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NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Odds


The NFL Draft gives college players the opportunity to land a spot on the roster of an NFL team. These rookies who enter the NFL also get one chance at winning the Rookie of the Year award.

The NFL gives the award to the best rookie in the league each season.

There are two Rookie of the Year awards for new NFL players, with one for offensive players and one for defensive players.

The NFL started awarding rookies with this award in 1967, with Detroit Lions running back Mel Farr being the first offensive rookie to win the award.

Winning this award shows NFL teams you’re the best player out of all the other rookies from the NFL season.

The NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year is a player that does the most to help their team while having great statistics. Some rookies come into their role and shine, while others earn the spot before the NFL season starts.

No matter how the player got into the starting role for their team, they clearly do the most to help their team win regular-season games.

What is An Offensive Rookie of the Year?

The Offensive Rookie of the Year can be won by any offensive player with zero NFL experience for the season.

They must show to the people voting for the Rookie of the Year award they can be the best rookie on offense while making plays to help their team.

While voters focus on the individual stats of each rookie, the voting also comes down to how the rookie helped their team during the NFL season.

How do Offensive Rookie of the Year Odds Work?

The Vegas NFL odds for Offensive Rookie of the Year are moneyline odds on each rookie for the NFL season. The rookie would need to win the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award for gamblers to win their wager.

NFL odds for each rookie are determined by potential playing time, position, and potential stats for the NFL season.

These NFL odds always shift throughout the NFL regular season, as each rookie gets more playing time and builds on their NFL stats for the season.

The rookie most likely to win the Offensive Rookie of the Year award is the favorite with the NFL odds.

That player usually has minus odds as the season comes closer to an end.

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Betting Strategy

NFL lines and NFL odds for the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year offer gamblers opportunities with their favorite rookie. However, studying the rookie you choose is important before wagering on them.

Helpful guides with betting strategies to examine help gamblers have an edge when waging on those Vegas NFL odds.

Something gamblers can do with the Offensive Rookie of the Year is bet-hedging. This works best when you make an early-season wager that’s winning, but an underdog might win by the season’s end.

If you see an underdog with better chances in the Offensive Rookie of the Year race before the season ends, you can hedge your original bet with a wager on a different rookie.

However, never wager more than your potential winnings, as only one wager has the potential to win.

Hedging can also be risky, as you will lose money on at least one wager.

Hedging is best when you already have the best wager locked in currently, but want to ensure that another rookie doesn’t cost you from winning any money at all.

Prop Bets

All throughout the NFL season, gamblers can take advantage of prop bets. Prop bets can range from individual performances from players to which team makes a certain amount of points first.

No matter which prop bet you choose, these wagers add excitement to the game of football.

They can also add wagers on the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year. If you believe your rookie can hit certain stats, a prop bet on that rookie can give an added reward.

Examine the teams and players before wagering on prop bets, as investigating these things helps gamblers make a better wager.

HOW TO BET ON Offensive Rookie of the Year Odds

Examining the Offensive Rookie of the Year odds when betting is critical if you want to have a winning wager. There are different times gamblers can get wager on the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year.

You can bet early, which gives the best NFL odds and bet-hedging opportunities, or you can bet later, which gives a clear picture of who could win but at worse Vegas NFL odds.

Gamblers can wager money on Offensive Rookie of the Year at different points in the NFL season, meaning different strategies are required based on when you wager your money.

Here’s what gamblers should examine when betting early in the NFL season:

  • What history did the rookies have in the NFL preseason and college season?
  • What are the rookie’s statistics compared to other offensive rookie players?
  • What team is the rookie player on?
  • Will the rookie be a starter for the team?
  • If the rookie isn’t a starter, how much playing time will they get?
  • What teams will the rookie player face during the season?
  • Does the player have an injury history?
  • What are the odds of the rookie compared to other rookies?
  • What do scouting reports reveal about the rookie?
  • What position does the rookie play?

While the rookie’s position doesn’t seem like something to examine, it actually is. Since 2000, the Offensive Rookie of the Year has been won by quarterbacks nine times, wide receivers four times, and running backs nine times.

No tight-end or offensive lineman has ever won the Offensive Rookie of the Year award.

That means those players are ones you should most likely avoid wager on if you ever see them on NFL lines with the Vegas NFL odds.

It also shows the most likely position to win Offensive Rookie of the Year is a running back or a quarterback.

However, the 2022 NFL Draft wasn’t filled with any standout quarterbacks, so look for running backs and receivers to lead the charge in Rookie of the Year voting.

Here’s a list of the winners of Offensive Rookie of the Year since 2010:

  • Ja’Marr Chase (2021)
  • Justin Herbert (2020)
  • Kyler Murray (2019)
  • Saquon Barkley (2018)
  • Alvin Kamara (2017)
  • Dak Prescott (2016)
  • Todd Gurley (2015)
  • Odell Beckham Jr. (2014)
  • Eddie Lacy (2013)
  • Robert Griffin III (2012)
  • Cam Newton (2011)
  • Sam Bradford (2010)

Here are some of the this year’s offensive rookies to examine for the 2022 Rookie of the Year award:

  • Kenny Pickett QB
  • Drake London WR
  • Garrett Wilson WR
  • Chris Olave WR
  • Jahan Dotson WR
  • Treylon Burks WR
  • Breece Hall RB
  • Kenneth Walker III RB
  • James Cook RB

While they are only a few of the offensive rookies to examine, they are likely candidates for Rookie of the Year. There may be many other options as well, but these few will probably see the most playing time.

For gamblers looking to do wagering on the Rookie of the Year later in the season, here are some additional betting tips:

Where does the player stand in the Offensive Rookie of the Year race?

  • What are his stats compared to other rookies?
  • Do other rookies have a chance of overtaking the favorite for Rookie of the Year?
  • Is the favorite too far ahead against other rookies?
  • How many games remain for the rookie to play?
  • What teams and players could the rookie face in the last games of the season?
  • Is the rookie likely to see more or less playing time?

These things are important to examine and can help with a winning wager. While the NFL odds might be less favorable, there could still be options for gamblers to exploit.

However, don’t blindly wager money on NFL odds that look good.

Always study and examine the player to see why the odds are set the way they are. The best wagers come from studying players and teams.

Without the knowledge of how rookies do against their opponents, a gambler could make a mistake with their wager.

That’s what makes betting strategies important for gamblers looking to win their wagers. In the end, it’s about finding a mix of value with dependability on the rookie you wish to wager on.

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Offensive Rookie of the Year Odds Faqs

BetUS has the best NFL odds on Offensive Rookie of the Year. They also allow gamblers to use cryptocurrency to place their wager on the rookie of their choice. That’s what makes BetUS a good option with online betting of the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year winner.
On the sportsbook part of the BetUS site, click on FOOTBALL. From there, scroll down to the NFL OFFENSIVE ROOKIE OF THE YEAR and click on that. This now shows the offensive rookies and their odds for you to wager on.

To wager your money on a rookie, simply click on the NFL odds from the rookie you want to wager money on. Click on those odds and complete the bet slip to the right of the screen. After finalizing the bet slip, your wager is complete.

Yes! The NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year has a betting strategy gamblers can use.
NFL odds on the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year are moneyline odds on each rookie. When looking at the odds numbers, you will see either a plus or minus sign. The rookie with plus odds is the underdog, while the rookie with negative odds is the favorite.

Before the NFL season begins, you might find that all offensive rookies have plus odds. The rookie with the lowest plus odds is considered the favorite to win. However, as the NFL season progresses, those NFL odds will decrease.

You will get the amount shown for every $100 bet with plus odds, so +850 will get you $850 on a $100 wager. Negative odds show how much you have to wager to win $100, so -190 odds mean you need to wager $190 to win $100.

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Rolling If Bets (RIF) allow you to use the balance (amount) from existing wagers to make a new wager. As long as existing wagers have not been graded, the amount wagered can still be used to make new wagers. However, if your original wager loses, the Rolling If Bet is then cancelled. There are two options for ties (pushes); you can specify if you want the Rolling If Bet to continue in case of a tie or simply cancel the RIF.

Rolling If Bets are:
  • only allowed on straight bets, Parlays and Teasers.
  • not available with Free Plays or Futures and Props
  • only available if you have pre existing, non graded wagers
  • you can only use the funds from the amount of the pre existing wager
How to Place a Rolling If Bet:
  • Choose any straight, parlay or teaser and Place it on the Bet Slip
  • Click on the Rolling If Bet button next to the wager detail
  • In the RIF dropdown, choose a wager that you want to use for RIF
  • Click on "If Win Only" or "If Win or Push" (explained above)
  • Fill in the amount and confirm your wager (the system will not allow you a higher amount than what is available)