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AFC Division Specials

AFC Thu, Sep 08, 2022 EST

Rot Buffalo Bills - Division Final Position Moneyline
650 1st     -225
651 2nd     +250
652 3rd     +575
653 4th     +2500
AFC East 2022/2023 winner. All wagers have action.
Rot Miami Dolphins - Division Final Position Moneyline
654 1st     +400
655 2nd     +140
656 3rd     +180
657 4th     +550
AFC East 2022/2023 winner. All wagers have action.
Rot New England Patriots - Division Final Position Moneyline
657 1st     +500
658 2nd     +180
659 3rd     +140
660 4th     +450
AFC East 2022/2023 winner. All wagers have action.
Rot New York Jets - Division Final Position Moneyline
661 1st     +2000
662 2nd     +600
663 3rd     +350
664 4th     -200
AFC East 2022/2023 winner. All wagers have action.
Rot AFC East - Top 2 Exact Order Moneyline
701 1st Bills / 2nd Dolphins     +175
702 1st Bills / 2nd Patriots     +250
703 1st Dolphins / 2nd Bills     +450
704 1st Patriots / 2nd Bills     +650
705 1st Bills / 2nd Jets     +900
706 1st Dolphins / 2nd Patriots     +2000
707 1st Patriots / 2nd Dolphins     +2000
708 1st Jets / 2nd Bills     +3000
709 1st Dolphins / 2nd Jets     +8000
710 1st Patriots / 2nd Jets     +8000
711 1st Jets / 2nd Dolphins     +10000
712 1st Jets / 2nd Patriots     +10000
All wagers have action.
Rot AFC East - Top 2 Any Order Moneyline
715 Bills / Dolphins     -125
716 Bills / Patriots     +125
717 Bills / Jets     +800
718 Dolphins / Patriots     +1000
719 Dolphins / Jets     +4000
720 Patriots / Jets     +4000
All wagers have action.
Rot AFC East - Exact Order Moneyline
725 1st Bills/2nd Dolphins/3rd Patriots/4th Jets     +225
726 1st Bills/2nd Patriots/3rd Dolphins/4th Jets     +250
727 1st Dolphins/2nd Bills/3rd Patriots/4th Jets     +600
728 1st Patriots/2nd Bills/3rd Dolphins/4th Jets     +650
729 1st Dolphins/2nd Patriots/3rd Bills/4th Jets     +1600
730 1st Patriots/2nd Dolphins/3rd Bills/4th Jets     +1600
731 1st Bills/2nd Dolphins/3rd Jets/4th Patriots     +2200
732 1st Bills/2nd Patriots/3rd Jets/4th Dolphins     +2200
733 1st Bills/2nd Jets/3rd Dolphins/4th Patriots     +3300
734 1st Dolphins/2nd Bills/3rd Jets/4th Patriots     +3300
735 1st Bills/2nd Jets/3rd Patriots/4th Dolphins     +4000
736 1st Patriots/2nd Bills/3rd Jets/4th Dolphins     +4000
737 1st Jets/2nd Bills/3rd Dolphins/4th Patriots     +8000
738 1st Jets/2nd Bills/3rd Patriots/4th Dolphins     +8000
739 1st Dolphins/2nd Jets/3rd Bills/4th Patriots     +8000
740 1st Patriots/2nd Jets/3rd Bills/4th Dolphins     +10000
741 1st Jets/2nd Dolphins/3rd Bills/4th Patriots     +10000
742 1st Jets/2nd Patriots/3rd Bills/4th Dolphins     +12500
743 1st Dolphins/2nd Patriots/3rd Jets/4th Bills     +20000
744 1st Patriots/2nd Dolphins/3rd Jets/4th Bills     +20000
745 1st Dolphins/2nd Jets/3rd Patriots/4th Bills     +25000
746 1st Patriots/2nd Jets/3rd Dolphins/4th Bills     +25000
747 1st Jets/2nd Dolphins/3rd Patriots/4th Bills     +30000
748 1st Jets/2nd Patriots/3rd Dolphins/4th Bills     +30000
All wagers have action.
Rot AFC North - Top 2 Exact Order Moneyline
801 1st Browns / 2nd Bengals     +550
802 1st Bengals / 2nd Browns     +550
803 1st Browns / 2nd Ravens     +650
804 1st Ravens / 2nd Browns     +650
805 1st Bengals / 2nd Ravens     +375
806 1st Ravens / 2nd Bengals     +325
807 1st Browns / 2nd Steelers     +2200
808 1st Bengals / 2nd Steelers     +2500
809 1st Ravens / 2nd Steelers     +3300
810 1st Steelers / 2nd Bengals     +4000
811 1st Steelers / 2nd Browns     +4000
812 1st Steelers / 2nd Ravens     +5000
All wagers have action.
Rot AFC North - Top 2 Any Order Moneyline
815 Ravens / Bengals     +175
816 Ravens / Browns     +250
817 Bengals / Browns     +250
818 Bengals / Steelers     +1400
819 Browns / Steelers     +1600
All wagers have action.
Rot AFC North - Exact Order Moneyline
825 1st Browns/2nd Bengals/3rd Ravens/4th Steelers     +800
826 1st Browns/2nd Ravens/3rd Bengals/4th Steelers     +800
827 1st Bengals/2nd Browns/3rd Ravens/4th Steelers     +650
828 1st Ravens/2nd Browns/3rd Bengals/4th Steelers     +650
829 1st Bengals/2nd Ravens/3rd Browns/4th Steelers     +450
830 1st Ravens/2nd Bengals/3rd Browns/4th Steelers     +350
831 1st Browns/2nd Bengals/3rd Steelers/4th Ravens     +3000
832 1st Bengals/2nd Browns/3rd Steelers/4th Ravens     +3000
833 1st Browns/2nd Ravens/3rd Steelers/4th Bengals     +3000
834 1st Ravens/2nd Browns/3rd Steelers/4th Bengals     +3000
835 1st Bengals/2nd Ravens/3rd Steelers/4th Browns     +2500
836 1st Browns/2nd Steelers/3rd Ravens/4th Bengals     +4000
837 1st Browns/2nd Steelers/3rd Bengals/4th Ravens     +4000
838 1st Ravens/2nd Bengals/3rd Steelers/4th Browns     +2500
839 1st Bengals/2nd Steelers/3rd Browns/4th Ravens     +6000
840 1st Ravens/2nd Steelers/3rd Browns/4th Bengals     +6000
841 1st Steelers/2nd Browns/3rd Bengals/4th Ravens     +6000
842 1st Bengals/2nd Steelers/3rd Ravens/4th Browns     +6000
843 1st Steelers/2nd Bengals/3rd Browns/4th Ravens     +6600
844 1st Steelers/2nd Browns/3rd Ravens/4th Bengals     +6600
845 1st Ravens/2nd Steelers/3rd Bengals/4th Browns     +6600
846 1st Steelers/2nd Ravens/3rd Browns/4th Bengals     +6600
847 1st Steelers/2nd Bengals/3rd Ravens/4th Browns     +8000
848 1st Steelers/2nd Ravens/3rd Bengals/4th Browns     +8000
All wagers have action.
Rot Houston Texans Division Final Position Moneyline
850 1st     +2500
851 2nd     +800
852 3rd     +275
853 4th     -285
AFC South 2022/2023 winner. All wagers have action.
Rot Indianapolis Colts Division Final Position Moneyline
854 1st     -125
855 2nd     +185
856 3rd     +600
857 4th     +2000
AFC South 2022/2023 winner. All wagers have action.
Rot Jacksonville Jaguars Division Final Position Moneyline
858 1st     +700
859 2nd     +265
860 3rd     Ev
861 4th     +175
AFC South 2022/2023 winner. All wagers have action.
Rot Tennessee Titans Division Final Position Moneyline
862 1st     +155
863 2nd     +115
864 3rd     +375
865 4th     +2000
AFC South 2022/2023 winner. All wagers have action.
Rot AFC South - Top 2 Exact Order Moneyline
901 1st Colts / 2nd Titans     +125
902 1st Titans / 2nd Colts     +175
903 1st Colts / 2nd Jaguars     +800
904 1st Titans / 2nd Jaguars     +1000
905 1st Jaguars / 2nd Colts     +1200
906 1st Jaguars / 2nd Titans     +1600
907 1st Colts / 2nd Texans     +2200
908 1st Titans / 2nd Texans     +4000
909 1st Texans / 2nd Colts     +6600
910 1st Texans / 2nd Titans     +6600
911 1st Texans / 2nd Jaguars     +15000
912 1st Jaguars / 2nd Texans     +15000
All wagers have action.
Rot AFC South - Top 2 Any Order Moneyline
915 Colts / Titans     -250
916 Colts / Jaguars     +400
917 Texans / Colts     +1800
918 Texans / Titans     +2200
919 Texans / Jaguars     +8000
All wagers have action.
Rot AFC South - Exact Order Moneyline
925 1st Colts/2nd Titans/3rd Jaguars/4th Texans     +225
926 1st Titans/2nd Colts/3rd Jaguars/4th Texans     +250
927 1st Colts/2nd Titans/3rd Texans/4th Jaguars     +850
928 1st Colts/2nd Jaguars/3rd Titans/4th Texans     +850
929 1st Titans/2nd Colts/3rd Texans/4th Jaguars     +1000
930 1st Titans/2nd Jaguars/3rd Colts/4th Texans     +1000
931 1st Jaguars/2nd Colts/3rd Titans/4th Texans     +1200
932 1st Jaguars/2nd Titans/3rd Colts/4th Texans     +1400
933 1st Colts/2nd Texans/3rd Titans/4th Jaguars     +3300
934 1st Titans/2nd Texans/3rd Colts/4th Jaguars     +3300
935 1st Texans/2nd Colts/3rd Titans/4th Jaguars     +6600
936 1st Texans/2nd Titans/3rd Colts/4th Jaguars     +6600
937 1st Colts/2nd Jaguars/3rd Texans/4th Titans     +8000
938 1st Titans/2nd Texans/3rd Jaguars/4th Colts     +10000
939 1st Colts/2nd Texans/3rd Jaguars/4th Titans     +10000
940 1st Titans/2nd Jaguars/3rd Texans/4th Colts     +10000
941 1st Jaguars/2nd Colts/3rd Texans/4th Titans     +12500
942 1st Jaguars/2nd Titans/3rd Texans/4th Colts     +12500
943 1st Texans/2nd Titans/3rd Jaguars/4th Colts     +15000
944 1st Texans/2nd Colts/3rd Jaguars/4th Titans     +15000
945 1st Texans/2nd Jaguars/3rd Colts/4th Titans     +20000
946 1st Jaguars/2nd Texans/3rd Colts/4th Titans     +20000
947 1st Texans/2nd Jaguars/3rd Titans/4th Colts     +25000
948 1st Jaguars/2nd Texans/3rd Titans/4th Colts     +25000
All wagers have action.
Rot Denver Broncos Division Final Position Moneyline
950 1st     +250
951 2nd     +250
952 3rd     +275
953 4th     +325
AFC West 2022/2023 winner. All wagers have action.
Rot Kansas City Chiefs Division Final Position Moneyline
954 1st     +150
955 2nd     +200
956 3rd     +300
957 4th     +375
AFC West 2022/2023 winner. All wagers have action.
Rot Los Angeles Chargers Division Final Position Moneyline
958 1st     +250
959 2nd     +250
960 3rd     +275
961 4th     +275
AFC West 2022/2023 winner. All wagers have action.
Rot Las Vegas Raiders Division Final Position Moneyline
958 1st     +550
959 2nd     +300
960 3rd     +225
961 4th     +125
AFC West 2022/2023 winner. All wagers have action.
Rot AFC West - Top 2 Exact Order Moneyline
1001 1st Chiefs / 2nd Broncos     +425
1002 1st Chiefs / 2nd Chargers     +425
1003 1st Broncos / 2nd Chiefs     +550
1004 1st Chargers / 2nd Chiefs     +550
1005 1st Broncos / 2nd Chargers     +850
1006 1st Chargers / 2nd Broncos     +850
1007 1st Chiefs / 2nd Raiders     +1000
1008 1st Raiders / 2nd Chiefs     +1200
1009 1st Broncos / 2nd Raiders     +1800
1010 1st Chargers / 2nd Raiders     +1800
1011 1st Raiders / 2nd Broncos     +2000
1012 1st Raiders / 2nd Chargers     +2000
All wagers have action.
Rot AFC West - Top 2 Any Order Moneyline
1015 Broncos / Chiefs     +200
1016 Chiefs / Chargers     +225
1017 Broncos / Chargers     +375
1018 Chiefs / Raiders     +600
1019 Raiders / Chargers     +850
1020 Broncos / Raiders     +1000
All wagers have action.
Rot AFC West - Exact Order Moneyline
1025 1st Chiefs/2nd Chargers/3rd Broncos/4th Raiders     +800
1026 1st Chiefs/2nd Broncos/3rd Chargers/4th Raiders     +800
1027 1st Broncos/2nd Chiefs/3rd Chargers/4th Raiders     +850
1028 1st Chargers/2nd Chiefs/3rd Broncos/4th Raiders     +1000
1029 1st Chargers/2nd Broncos/3rd Chiefs/4th Raiders     +1000
1030 1st Broncos/2nd Chargers/3rd Chiefs/4th Raiders     +1200
1031 1st Chiefs/2nd Broncos/3rd Raiders/4th Chargers     +1400
1032 1st Chiefs/2nd Chargers/3rd Raiders/4th Broncos     +1600
1033 1st Broncos/2nd Chiefs/3rd Raiders/4th Chargers     +1600
1034 1st Chiefs/2nd Raiders/3rd Chargers/4th Broncos     +1800
1035 1st Chargers/2nd Chiefs/3rd Raiders/4th Broncos     +1800
1036 1st Chiefs/2nd Raiders/3rd Broncos/4th Chargers     +2000
1037 1st Raiders/2nd Chiefs/3rd Broncos/4th Chargers     +2000
1038 1st Raiders/2nd Chiefs/3rd Chargers/4th Broncos     +2000
1039 1st Broncos/2nd Raiders/3rd Chiefs/4th Chargers     +2200
1040 1st Raiders/2nd Chargers/3rd Chiefs/4th Broncos     +2200
1041 1st Raiders/2nd Broncos/3rd Chiefs/4th Chargers     +3000
1042 1st Raiders/2nd Chargers/3rd Broncos/4th Chiefs     +3000
1043 1st Chargers/2nd Raiders/3rd Chiefs/4th Broncos     +3000
1044 1st Broncos/2nd Chargers/3rd Raiders/4th Chiefs     +3300
1045 1st Chargers/2nd Broncos/3rd Raiders/4th Chiefs     +3300
1046 1st Chargers/2nd Raiders/3rd Broncos/4th Chiefs     +3300
1047 1st Broncos/2nd Raiders/3rd Chargers/4th Chiefs     +3300
All wagers have action.

AFC Division Specials


The NFL is divided into two divisions, the AFC and the NFC. Since the merger with the AFL in the 1960s, these two divisions have been around and have their share of history over the years.

For the AFC, teams like the Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos, and Buffalo Bills have been around since the early days of the AFL, before the NFL merger.

The history of AFC teams during their time in the AFL makes that division popular in the NFL. During the NFL regular season, opportunities will arise for gamblers to wager on many things.

The AFC division specials are one of those opportunities for gamblers to take advantage of Vegas NFL odds during the season.

These AFC division specials cover a wide range from which place an AFC team will finish in or the exact order of final placement of the teams in each AFC division.

There can also be some other AFC division specials that relate to players and things they might do during the NFL season.

AFC division specials give gamblers added wagering opportunities during the NFL season that add excitement to each game..

How do AFC Division Specials Odds Work?

AFC division specials odds are moneyline wagers on the outcome of the options given to gamblers. The Vegas NFL odds on these specials are determined by oddsmakers based on the likelihood of which betting option will be the most likely outcome.

The higher the likelihood of the betting options being the likely outcome, the higher the minus odds on that wager.

BetUS Offer

BetUS has substantial offers for gamblers with AFC division specials. There’s a 100% match on deposits starting at $100 and up to $2,500 for new customers for sports betting.

Gamblers wanting to use cryptocurrency get an even bigger bonus of 150% on sports betting.

For gamblers looking to use cryptocurrencies to wager money on AFC division specials, there are four cryptos you can use.

BetUS accepts these four cryptocurrencies for deposit: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. So whether you want to use cryptocurrency or cash, BetUS has you covered.

Betting Strategy: Bet Hedging

Gamblers can use a strategy known as bet hedging with the AFC division special wagers. Bet hedging requires the gambler to make two wagers on any outcome that has two different options.

This is commonly done if the gambler wagers on the underdog to begin with, but then the favorite becomes the underdog during the season.

When the odds change, the gambler can then wager on the other option at plus odds, hedging to ensure the gambler wins money.

However, this means one wager will be a losing wager, and you shouldn’t bet more than you wagered on the first option.

This ensures the gambler wins some money, but not as much if they only made one wager. The reason for doing this is if the original wager could still lose in the end.

Prop Bets

During the NFL season, gamblers can take advantage of prop bets. Prop bets can range from individual performances from players to which team makes a certain amount of points first.

These wagers add excitement to the game of football besides the AFC division specials wager gamblers can find when doing NFL betting.

HOW TO BET ON AFC Division Specials Odds

Vegas NFL odds with AFC division specials can be tight in divisions where things can be up for grabs. With AFC division specials being simple moneyline wagers, gamblers need to examine the teams and the wagering options before making a bet.

One of the simplest wagering options is wagering on what team will win their AFC division.

This type of wager can be interesting for those looking at the AFC North, which has seen highly contested games each season between the teams in this division.

The AFC North usually sees either the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Baltimore Ravens as the top team. However, with Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase playing for the Cincinnati Bengals, they are showing they are contenders now.

The AFC West in the past was dominated by the Kansas City Chiefs when Patrick Mahomes took over for the team. However, every other team in the AFC West has made moves to challenge the Chiefs and their crown in the AFC West.

The Las Vegas Raiders made a bold trade to get Davante Adams, while the Denver Broncos spent a lot to get Russell Wilson on their roster.

The Los Angeles Chargers made moves as well, trading for edge rusher Khalil Mack to improve their defense for this season.

The AFC East is packed with three teams that are potential playoff contenders. Those teams are the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, and New England Patriots.

While the Patriots owned the AFC East during the Tom Brady years, the Bills have won the division lately.

But both the Dolphins and Patriots are still contenders for the top spot this season. That’s why this division requires examining what moves each team made before doing any NFL betting.

Last is the AFC South, which the Tennessee Titans have dominated the past two seasons. The Indianapolis Colts are now on their fourth quarterback since losing Andrew Luck, something that has hurt the team.

The Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars are slowly rebuilding their teams, meaning they won’t be in the running for first place anytime soon.

When picking an AFC division winner with the four divisions, each division could easily be up for grabs. That’s why these divisions require a deep study into the team schedules and the players they added or lost.

Divisions with teams that are close will give gamblers better Vegas NFL odds.

With better odds, gamblers could hedge their bets. However, this is risky if the odds aren’t good enough for bet hedging.

But hedging a wager with one of the other teams later in the season could give gamblers a way to ensure they win some money.

Another option with NFL betting in the AFC division specials is picking the two teams who will finish first and second in their division.

This doesn’t require any exact order, but requires the two teams to finish in first and second place.

For the AFC North, picking the Bengals and Ravens can make sense, with both teams being stronger than the Browns and Steelers.

That’s because of the potential suspension of Deshaun Watson on the Browns team and the Steelers working with a new quarterback for the first time in over a decade.

With the AFC South, gamblers could pick the Titans and the Colts, as both teams have been first and second the last two seasons.

However, the other two divisions would need more examination of the teams and who they will play during the season.

While every gambler wants the best value, sometimes the best NFL odds or NFL lines aren’t the best choice to take when doing NFL betting. It’s about finding the best team first, then comparing the value afterwards.

Some options might give better options while still giving gamblers the best teams as well. That’s what you will need to find after studying each team carefully.

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AFC Division Specials Odds Faqs

BetUS is a good option because they have the best Vegas NFL odds for AFC division specials. They also allow for the use of cryptocurrency to make wagers. These things make BetUS a good option when betting online with the AFC division specials.
You can find the AFC DIVISION SPECIALS on the left side of the page under the FOOTBALL link. When you click on the AFC DIVISION SPECIALS, you will then see all the wagering options.

When you find the option you want to wager on, click on the NFL odds for that option to add it to your bet slip. You will then need to enter the amount you want to wager. After that, click on PLACE MY BET to complete the bet.

Yes! Just like with any other type of sports betting, the AFC division specials have betting strategies gamblers can use.
If you can parlay your AFC divisions specials wager, your bet slip will have a spot labeled PARLAY for gamblers to click on. This is where you can make a parlay wager if allowed.
Bet Slip

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Rolling If Bets (RIF) allow you to use the balance (amount) from existing wagers to make a new wager. As long as existing wagers have not been graded, the amount wagered can still be used to make new wagers. However, if your original wager loses, the Rolling If Bet is then cancelled. There are two options for ties (pushes); you can specify if you want the Rolling If Bet to continue in case of a tie or simply cancel the RIF.

Rolling If Bets are:
  • only allowed on straight bets, Parlays and Teasers.
  • not available with Free Plays or Futures and Props
  • only available if you have pre existing, non graded wagers
  • you can only use the funds from the amount of the pre existing wager
How to Place a Rolling If Bet:
  • Choose any straight, parlay or teaser and Place it on the Bet Slip
  • Click on the Rolling If Bet button next to the wager detail
  • In the RIF dropdown, choose a wager that you want to use for RIF
  • Click on "If Win Only" or "If Win or Push" (explained above)
  • Fill in the amount and confirm your wager (the system will not allow you a higher amount than what is available)