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NFL Rookie of the year


The NFL Rookie of the Year Award is actually split up into two main categories, but one tends to get most of the attention. Betting on the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Award generates plenty of betting action, especially once the NFL Draft is over each year.

That is also when the odds will first come out as oddsmakers know that there will be some action right away. These odds are going to be changing throughout the NFL season, and some players will fall off the board altogether.

Unlike in other sports, it’s pretty easy to determine if a player qualifies as a rookie or not in the NFL. These are usually first year players right from college, or some can be from an international country.

The NFL Rookie of the Year candidates are pretty easy to identify early on in this process, but there can be some surprises that pop up from time to time.

2021 NFL Rookie of the Year Odds

  • Mac Jones (New England) -500
  • Ja’Marr Chase (Cincinnati) +333
  • Najee Harris (Pittsburgh) +8000
  • Jaylen Waddle (Miami) +8000
  • Javonte Williams (Denver) +8000
  • Elijah Mitchell (San Francisco)+10000
  • DeVonta Smith (Philadelphia) +10000

How to Bet on the NFL Rookie of the Year

Betting on the NFL Rookie of the Year Award is as simple as making one simple click of the button. Of course there is some work to be done before that point, but this is a bet that isn’t very difficult to submit.

The first step is to locate a sportsbook that offers betting on the NFL Rookie of the Year Award. From there, you will simply have to take a look at the list of odds and see all of the players that are candidates for the award.

Next to each candidate’s name there will be some odds listed. Those will either have a (-) or a (+) sign in front of the three digit number. If there is a candidate that has a (-) sign then that player is a heavy favorite to be named Rookie of the Year.

For all candidates that have a (+) sign, the number next to it will tell you how much can be won on a $100 wager. There is no rule as to how much has to be wagered, but that’s the easiest way to determine your potential payout.

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Yes, the NFL Rookie of the Year Award is a popular betting market when it comes to professional football. Rookie of the Year odds NFL can be found as soon as the NFL Draft is over, and will be changing throughout the season.
Each player listed under this betting option will have a three digit number following a (+) or (-) sign. Most of the odds will be positive, meaning there will be a positive payout for betting on that player. The total amount of the payout can be determined by looking at the three-digit number following the sign. A $100 wager would yield a payout of that dollar amount.
BetUS Sportsbook has NFL Rookie of the Year Award betting options.
Betting on the NFL Rookie of the Year Award is simple and can really be done at any point during the season. Simply find a list of the available odds and then decide how much money you are wanting to bet on a player. This type of bet allows for betting on multiple players as well.
Before the season begins, sportsbooks set odds for rookie of the year based on collegiate performances, draft position, team strengths and weaknesses, and a variety of other factors. While this is often the best time to get value on players with longer odds, the overall odds picture isn’t always clear until a few weeks into the season.
Like with other bets, placing a wager on NFL Rookie of the Year is all about finding value. Because the value is usually best at the start of the season, making a bet earlier in the season tends to yield a higher payout if you hit. However, the preseason betting favorite doesn’t always win, so waiting for a few games to be played could make it easier to determine a winner.
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