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Rot Odds To Win Ryder Cup 2023 Moneyline
101 USA     -190
102 Europe     +185
103 Tie     +1200
All wagers have action.

Golf Ryder Cup lines

Every two years, teams of professional golfers representing the United States and Europe face off in a competition, with the winner getting awarded the Ryder Cup.

The event alternates between venues hosted by each team and began in 1927 as a friendly match pitting players from the United States and Great Britain. Still, the latter was expanded to include Ireland in 1953 and then the entire continent of Europe in 1979.

From its inception through 1983, the United States won or retained the Ryder Cup in all but three of the competitions, but that all changed in 1985 when Europe won at The Belfry in Warwickshire, England, to begin a run of 11 wins for Europe in the next 15 contests, including six out of seven from 2002 to 2014.

The Ryder Cup has become characterized by raucous home galleries and tense competition on the golf course. The Ryder Cup comprises 28 matches played in three different formats, with each team made up of 12 players, with the competition providing plenty of opportunity for Golf futures Odds.

Over the first two days, there are four matches of foursomes and the same number of four-ball competitions each day, with four players from each team sitting out each session.

The final day of the competition involves the singles matches, with every player on both teams in action in individual match play contests. There are no extra holes in all three formats, with ties after 18 holes of play resulting in a half-point being awarded for each team.

With all of those matches, there are many Golf futures odds offered as well as many different wagers for the Ryder Cup.


The foursomes format involves two-man teams who alternate hitting shots until one of the players holes out on the green, with the team recording a single score for each hole.

One player on the team tees off on all of the odd number holes while the other hits off the tee on the even ones, so the alternating of shots doesn’t necessarily extend from hole to hole.

The team with the lowest score on a hole is awarded a win, while the team that wins the most holes is awarded the match and collects a point for their side.

Matches end if one of the teams accumulates enough holes that make it impossible for the other one to possibly catch up, which is the same for all three formats.

There are also two-man teams in four-ball matches, but all four players in the group play their own ball and record their own score on every hole. Whichever team has the player with the lowest score on the hole collects a win, and once again, like in foursomes, the team that wins the most holes collects a victory in the match.

The singles matches involve individuals, and with every player in action, the pairings created by the captains can profoundly impact the outcome of the Ryder Cup.

Total strokes are not considered, just the number it takes to complete each hole, with the golfer who has the lowest score winning it and the one who wins the most holes collecting a point for their side.

The side with the most points at the end of the competition wins the Ryder Cup, with at least 14 ½ points needed for a victory. If the teams tie with 14 points each, the side that is in possession of the Cup retains it until the next competition two years later.


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A: Yes, betting on the Ryder Cup is globally popular. Early Golf futures odds on who will win the next competition are usually available shortly after the prior edition concludes. With two years between the events and the teams not even finalized until two or three weeks before the actual competition, there is plenty of time to peruse the odds and make a wager.
A: The initial Golf futures odds are generally limited to who will gather the most points in the next Ryder Cup and are expressed like any moneyline odds on team competition, with the odds on the favorite a negative number and the underdog having positive odds. There is also an added dimension in that the Ryder Cup can end in a 14-14 tie, so there are also odds posted for that eventuality, generally as a positive number.

For example, for 2023, the United States is the early favorite at -190, meaning it takes a wager of $190 for the bettor to come away with a net of $100 in winnings. Europe has odds of +185, with a $100 wager resulting in net winnings of $185, and the Golf futures odds for a tie are +1200, which will pay out $1200 on a $100 bet.

Once the teams are announced, another round of wagers and Golf futures odds are usually available, including which player will score the most points for each team and how many points the winning team will accumulate. These can be expressed in either positive or negative numbers, especially if a standout player on one of the teams is the clear favorite to lead their team in points.

Specific pairings for the actual matches are announced the previous night for the morning fourball or foursome sessions, but not until shortly before the afternoon sessions, so bettors don’t have much time to place wagers. The odds for the matches are expressed with a favorite and an underdog, just like the Golf futures odds on who will win the Ryder Cup, with an option to pick a tie as the outcome.

A: Once Ryder Cup odds are available, you can find them on the BetUS website or mobile app. Click on “sportsbook,” then navigate down to “Golf.” From there, you can click on “Ryder Cup Odds” and make as many wagers as you’d like
A: The first bet usually made is on who will win the Ryder Cup, with the wager available almost two years before the teams are even announced. For actual matches, the opposite is true, with Golf futures odds not set until the pairings are announced, sometimes less than an hour before the start of play.

That requires the bettor to be paying attention in almost a live environment, especially for the afternoon session of the foursomes or fourball matches. Since match wagering is the most exciting, it’s just important to keep the timing in mind.

For other wagers, like who will win the most points, how many points will the winning side accumulate, or even how many matches an individual player will participate in, there is more time, usually several days, to place a bet. More options are also available, with live Ryder Cup betting increasingly offered by a growing number of sportsbooks.

A: The best reason to bet on negative odds is that the favorites have those Golf futures odds, and they generally win more often than the underdogs do.

A negative odds wager requires laying out more or accepting a lower payout. However, a win is still a win, and it can be an excellent way to accumulate winnings instead of taking the underdogs and hoping for the big score while accepting losses.

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