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Rot Will Alex Ovechkin break Wayne Gretzky's record of 894 Goals? Moneyline
101 Yes     +140
102 No     -180
Regular Season only.

NHL Specials Betting Odds & Lines


The National Hockey League (NHL) might not be the most popular sport in the United States, but it’s still a sport that presents some great betting options.

This league really becomes popular during the playoffs, and that is when you will see more NHL special betting options available.

Betting on NHL specials can provide some great opportunities, especially if you are good at looking at NHL odds and NHL lines.

Instead of simply looking to bet on the teams that are going to win every game, you can take a longer look at how things might shake out.

Of course you should do all of your NHL specials betting at BetUS as you will find the best options and the best lines in the industry.

This might not be a league that is popular year-round, but there are times when the NHL presents the best chance to win some money.

NHL Specials Breakdown

Before you even make a bet on NHL specials, you will want to take advantage of the BetUS welcome offer that is available to all new customers.

This offer will put some additional money in your account and will give you the freedom to place bets on whatever market you want.

Prop Bets

Prop betting is going to be one of the biggest parts of NHL specials betting, and you are going to find a long list of player and team betting options.

Not only will these options be available for the Stanley Cup Finals, but you will find these throughout the season as well.

Betting on player points or player shots on goal are popular prop bets that you can make when it comes to the NHL.

Every player will have different NHL odds set for them, and you can then choose those wagers that you believe will be winners.

The NHL is a league that was initially made up of just six teams, but it’s also a league that has continued to expand. Some original teams continue to be popular, but things have shifted in recent years.

The Tampa Bay Lightning and Pittsburgh Penguins have become dominant teams in the Eastern Conference, and the Colorado Avalanche and Vegas Golden Knights are always factors in the Western Conference.

The NHL continues to be a league that is dominated by the top players, and there is some great young talent in today’s game. Nathan MacKinnon and Connor McDavid are two of the best young players in the league, but there are others.

Wayne Gretzky continues to be the most famous NHL player of all time, and he still holds records that won’t be broken.

HOW TO BET ON NHL Specials Odds

You are going to find plenty of NHL Specials betting options, especially when the Stanley Cup Playoffs begin. With so many options, you are going to have to pinpoint exactly what you want to wager on, and then you will be looking for the best odds to choose from.

Some of the best NHL Special betting options are going to include player and team prop betting options, and you will find some great opportunities during the playoffs.

Every game of the postseason will have these options available, and there will be a long list included.

If you are going to be successful when betting on NHL specials, then you have to determine what type of bets that you are good at.

You aren’t going to win every single wager that you place, but there should at least be some betting options that you are better at than others.

It’s always important to search for value in the NHL odds rather than looking for “easy bets.” Finding value will always give you a better chance at winning money rather than simply going for the sure thing.

You also want to spread out your NHL specials betting, and you don’t want to put too much emphasis on just one single wager.

Instead of sticking with a normal betting unit, it’s better to shrink that unit down and then place several wagers.

If you are looking to place a futures wager on the Conn Smythe Trophy winner of the Stanley Cup champion, then you will always find the most value as soon as those odds are released.

If your initial bet is not a winner, then you can always place another bet after looking closely at the newest Stanley Cup odds that are available.

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NHL Specials Faqs

The NHL odds for NHL specials bets work in the same way as betting on regular-season games. You simply have to find the NHL specials market that you are looking for and then place a wager.
BetUS will beat the NHL Vegas odds in terms of value, and you can also get a nice welcome bonus when you sign up for a new sports betting account. BetUS will also have a long list of NHL lines to choose from when you are looking to place a wager.
You first have to choose a sportsbook, and BetUS should always be your top option. From there, you will want to look at the NHL odds and the NHL lines to find the best available betting options. After you have found some markets that you want to wager on, then you will place a bet and watch the action unfold.
One of the best strategies to use when betting on NHL specials is to strike when the Stanley Cup odds are in your favor. You don’t simply want to look for the easy option. Instead, you should be looking for the best NHL odds.
You always want to look at the best teams and the best players when betting on NHL special odds. The Colorado Avalanche and the Tampa Bay Lightning are two of the top teams in 2022, and choosing players from those teams is always a good idea.
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