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NFL Super Bowl Specials Betting Odds


The NFL sees 32 teams compete for 18 weeks over the regular season to see which 14 teams will reach the NFL playoffs.

During this time, gamblers can find NFL Super Bowl specials to wager their money on before and during the NFL season. So what are these Super Bowl specials?

NFL Super Bowl specials have a wide range of options for gamblers to examine. They can find wagers for things like the winning state the Super Bowl champions will come from, to which conference will win the Super Bowl.

While those are the only Super Bowl specials people can find when doing their Super Bowl bets, they are just some of the few available.

Super Bowl specials give gamblers not only a wide range of options but can also give great Vegas NFL odds early in the NFL season.

The reason these wagers are known as specials is that they are unique with what gamblers can wager on for the Super Bowl.

Early wagers can also give wider options, as teams, states, and divisions will be eliminated as the NFL season and playoffs come to a close.

How do NFL Super Bowl Specials Odds Work?

NFL Super Bowl specials odds are just like the Vegas NFL odds you’d find during the regular season. There’s plus and minus odds in a moneyline format.

Favorite betting options get minus odds while the underdog option gets plus odds.

For the wager to be successful with the Super Bowl specials odds, the exact outcome needs to happen.

Some of the best odds are found early, but the later stages of wagering on NFL Super Bowl specials incurs less risk.

It’s about finding that mix of value to risk when making your Super Bowl bets.

BetUS Offer

BetUS has substantial offers for gamblers with NFL Super Bowl Specials. There’s a 100% match on deposits starting at $100 and up to $2,500 for new customers for sports betting.

Gamblers wanting to use cryptocurrency get an even bigger bonus of 150% on sports betting.

For gamblers looking to use cryptocurrencies to wager money on NFL Super Bowl Specials, there are four cryptos you can use.

BetUS accepts these four cryptocurrencies for deposit: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. So whether you want to use cryptocurrency or cash, BetUS has you covered.

Betting Strategy: Bet Hedging

NFL Super Bowl specials give gamblers a chance to hedge their wagers during the NFL season. A hedging of a wager would come if the original bet looks like it might fail, but another option with good odds has a better chance of being a winning wager.

While hedging your Super Bowl bets can be risky, it’s one more option gamblers can take advantage of if they know how to hedge their bets properly.

Prop Bets

Throughout the NFL season and until the Super Bowl, gamblers can wager money on prop bets. Prop bets can range from individual performances from players to which team makes a certain amount of points first.

These wagers add excitement to the game of football besides the NFL Super Bowl Specials wagers gamblers can find when making Super Bowl bets.

How to Bet on NFL Super Bowl Specials Odds

With NFL Super Bowl specials odds, gamblers need to examine each betting option and the likelihood of the option leading to a winning wager. With the different betting options, there will be different strategies for each one.

So let’s start with examining some of the most popular Super Bowl bets people make on NFL Super Bowl specials.

The first one is which state the winner of the Super Bowl will come from. In the NFL, there are three teams each in California, New York/New Jersey, and Florida.

So those three states take up nine of the 32 NFL teams. Other states have only one or two NFL teams.

However, both Florida and California have two teams that have won the last two Super Bowls. Those Super Bowl winners were the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Los Angeles Rams.

So before wagering on a state because of the Vegas NFL odds, closely examine which teams are in that state.

Wagering money on a state that has only one team that’s bad wouldn’t produce a winning wager. Teams like the Bills (New York), Rams (California), and Buccaneers (Florida) are always contenders to win or make the Super Bowl.

However, studying their rosters and schedule can show the actual chances they have with making the Super Bowl and winning it.

The next option people like is which conference will win the Super Bowl. This comes down to two conferences, the AFC and NFC.

Examining the winners of the last ten Super Bowls might show a trend with which NFL conference usually wins the Super Bowl

. However, studying the teams for these conferences is important as well.

Here are the last ten Super Bowl winners and the conference they came from:

  • Los Angeles Rams (NFC) 2022
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFC) 2021
  • Kansas City Chiefs (AFC) 2020
  • New England Patriots (AFC) 2019
  • Philadelphia Eagles (NFC) 2018
  • New England Patriots (AFC) 2017
  • Denver Broncos (AFC) 2016
  • New England Patriots (AFC) 2015
  • Seattle Seahawks (NFC) 2014
  • Baltimore Ravens (AFC) 2013

The New England Patriots were one of the dominating forces in the Super Bowl when Tom Brady played for them. However, since leaving the team in 2020, they haven’t reached the Super Bowl or made it past the AFC Wild Card game.

However, if you look at the Brady factor, he’s been in five of the last ten Super Bowls, winning four of them.

When making Super Bowl bets on either the AFC or NFC winning the Super Bowl, examine the players on the teams in both conferences.

While Brady seems to be an enormous factor in which team makes the Super Bowl, he shouldn’t be the only factor when making a bet on NFL Super Bowl specials.

It’s all about the players on the team and how they gel together as a team. Even the best players lose if they can’t play well together.

That’s why teams with good chemistry have a good chance of winning games.

While strategies can help gamblers, they are never perfect. Every player has off days and that off day can cause the team to lose the game.

However, if the team has talent in each position, it won’t be all on one player to succeed.

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NFL Super Bowl Specials Odds Faqs

BetUS is a good option because they have the best Vegas NFL odds for all the NFL Super Bowl specials available. They also allow for the use of cryptocurrency to make wagers. These things make BetUS a good option when betting online with the NFL Super Bowl specials.
You can find the NFL Super Bowl specials on the left side of the page under the FOOTBALL link. When you click on the NFL SUPER BOWL SPECIALS, you will then see all the specials for you to wager money on.

When you find the betting option you want to wager on, click on the Vegas NFL odds for the option to add it to your bet slip. You will then need to enter the amount you want to wager. After that, click on PLACE MY BET to complete the bet.

Yes! Just like with any other type of sports betting, the NFL Super Bowl specials have betting strategies gamblers can use.
If a parlay for your NFL Super Bowl specials is available, you can click on the PARLAY option in your bet slip to do a parlay wager. If a parlay isn’t available, you will get a message letting you know you can’t parlay those wagers.

If you can parlay a wager, you can then enter the amount you wish to wager. After that, simply click on the confirm wager option and your bet is in.

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Rolling If Bets (RIF) allow you to use the balance (amount) from existing wagers to make a new wager. As long as existing wagers have not been graded, the amount wagered can still be used to make new wagers. However, if your original wager loses, the Rolling If Bet is then cancelled. There are two options for ties (pushes); you can specify if you want the Rolling If Bet to continue in case of a tie or simply cancel the RIF.

Rolling If Bets are:
  • only allowed on straight bets, Parlays and Teasers.
  • not available with Free Plays or Futures and Props
  • only available if you have pre existing, non graded wagers
  • you can only use the funds from the amount of the pre existing wager
How to Place a Rolling If Bet:
  • Choose any straight, parlay or teaser and Place it on the Bet Slip
  • Click on the Rolling If Bet button next to the wager detail
  • In the RIF dropdown, choose a wager that you want to use for RIF
  • Click on "If Win Only" or "If Win or Push" (explained above)
  • Fill in the amount and confirm your wager (the system will not allow you a higher amount than what is available)