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NFL Props Odds and Lines

There’s more to bet on in the NFL betting world than just the game itself. There are NFL player props that are popular with sports gamblers. Some NFL Props are bets like the NFL Interceptions Leader. The Interceptions leader prop is for quarterbacks that throw the most interceptions in the regular season. Anyone that would be betting on that prop during the season would look up who leads the NFL in interceptions thrown.

NFL props can be for individual games or stats that a player will be a leader in. Player stat props can be both single game stats or regular season stats. A single game stat that a player might have an NFL prop in is the number of touchdowns scored. NFL Props are through the entire NFL season. NFL props can also be wagered on in the playoffs and the Super Bowl.

Prop bets are a fun way to add a few extra wagers to your betting slip, and with a little extra research, you can hit a big payday. Because most of the betting action tends to be on moneyline, spread, and over/under odds, prop bets don’t see the same degree of variance as on other bets, leaving the door open to hit a big payday.

Additionally, because prop bet odds tend to be set higher than moneyline, spread, or totals odds, props can be a great add-in on a parlay bet to multiply winnings. They can also be useful for hedging your other bets.

BetUS has NFL prop betting for all NFL games. They also offer first-time deposit bonuses for new members. You can also get a bigger first-time deposit bonus if you use cryptocurrency. BetUS accepts these four cryptocurrencies for deposit:

  • Bitcoin
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BetUS’s offers for new customers and crypto users give them the edge in sportsbook betting.

How To Bet On NFL Props

NFL gameday props are the most exciting bets to make. Those new to betting may not know what to look for before doing NFL prop betting. NFL prop betting does offer a lot of different betting options for the game. All the options can be intimidating for new gamblers. There are always things to look at and study, no matter what NFL prop you bet on.

First, we will look at some of the most common props you can find during an NFL game. The biggest NFL prop in a game is which player will score the game’s first touchdown. The first player to score a touchdown prop will include top players from both teams.

Here are some things to look at with this prop:

  • Which player is the “go-to” player on the team
  • Does the team have a record of scoring first on opponents
  • Does the opponent have a history of giving up the first touchdown of the game
  • How many times has the player been the first to score in a game
  • Are there any changes on offense that might help or hurt the players’ chances of scoring first

Another closely mirrored prop is which player will be the first to score a touchdown for their team. This prop is a little easier to bet on. The critical thing to look at with that prop is a player’s history of being the first to score for the team. If that player is scoring first for the team at a high rate, then they are most likely to be the first to score.

Individual player props like an over/under on passing yards, rushing yards, passing TD’s, and rushing TD’s are also popular. You are betting on a player to either go over the number or under it in those formats.

Here are things to look for when betting an over/under with an offensive player prop:

  • What is the player averaging each game compared to the over/under?
  • Is the team playing a defense that would help the player go over the number, or is the defense good enough to keep the player on the under side of the number?
  • Are there injuries on the team that may hurt a player’s chances of covering the over?
  • How often has a player gone over or under in a game the number that you are betting on?
  • Is the opposing defense better at stopping the run or the pass?
  • Does the opposing defense give up more rushing or passing touchdowns?

The last NFL prop that most people like to bet on is the over/under of field goals made. Field goals have been game-winners for many teams, making this a popular prop to bet on. Missed field goals have also dashed a team’s hopes.

Here are some things to look at when betting on the over/under with field goals:

  • Do the kickers have a history of missing a lot of field goals
  • Does the team have a record of kicking a lot of field goals in a game
  • Are the kickers known to make clutch field goals when needed
  • Do both defenses usually hold opponents to field goals

NFL prop betting puts extra excitement in the game. NFL props betting will have you looking at the game’s outcome and everything that can happen during the game. Studying all the props and possibilities can help make sure that you have a better chance of winning your wager.

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FAQs On NFL Props

A: NFL prop odds are the same as any other money line odds on an NFL game. There will be plus odds, even odds, and negative odds. Plus odds will get you the amount shown for every $100 wagered. Even odds will get you the same amount of money wagered. Negative odds display the amount you have to wager to win $100.
A: Yes! Betting on NFL props is legal if you reside in a state that allows sportsbook betting.
A: On the sportsbook part of the BetUS site, click on FOOTBALL. From there, scroll down to PROPS. After clicking on the PROPS, all the NFL teams with active props betting will be given. You can then click on which games you want to wager money on with props. The games you mark will then show up with all prop betting options.
A: The player with the lowest odds is the favorite to win the prop bet.
A: With scoring props bets, the main players from both teams would be contenders in an NFL game prop. There is also an option to bet on any other player not listed. The choice for that is labeled FIELD.
A: All NFL props are based on a money-line format. Players that are favorite in a scoring prop get the lowest odds. NFL props with an over/under will have different odds based on the over and the under. With this, you are betting on if a player or team can cover the over or the under. The over/under is also a money-line wager.

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