCAA football season.

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Betting Strategy

NCAAF lines and NCAAF odds for the NCAAF Divisions could offer gamblers opportunities to cash in on their favorite team. However, studying each team is important before betting on them.

A helpful guide with things to examine will give gamblers an edge when waging on those NCAAF odds.

One thing gamblers can do with NCAAF Divisions is bet-hedging. Hedging is best used early in the NCAA season when most NCAA football teams have plus odds.

However, you can hedge later in the NCAA season if your current wager is winning, but an underdog might end up winning in their division.

If you see an underdog with a good chance of winning their NCAAF Division before the season ends, you can hedge your original bet with a wager on the other team. However, make sure to never bet more than your potential winnings, as only one wager might win.

Hedging can also be risky, as you will lose money on at least one wager. Hedging is best when you have the best wager, but want to ensure other teams don’t cost you from winning.

Prop Bets

During the NCAA football season, gamblers could find some props with each game to wager on besides their NCAAF Division’s wager. Prop bets can range from a wager on a player to the race with which team is the first to reach a certain amount of points first.

A study of the teams and players involved with prop bets can give an added value for gamblers wagering money on NCAA football games.


With the many NCAAF Divisions and wide range of teams in college football, it can become confusing when gambling on the NCAAF Divisions. However, BetUS makes things easy when betting on NCAAF odds on those NCAAF Divisions.

They label all the teams in the division when gamblers wager on the NCAA football odds.

While seeing the teams in each division is important, it’s also important to see the schedule of each team in their division. It’s important because these division teams could end up facing each other.

The strength of the schedule can also show if a team has a better chance of having the best record to be on top of their division.

It is also important to study each college program and see if they have a history of winning their NCAAF division. Teams like Alabama and Ohio State are known for winning their division in recent history.

However, that history isn’t the only thing to examine with college football teams and the divisions they are in.

Also, examine if the best players are being replaced after being drafted, as college players are always leaving for the NFL. If those players aren’t replaced by top-tier talent, the team might perform poorly during the current season.

If the team has an excellent recruitment program, they shouldn’t have any issues keeping a rotation of the best players on their team each year.

While wagering early gives the best NCAAF odds on teams, a later wager might give a clear NCAAF betting line on teams. The favorite later in the NCAAF season usually has negative odds, meaning the return won’t be as good.

However, gamblers can still find value if they study the teams close in the NCAAF odds in their NCAAF Division.

Examine the records of both the favorite and the underdogs to see how many games apart the teams are. After seeing the number of games apart among the teams, examine how many games remain for all the teams.

If the favorite has a two-game lead on the underdog with three games remaining, it might be impossible for the underdog to overcome the difference.

However, it also comes down to who each team faces in those remaining games. If the favorite faces a tough remaining schedule, while an underdog faces easier opponents, there could be hope for the underdog.

But with the number of games remaining, there’s no margin for error when making a wager on an underdog.

While NCAAF odds on underdogs can be tempting to take because of the payout, those underdogs are a risk to take if you don’t study them.

Examine to see if they are on a winning streak or have something that could give them an edge with the NCAAF Divisions.

Some other things, like injuries, could make a difference in any game between the two teams.

Here’s a general checklist of things to examine with the NCAAF Divisions:

  • What is the team’s recent history in their NCAAF Division?
  • Does the team have any players who are not playing or are injured?
  • Is the team good on the road?
  • Is the team prone to losing late in the NCAAF season?
  • Does the program keep recruiting the best players each year?
  • What players left for the NFL that were key to last year’s team?
  • Are there any coaching changes that could affect the team?
  • Has the team had any upset victories during the NCAA football season?

While these tips are helpful, finding value while using these tips is the most important thing for gamblers. Some value can only be found in early wagering on college football teams, while other times gamblers might find value wagering later in the NCAAF season.

Hedging might also be another strategy to use to employ if your early wager is at risk of losing.

These things can help gamblers with having better chances with their NCAAF odds and wagers.

However, these things won’t insure a perfect bet. Strategies only help with giving gamblers a better chance of winning, as they can never guarantee a win.

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NCAAF Divisions Faqs

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On the sportsbook part of the BetUS site, click on FOOTBALL. Next, click on the NCAAF DIVISIONS. The NCAA football teams to wager money on for NCAAF Divisions are found here.

The odds of each team are next to the team name in this area. You can then click on the NCAA football odds next to the team you are wagering money on. After that, just confirm your bet and your wager will be complete.

Yes! BetUS provides a simple betting strategy to use and things to examine with college football teams with an NCAAF Division’s wager.
NCAAF Divisions wagers can’t be parlayed together. The reason for this is the teams in the same division would negate any chances of a winning parlay for the gambler.

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