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NCAAF Playoff Specials Betting Odds & Lines


There is no NCAA Tournament when it comes to the sports of College Football as only four teams make it into the most prestigious event.

The College Football Playoff features the top four teams in the country, and it’s an an event that is extremely popular when looking for NCAA football odds.

Betting on NCAAF playoff specials is just a type of futures bet, and this specific type of wager is very popular with bettors. This is also different from simply betting on the College Football Playoff winner as that is a different bet entirely.

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How do NCAAF Playoff Specials Odds work?

You will find plenty of different betting options when it comes to the NCAAF season, but the ultimate prize for teams is to reach the College Football Playoff. This is also one of the best betting markets to look at because it’s a great futures bet to make.

This type of bet is not to be confused with betting on which team will eventually win the College Football Playoff.

This wager simply focuses on which four teams will get to the College Football Playoff, or you can bet on which teams won’t make the cut.

Odds for this type of bet become available well before a season actually starts, and they will be updated throughout the year.

There will be a pretty long list of teams to wager on before the season begins, but that list will get cut down as the year plays out.

A popular betting strategy with this type of wager is to make all of the bets before a season begins. This is typically when you find the best odds for either side of this bet, and that can in turn lead to a much bigger payout.

HOW TO BET ON NCAAF Playoff Specials

Betting on NCAAF Playoff specials is not hard to do as you will only have two options to choose from for each team. Since this is a unique type of futures bet, you won’t see a long list of odds like you might see with other bets.

In order to further explain this type of bet, let’s look at three specific college football programs and how the odds and betting lines might look:

Alabama Crimson Tide to Make the Playoffs: Yes -250 No +195
Miami Hurricanes to Make the Playoffs: Yes +1000 No -4000
Notre Dame Fighting Irish to Make the Playoffs: Yes +800 No -2000

As you can see from the NCAAF betting lines listed above, you only have two choices to choose from. You can also see that the odds for each team is going to be quite different depending on the projections for each team during the upcoming football season.

If you want to bet on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish to reach the College Football Playoff then you will have odds offered at +800. That means that a $100 wager would win you $800.

Alabama is expected to reach the College Football Playoff based on the odds, but if you bet $100 on them to miss out then you could win $195.

Creating a Parlay

One option that you will have when betting on NCAAF Playoff specials is to put together a parlay. In order to do this, you will simply bet on a handful of teams and decide if you think they will or will not make the College Football Playoff.

Putting together a parlay will increase the potential payout that you might receive, but you are also adding more risk with every leg that you include. You can include both “yes” and “no” bets in your parlay if you are going this route.

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NCAAF Playoff Specials FAQs

You are going to get a huge welcome bonus from BetUS Sportsbook before you even make your first wager, and that’s one great reason for choosing BetUS. Another reason is that the NCAAF betting odds at BetUS are better than what you will find at other sportsbooks online.
When you find the NCAAF playoff specials odds at BetUS Sportsbook then you will see a long list of teams listed with either a “yes” or “no” option. If you are going to bet on this type of action then you will simply choose if you think that team will make the College Football Playoff or if they will miss out for that season.
You are likely going to find the best NCAAF betting lines before the season begins, and it might be a good idea to get those bets in then. These odds will change throughout the year, and you could wait until you see how teams are trending before making a bet. As long as you have some sort of strategy going into this then you are giving yourself a chance to be successful.
Making a parlay on NCAAF playoff specials is not hard to do, especially since you won’t have a ton of options with this wager. There might be a bunch of different teams listed, but it’s really just a bet on whether or not those teams will reach the playoff.

If this is something that you want to do then you will click on a few teams and choose which side of the wager that you want to be on. After you have made 3-4 picks then you will automatically have created a parlay.

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