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NBA Series Prices


With the NBA playoffs comes new betting options for gamblers. NBA series prices are something exclusive to the NBA playoffs and NBA Finals.

These exclusive betting options give gamblers the opportunity to wager money on a series winner, as opposed to which team will win each game.

NBA series prices work somewhat like MLB series prices. The difference is you’re betting on the winner of the series, not just who wins the most games in the first three games.

This is where you bet on a team to win a particular series during NBA betting.

NBA series prices offer some interesting lines and odds on games. They also change after each game of a series is played between teams.

Those changes can offer hedging opportunities for gamblers to take advantage of during the NBA playoffs.

NBA Series Prices Lines

NBA series price lines are based on which team Vegas believes will win a playoff series. These lines can give gamblers a chance to wager money on the eventual outcome of the NBA playoff series.

They can also allow for better chances for gamblers over betting on a single NBA playoff game.

How NBA Series Prices Odds Work

NBA series prices odds are all money line wagers on a team. The favorite gets negative odds while the underdog gets plus odds.

Those odds are determined by oddsmakers based on which team they believe will win the NBA playoff series.

For example, if the Brooklyn Nets are the favorite to beat the Boston Celtics, they might have a -180 for the series price. This would mean the Celtics would get plus odds and be expected to lose the series.

The higher the odds, the quicker oddsmakers believe the team will win, or lose, the series.

Betting Strategy: Bet Hedging on NBA Series Prices

NBA series prices will show the series price before each of the best-of-seven-game series gets underway. This wager is great because it gives gamblers hedging opportunities if the team you wager on leads at any point during the series.

For example, if your team wins the first game of the series, you could hedge by taking the other team at updated odds for the series and lock in a profit.

It becomes more attractive if your team takes a 3-1 series lead since you get a higher price on the underdog since they are trailing in the series.

The favorites are likely to be overpriced on most series wagers, but that doesn’t mean they won’t win.

However, you could consider the series underdogs if you have confidence in them to win game one of the series.

You could do well on an underdog. For example, you bet on Boston, and they are +150 against Brooklyn to start their series. With the Celtics having a 3-0 lead in the series, you could then take the Nets at plus money and guarantee yourself a profit.

Even if the series starts 1-1, you can probably still do that. Often in a series, you will see the road team get the split, so if you took them in the series, you could now hedge with the other side.

Prop Bets

During the NBA playoffs and NBA series prices, gamblers can find some NBA prop bets. These bets can range from an over/under on the number of points a player makes to which player will score the first basket.

These betting options allow for more excitement in the NBA playoff games, as you can root for the players and not just the team.

BetUS Offers

BetUS offers NBA series prices for all the series being played throughout the NBA playoffs for gamblers to wager their money on.

They also offer a one time deposit bonus for new customers and a one time re-up bonus for current customers who use cryptocurrency to deposit into their accounts.

Besides those things, BetUS offers some of the best odds with NBA series prices.

For gamblers looking to use cryptocurrencies to wager money on series prices, there are four cryptos you can use. BetUS accepts these four cryptocurrencies for deposit: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

So whether you want to use cryptocurrency or cash, BetUS has you covered.

How to Bet on NBA Series Prices

For people looking to bet on NBA series prices, just remember these are moneyline odds for the game series. The series price odds are for which team will win the series.

When betting on an NBA playoff series, keep this in mind, as the NBA odds for the series price pertain to the series winner.

Betting on series prices for NBA lines gives you an extended look at the entire series instead of wagering money on one game. An NBA bet on a series allows you to take advantage of the overall edge between two teams.

So the NBA odds favor the team expected to win the series.

A significant level of familiarity with teams will help when betting on the NBA odds of a series. Examining the statistical data of past matchups plays a significant role in taking advantage of NBA odds.

Examining the designated players in each of the series games will be something to examine before placing your bet on NBA series prices.

Another attractive aspect of a bet on NBA series price odds is the format is a simple moneyline wager. The betting lines for an individual NBA game start with the moneyline odds, over/under odds, and point spreads.

So with the series price bet, you simply need to decide which team will win outright, whether you are betting on the favorite or betting on the underdog.

You are wagering on which team you think will win a series when you bet on NBA series prices.

For example, the Brooklyn Nets just won four of six games over the Boston Celtics in a best of seven series. If you liked the Nets to win, you could have placed a bet on them to win the series outright.

Another critical thing to remember is that underdog teams sometimes get motivated to play their best against a top-level opponent. In contrast, the best team can sometimes be overconfident and overlook a weak opponent while not giving their best effort against that team.

Even in the NBA playoffs, some teams take their opponents for granted.

Before betting on NBA odds of series prices, look at these things with both the favorite and underdog team:

  • Are these two teams rival teams?
  • Are the best players on the court for the series?
  • Do the best players have injuries?
  • Who is on the bench?
  • What are the stats for the players against the opposing team?
  • Is there a rivalry between the teams?
  • What is the record of both teams?
  • What is the home record of the team playing the most games at home?
  • What is the team road record that plays the most road games in the series?
  • How much is the favorite favored by in the series price?

While good NBA odds might tempt gamblers, always weigh in all the factors before taking an underdog team on the NBA series prices.

While a gambler can get even better value on a team by making a bet on NBA series prices instead of making a bet on NBA single games, it’s always best to check off all the factors before making your final wager.

For example, if a team is playing at home and is the better team, NBA odds might favor them in a single game matchup. Instead of making a moneyline bet on a single game like that one, it’s worth looking at the series price.

The NBA odds for game one and the series price might be different. Just like betting on single games, it’s all about finding value.

Also, examine players and if they used to play for the opposing team in the past. While that might not seem like something to examine, it could mean something.

Those players could have resentment towards their former team and former teammates, giving them the drive to want a victory over their former team.

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NBA Series Prices Faqs

BetUS has all the NBA series prices available to wager on. BetUS also allows for the use of cryptocurrency to place your NBA bet.
On the sportsbook part of the BetUS site, click on BASKETBALL. From there, scroll down to the NBA SERIES PRICES and click on that. You can then click on the series you want to wager on. After clicking on the series you want to bet on, you will see all the odds. You can then click on the NBA odds from the team you want to wager money on.
Yes! There are several different betting strategies gamblers can use when dealing with NBA series prices.
NBA odds on series prices are moneyline odds on the entire series. When looking at the odds numbers, you will see either a plus or minus sign. There is also the abbreviation EV; this means even odds. Teams with plus odds are the underdog, while teams with negative odds are the favorite; if the game is a toss-up, there will be even odds for both teams.

You will get even money for every $100 bet with EV odds, so even odds will get you $200 on a $200 wager. You will get the amount shown for every $100 bet with plus odds, so +300 will get you $300 on a $100 wager. Negative odds show how much you have to wager to win $100, so -500 odds mean you need to wager $500 to win $100.

If you want to make a parlay bet on NBA series prices, simply select the odds on the teams you want to parlay together. The bet slip on the right side has an option that says PARLAY. Select that and enter the dollar amount you wish to wager on the parlay.
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Rolling If Bets are:
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  • not available with Free Plays or Futures and Props
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