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Super Bowl LVII Matchups

Sun, Jan 29, 2023 EST

Rot Super Bowl LVII Matchups Moneyline
1050 San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs     +300
1055 San Francisco 49ers vs Cincinnati Bengals     +345
1098 Philadelphia Eagles vs Kansas City Chiefs     +210
1103 Philadelphia Eagles vs Cincinnati Bengals     +230
All wagers have action.

Super Bowl LVII Matchups Betting Odds & Lines


Many people start making bets once the NFL odds for Week 1 are posted, but the Super Bowl is the biggest event in the NFL.

Super Bowl LVII is no different and could easily see teams appearing after being long absent from the Super Bowl. So with that in mind, what exactly are Super Bowl LVII matchups?

Super Bowl LVII matchups are wagers on the exact two teams who will be in Super Bowl LVII. So you would need to pick a team from one of the two NFL divisions, such as which AFC and NFC teams would be the two teams reaching the Super Bowl.

BetUS has all 256 combinations of teams who might face each other in Super Bowl LVII. All the options already made out make things easy for those looking to place Super Bowl bets online.

How do Super Bowl LVII Matchups Odds Work

Super Bowl LVII matchups odds are just like the Vegas NFL odds you’d find during the regular season, even starting with NFL odds Week 1.

There are plus and minus odds in a moneyline format. Favorite betting options get minus odds, while underdog options get plus odds.

The exact outcome needs to happen for the wager to succeed with the Super Bowl LVII matchup odds.

With Super Bowl LVII matchups, gamblers can find a betting option for every single NFL team matchup possibility. That gives gamblers 256 unique betting matchups for Super Bowl LVII.

Some of the best odds are found early. Still, the later stages of wagering on Super Bowl LVII matchups incur less risk as teams are eliminated from playoff contention and eliminated during the playoffs.

It’s about finding that mix of value to risk when making your Super Bowl bets.

BetUS Offer

For gamblers wanting to make Super Bowl bets on the Super Bowl LVII matchups, BetUS has some substantial offers. They do a 100% match on all deposits by new customers, with the minimum amount being $100. That 100% match goes up to $2,500 for any new customers to use on sports betting.

If cryptocurrencies are a gambler’s preferred way for gambling and payouts, BetUS has that covered too. BetUS currently takes four cryptocurrencies for deposits and payouts.

Those four cryptos are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. So whether you want to use cryptocurrency or cash, BetUS has you covered.

Betting Strategy: Bet Hedging

Super Bowl LVII matchups give gamblers a chance to hedge their wagers during the NFL season. Hedging a wager is something risky but often used by gamblers who constantly stay on top of games and odds.

While hedging your Super Bowl bets can be risky, it’s an option to use during the later stages of the NFL season before Super Bowl LVII begins.

Prop Bets

The NFL Super Bowl and NFL regular season give gamblers a chance to examine some prop bets to go along with their Super Bowl LVII matchup wagers.

These prop bets range from individual performances to over/under choices for different prop bet options.

These wagers add excitement to the Super Bowl besides the Super Bowl LVII matchups wagers gamblers can find when making Super Bowl bets.

How to Bet on Super Bowl LVII Matchups Odds

With Super Bowl LVII matchups odds, the Vegas NFL odds get higher with each option that is less likely to happen. The long-shot options have the highest odds out of all the options for gamblers to choose. While those odds are extremely tempting, they are long shorts for a reason.

So before making any Super Bowl bets on the Super Bowl LVII matchups, remember to stay away from the longshot options. Teams like the Atlanta Falcons and New York Jets have little to no chances of making it to Super Bowl LVII.

However, gamblers could find value in other options that aren’t as long of a shot as those two teams.

The most popular and most likely, NFC teams that could make it to Super Bowl LVII are the Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers, Los Angeles Rams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Arizona Cardinals.

All these teams made the NFL playoffs the previous season and are primed to make a repeat.

However, studying those teams’ rosters will help determine if they really have a Super Bowl trip in their destiny. With Green Bay, they lost some of their best players during free agency, meaning the team would need to rely heavily on Aaron Rodgers to make it to Super Bowl LVII.

The 49ers are having trouble with some offensive players, which should give gamblers a reason to wait on making any Super Bowl bets with them.

Tampa Bay has Tom Brady returning for a 23rd season, which instantly makes them a favorite to reach the Super Bowl again.

The defending Super Bowl champs, the Los Angeles Rams, kept their team together and replaced players they lost with veteran players that are just as good as the ones they lost. That could mean a repeat in the future for the Rams.

On the AFC side, three teams stand out as Super Bowl contenders. The Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs, and Los Angeles Chargers are those teams.

Both the Bills and Chargers have made some improvements to their team since the NFL offseason began.

However, with the Chiefs, they have lost some important players. This means they will rely on Patrick Mahomes and his newest receiver, Juju Smith-Schuster.

Oddsmakers believe in Mahomes and his chances to send the Chiefs back to the Super Bowl.

Two teams that could be in contention that many people aren’t talking about are the Miami Dolphins and Las Vegas Raiders.

Both teams made trades to improve their wide receiver core, with Miami getting Tyreek Hill and Las Vegas getting Davante Adams.

With their improved rosters, gamblers might like them with their Super Bowl bets and the Vegas NFL odds they are getting.

Just remember to stay on top of any roster moves or injuries that may occur. Wagering for the Super Bowl LVII matchups is open from the time OTAs begin all the way through the NFL regular season.

For those wanting to wait, you can do so to get a clear picture of the potential teams fighting for a chance to make it to Super Bowl LVII.

However, gamblers waiting to make their Super Bowl bets on these matchups will have lower Vegas NFL odds on those Super Bowl LVII matchups. While the odds might be lower, it also means the risk is also lower for that betting option.

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Super Bowl LVII Matchups Faqs

When looking for the best Vegas NFL odds online when wagering on Super Bowl LVII matchups, BetUS gives gamblers good odds. They also have all 256 different wagering options for those Super Bowl LVII matchups. This makes BetUS the best option when making Super Bowl bets online with the Super Bowl LVII matchups.
You can find the Super Bowl LVII matchups on the left side of the page under the FOOTBALL link. When you click on the SUPER BOWL LVII MATCHUPS, you can find all 256 options to make a wager on.

When you find the Super Bowl LVII matchup you feel is the best choice, click on the Vegas NFL odds for your preferred option to add it to your bet slip. You will then need to enter the amount you are betting with that matchup option. After that, click on PLACE MY BET to complete the bet.

Yes, the Super Bowl LVII matchups have betting strategies gamblers can use.
Super Bowl LVII matchups can’t be parlayed together.
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