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NFL Season Specials


With the NFL season comes drama and excitement for everyone to see and take part in. One way gamblers can take advantage of the ongoings of the NFL is with NFL season specials.

These specials give gamblers a new avenue for NFL betting during the season.

NFL season specials cover a wide range of probable events going on before, during, and after the NFL regular season starts.

Player and coaching retirements, along with coaches who could be fired, are just a few of the possible NFL season specials gamblers could see during the season.

With each NFL season special, gamblers will need to develop a strategy to take advantage of the Vegas NFL odds on those specials.

With all the different options gamblers could see, they might get a little confused about how the NFL season specials work.

For gamblers who are unfamiliar with these NFL season specials, there is an easy strategy guide to find before making your NFL betting wager on these options.

How do NFL Season Specials Odds Work?

NFL season special odds are simple moneyline like wagers. The odds have a favorite getting the lowest odds, while underdog options have the highest NFL odds.

The higher those odds are on an option, the less likely that option is the one that will happen in the eyes of oddsmakers.

When doing NFL betting on the NFL season specials, gamblers would wager on the outcome they feel is the most likely one to be successful.

Some NFL season specials only have two options, while others could have multiple options.

Ones with two options would see one option with minus odds and the other with plus odds. Options with multiple potential outcomes could see all plus odds, with the one with the lowest plus odds being the favorite.

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Betting Strategy: Bet Hedging

An interesting strategy gamblers can use is bet hedging. Bet hedging requires the gambler to make two, or more, wagers on the likely outcomes with the NFL season specials.

This move is commonly done if the gambler wagers on the underdog to begin with, but then the favorite becomes the underdog during the season.

When these NFL odds change, gamblers can then wager on the other option at plus odds, hedging their wager for a better chance of winning some money.

However, this means one wager will be a losing wager.

Gamblers should never bet more than they wagered on the first betting option. Remembering to do this ensures the gambler wins some money, but not as much if they only made one wager.

The reason for hedging a wager is to prevent losing all the money wager on the original wager if it could still lose in the end.

Prop Bets

Throughout the NFL season, gamblers can wager money on prop bets. Prop bets can range from individual performances from players to which team makes a certain amount of points first.

These wagers add excitement to the game of football besides the NFL season specials wager gamblers can find when doing NFL betting.

How to Bet on NFL Season Specials Odds

With each betting option being different, there is a different way to approach each option. For example, if there are Vegas NFL odds on who will be the next NFL head coach fired, you’d most likely see multiple choices.

This requires an examination of the teams and players for each coach to see where they stand before making a wager.

After finding the team and players for that team, you would need to examine the remaining teams they will face in the season. If they have tough teams to face, the likelihood of them being fired increases.

However, if they have easy teams, they might not get fired, or they might be fired later on after the season ends.

NFL season specials on player retirements could offer gamblers a suitable spot to wager their money on those Vegas NFL odds.

Examining the player and their age and health could show if they are ready to retire before or during the NFL regular season.

Some players, like Andrew Luck, have retired during an NFL game after already playing in the game.

Another NFL season specials option gamblers can find is if there will be an NFL that goes undefeated during the regular season.

The NFL history books show us only two teams have an undefeated regular season, the 1972 Miami Dolphins and the 2007 New England Patriots.

This means the likelihood of an NFL team repeating this feat is very slim, as teams play more games than they did in 1972 and 2007.

Gamblers can also find a wager for if there will be any team to have a perfect season. This requires one team to go undefeated during the regular season, the playoffs, and the Super Bowl.

Only the 1972 Dolphins have a perfect season in the NFL, meaning this NFL betting option is most likely not seeing a team accomplishing this feat.

The opposite side of a team’s record comes the losing season. Gamblers can find NFL season specials for if there will be a team who goes 0-17 during the season.

This feat has happened three times in NFL history, with the most recent being the Cleveland Browns having a winless season in 2016.

The Detroit Lions accomplished this in 20008, while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the first NFL team to have no wins or ties during their 1976 season.

While having a winless season is rare, it’s slightly more common than having an undefeated season. With this betting option, gamblers can take the simple yes or no wager, or they can pick a specific team they feel will be winless during the NFL season.

If betting on an individual team, gamblers need to examine the team carefully before making a wager.

Start with examining who is on the roster of the team you wish to wager on. If the team is with no star power to help them, they could have a winless season.

Next, examine which teams they will face during the regular season.

If they are facing strong opponents, there’s a chance they might lose those games. However, examine how they have done against those teams in the past as that might show if they can beat them even with a poor team.

While some Vegas NFL odds are tempting on NFL season specials, always study the option first before laying a wager on them. While having a strategy can help with finding the best betting option, it isn’t perfect.

It’s about finding value but also making sure that the risk against that value doesn’t prevent the wager from being successful. With an excellent strategy, it could help you find the best value with the least amount of risk.

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