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NFL Regular Season MVP


The National Football League is the most popular league in the world to wager on, and there are several different ways to make a bet.

Most of the action will come from the regular season and playoff games, but future and prop bets are also available. 

When it comes to futures betting, one of the biggest markets is betting on the NFL regular season MVP.

This is obviously one of the most prestigious awards handed out each year and it presents a terrific betting opportunity as well. 

The NFL MVP award usually goes to an offensive player, and the quarterback position has dominated this award of late.

Defensive players are eligible to win this award, but you aren’t usually going to see many defensive players on the list of betting options. 

Futures betting is one of the top ways to bet on the NFL, but betting on each individual game will always bring the most action.

Prop betting has now crept into regular-season NFL betting, and this type of wager is actually similar to that in many regards. 

One of the bonuses about betting on the regular-season NFL award is that this bet is open months before the season actually begins.

There are some that simply can’t wait to bet on the NFL, and this will allow for bets to be made before teams even report to training camp. 

NFL regular-season MVP betting odds are going to be changing throughout the regular season, and they will continue to change until the last game of the regular season is played. Getting a bet in early is usually the best option, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. 

This is an award that is voted on, which makes the outcome a bit different than just betting on a game with a clear winner.

This type of action does scare some away, but the NFL regular season MVP winner is usually pretty clear after all of the games have been played. 

One of the biggest advantages to making this type of bet is that there is a chance for a pretty nice payout, especially if you wager on an underdog.

There are going to be other individual awards to wager on, but this is the one that will draw the most action.

How to Bet on the Regular Season MVP

Betting on the regular-season MVP award might be different than betting on each NFL game, but that doesn’t mean that it is any more difficult.

The odds that you see for this betting option are going to look very similar to moneyline betting odds. 

When you first pull up the list of NFL regular season MVP odds, you are going to see a long list of players listed.

That list is going to shrink as the season move along, and there will usually be just a handful of players left by the final few weeks of the season. 

When the NFL regular season odds first open up, most of the betting favorites are going to be quarterbacks.

Players that play other positions will be included in this award, but they are already starting off with a slight disadvantage. 

The odds next to the player with this type of bet are going to tell you how much money you can win if you make a wager of $100.

The odds at BetUS are going to list the betting favorites first, and then the rest of the players are going to fall in line. 

This is easier to explain when looking at an example so here are some of the regular season MVP betting odds that you might see: 

  • Aaron Rodgers +450
  • Tom Brady +600
  • Patrick Mahomes +700
  • Josh Allen +700
  • Jonathan Taylor +1000

As the season moves along, there could be a player that eventually moves to (-) odds, and that will make them the overwhelming favorite. That won’t be the case at first, and there will be a nice payout regardless of which player you wager on.

If you were to make a $100 bet on Tom Brady to win the MVP Award, then that would have a payout of $600 if he were to be named league MVP. 

Some Props Might Be Available

Betting on the NFL regular season MVP is already a unique type of wager of its own, but you can still find some prop betting options as well.

These prop betting odds are going to be related to the regular-season MVP award, but the odds will be much different. 

It’s hard to predict what prop betting options will be available each year from BetUS, but focusing on the position or conference of the MVP is usually a solid option.

This can also give you some insurance if you are able to hit a prop bet, but don’t actually pick the regular season MVP winner.

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FAQs NFL Regular Season MVP

Yes, betting on the NFL regular season MVP is one of the most popular futures betting markets offered on professional football. This type of bet will be featured at all of the top sportsbooks, and the odds will be updated regularly.
Reading NFL regular season MVP odds is not that hard as they will all look the same. You will see a (+) followed by a three digit number (in most situations). That number will tell you how much money you will win if you place a $100 wager.

BetUS Sportsbook is a great option for betting on the regular season MVP Award. Really anywhere that legal sports betting is offered will have this as a betting option.

Finding a sportsbook that offers this type of bet is the first step. After you have located this wager, the next step is to take a close look at the NFL regular season MVP odds. From there simply choose the player that you want to wager on and submit the bet. There is no rule against betting on multiple players to win the MVP Award.

The odds are generated by oddsmakers and typically reflect players that are having big seasons in terms of individual statistics. Team play factors into the odds a little bit, but it’s usually just an individual honor. These odds will be updated after each week of the NFL season.

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