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Ice Hockey Futures

NHL Stanley Cup

Thu, Dec 01, 2022 EST

Rot Odds to win 2023 Stanley Cup Moneyline
2001 Colorado Avalanche     +500
2002 Boston Bruins     +600
2003 Vegas Golden Knights     +1000
2004 Carolina Hurricanes     +1200
2005 Tampa Bay Lightning     +1400
2006 Toronto Maple Leafs     +1400
2007 Florida Panthers     +1400
2008 New Jersey Devils     +1400
2009 Calgary Flames     +1600
2010 Edmonton Oilers     +2000
2011 New York Rangers     +2000
2012 Pittsburgh Penguins     +2500
2013 Minnesota Wild     +2800
2014 Dallas Stars     +2800
2015 Los Angeles Kings     +3500
2016 New York Islanders     +4000
2017 Winnipeg Jets     +4000
2018 St. Louis Blues     +5000
2019 Seattle Kraken     +6000
2020 Washington Capitals     +7000
2021 Detroit Red Wings     +7000
2022 Nashville Predators     +8000
2023 Buffalo Sabres     +12500
2024 Vancouver Canucks     +15000
2025 Ottawa Senators     +15000
2026 Montreal Canadiens     +20000
2027 Philadelphia Flyers     +20000
2028 Columbus Blue Jackets     +20000
2029 Anaheim Ducks     +25000
2030 Chicago Blackhawks     +25000
2031 San Jose Sharks     +25000
2032 Arizona Coyotes     +50000
All wagers have action. 2023 Stanley Cup Winner.

NHL Stanley Cup Lines and Odds


Every spring, the NHL playoffs begin, and speculation begins to try to determine who the NHL Stanley Cup champions will be. These odds listed are called Stanley Cup futures, which allow you to bet on the winner of the Stanley Cup months in advance. You can find some great betting odds early on, regardless of which team you plan to bet on. Your odds of choosing the correct team are 32/1 – so you can imagine that you can still get great value on even a favored team.

The difference between the Stanley Cup Finals and let’s say, the Super Bowl is that it’s not a simple knockout game. The Stanley Cup Finals are played over a best of 5 series that is played over a few weeks. The entire NHL Playoffs consist of series, so you will be biting your nails for games upon games, wondering if you hit it big on your NHL Stanley Cup futures bet.

One of our favorite NHL Stanley Cup futures stories is from 2019, when the St. Louis Blues shocked the whole NHL community and won the Stanley Cup after starting the season as +4000 underdogs, started the season slow, and rode into the season halfway point with +6900 odds. A Blues fan placed a $400 Stanley Cup futures bet on them to win and walked away with $100,000 by betting on their favorite team.

If you place your futures bet early and your team ends up tanking their season, you can always cash out your bet and receive a partial refund – but you better act fast before things get too dire. You will only receive the equivalent of their current odds, so if they end up being huge underdogs after losing through the first half of the season, you will only receive a small portion of the stake back.

Betting on the Stanley Cup Futures is a really fun way to make your season a little more interesting, whether that’s rooting for your favorite team a little extra hard or doing solid analysis and picking a team with an actual shot at winning the Stanley Cup. Visit our NHL Picks & Predictions page for betting analysis from experts and free picks.

NHL Stanley Cup Betting Guide

The NHL Stanley Cup is the culmination of the National Hockey League season, and builds anticipation and excitement for the championship series between the top two teams in the league. Early in the season, fans and sports bettors begin to try to predict the winner of the upcoming Stanley Cup, and it makes for an exciting season to say the least.

When it comes to betting on the Stanley Cup, there are plenty of options available. You can bet on futures, which we just discussed – which is betting on and trying to accurately predict the Stanley Cup champions months in advance, or you can bet on Stanley Cup series games, which allow you to bet on a huge selection of options, ranging from simple betting options that you’d see year round, to special NHL prop bets and NHL odds you wouldn’t find on normal regular season games.

The NHL has 32 teams to start with, and one by one, they are whittled down to division champions, conference champions and finally, we have the competition that crowns the Stanley Cup champion for that season. The best part about NHL hockey is that all playoff games are played as a part of a best of seven series, so if your favorite team makes the playoffs, and ultimately the Stanley Cup Final, you have so many more games to watch in the run of a seaso

How To Bet on Stanley Cup Futures

These futures wagers allow you to bet on the winner of the Stanley Cup as we mentioned, but they also are worth a whole lot more if you accurately predict the winner. You could bet on every game in the regular season and win less than you could possibly win by betting on a futures wager. Usually these NHL odds are inflated because you essentially have a 1/32 chance of being correct. And if you pick a huge underdog that ends up surprising everyone in the regular season, you could win a huge jackpot.

The most recent Stanley Cup futures jackpot was in 2019, when the St. Louis Blues started the season as +4000 underdogs, who then plummeted to +6900 around the halfway point in the season. They ended up coming back and defying the odds, and a lucky bettor won over $100,000 on a $400 wager.

How To Bet on Stanley Cup Finals

You can bet on the Stanley Cup Playoff series after the regular season, but betting on the Stanley Cup Finals is where you’ll find the most value and most betting options. It’s not like the Super Bowl, where it’s a one-and-done game. You get a best of seven series where you have up to seven different evenings to bet on Championship hockey (if the series makes it that far).

At BetUS Sportsbook, you will have the usual totals, outright moneyline wagers and point spreads, as well as betting each period, player prop bets, exact scores, team props, if there will be a fight, or a hat trick, many many more options! Sometimes the hardest part isn’t figuring out who you want to bet on, but which bet you want to place.

With so much variety, we recommend learning how to bet on the NHL in general. There, you will have a better understanding of how each betting option works, and how you can make smart betting strategies for the 2-3 weeks that the Stanley Cup Finals run through. When it comes to the options that are only available for the championship series, they are simple props usually, and very easy to pick up if you know the usual moneyline, totals and spreads betting options.

Betting on the NHL Stanley Cup is an exciting way to close off a hockey season of sports betting – we recommend getting your practice in all season long by betting on the NHL regular season so you will be primed and ready to go when it comes to betting on the Stanley Cup Finals!


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A: You can find Vegas odds for the NHL Stanley Cup right here at BetUS Sportsbook. Online sports betting allows you to have all of the same (and sometimes even better) odds that you would find at Nevada sportsbooks.
A: There are four rounds of best of seven series, so a team must win 16 games at least, to win the Stanley Cup.
A: You can sign up right here at BetUS Sportsbook and bet on plenty of NHL Stanley Cup odds and lines
A: BetUS Sportsbook has the biggest selection of NHL odds and betting lines, as well as plenty of other options when it comes to betting on any other professional or collegiate sport.
A: You can bet on Stanley Cup odds easily, as soon as you know which team or which NHL odds you want to bet on, you can start planning your NHL Stanley Cup betting strategy.
A: The Colorado Avalanche is favored to win the 2022 Stanley Cup Finals
A: The Stanley Cup odds will be released early, before the season begins, and as the season progresses, will change with team performances. When a team is doing well, they will become more favored, and when a team isn’t doing well, they will become more of an underdog.
A: The Colorado Avalanche and Vegas Golden Knights are currently top contenders for the Stanley Cup in 2022.
A: Monitor the team’s performances and ensure you have a good understanding of how the teams are doing. When you see a team start to have potential, lock in your wagers or else you will see the odds start to shift in their favor.
A: You cannot make a Stanley Cup parlay on NHL STanley Cup futures odds, but you certainly can parlay some betting lines and NHL odds throughout the Stanley Cup Final Series as long as the wagers don’t conflict.
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