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NCAAB College Basketball Betting


Division I NCAA College Basketball showcases the top collegiate talent and is a stepping stone for those who want to advance to the NBA.
There are 350 Division I Teams across the United States and 32 conferences. With a 33-game season, that gives us over 11,000 games to wager on in the run of a regular season – and that doesn’t count the March Madness playoff tournament.

The 2022-2023 regular season runs from November 7th, 2021 to March 12th, 20223, and then the top 64 teams will face off in an elimination-style tournament starting on March 14th and concluding on April 3rd, 2023.

We know that it’s nearly impossible to bet on every single college basketball game, but we have some recommendations for those who want to get in on the action and create a winning NCAAB betting strategy.
Each game will have the usual moneyline, point spreads, and totals, but at BetUS Sportsbook, we offer plenty of in-game betting props and some unique wagers you can place throughout the game.

You can imagine the amount of NCAAB odds and lines you might find in the sportsbook, which makes things overwhelming for new bettors or those who aren’t entirely familiar with college basketball betting.

However, we pride ourselves on trying our best to educate you on college basketball betting, and we want to help you learn! We have a comprehensive College Basketball Betting 101 guide that can show you the basic betting types.

We also have a few tips to help you create a winning NCAAB betting strategy.

If you are looking at betting on a larger conference with upwards of ten teams, it can prove to be helpful to bet against the public.

Conferences like ACC, Big East, Pac-12, and others, you might see large spreads or riskier odds. When you see that there is a significant consensus on one side, bet the other to even out the juice.

  • Bet the first half. Teams come out of the gate pretty quick, as they are younger and have more drive and there are more opportunities for strong offense in the NCAAB. Usually, teams will score the most amount of points in the first quarter than others, so it can be valuable to bet the first-half totals. This also saves you from the stress at the end of the game – wishing for more points to hit the over or hoping that there are no more points scored in the fourth quarter to hit the under.
  • Home court advantage usually is a huge factor in any sport – but when it comes to college basketball odds, you can bet that the stadium will be packed to the rafters and the energy is high – for the home team. When you have that outpouring of support, you play harder, and even an underdog may hit a point spread or unlikely outcome with the help of their fans.
  • Pick a few teams to follow for the season. You can’t bet on every team, and you probably don’t have time to research every single team every week – so pick 5-10 teams and follow their news, stats, injury reports, coaches – all of it. You will find knowing a decent amount about a few teams will help you make better college basketball betting decisions in the long run.
  • Last but not least, do your research. There are over 350 teams in Division I college basketball and there can be 30 games in a single night in some cases. You can’t be betting blind – you really need to follow some college basketball beat writers or keep up with the team statistics.

Betting on NCAA college basketball is a great way to take advantage of a huge slate of games. You can create parlays as there are always multiple NCAAB games each day, and you can capitalize on the opportunities the college basketball odds present.
There are always huge favorites and underdogs, but there is no better opportunity for a Cinderella team to come out of the woodwork and shock everyone.

Past 10 Division I NCAAB Champions

2022 – Kansas
2021 – Baylor
2020 – No NCAA Championship due to COVID-19
2019 – Virginia
2018 – Villanova
2017 – North Carolina
2016 – Villanova
2015 – Duke
2014 – Connecticut
2013 – Louisville
2012 – Kentucky
2011 – Connecticut

How to Bet on NCAAB

Betting on NCAA College Basketball

For those looking to break into betting on college hoops, stick around. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to get started betting on NCAAB with pro tips to put you on the right path.

With hundreds of teams and thousands of games each year to monitor, betting on College Basketball is no easy task. But, with a little help, you will be profiting in no time.

How to bet on NCAA College Basketball

College Basketball is one of the most heavily bet sports in the United States. Recent reports suggest that 40+ million people bet more than $3 billion on the NCAA Tournament last season alone. That is roughly three times more activity than the Super Bowl saw in February.

To be fair, March Madness is a month of the best college basketball in the world, while the Super Bowl is one four-hour event.

With 32 conferences and 350 teams, NCAA basketball is a different beast than any other sport. Heck, that is just Division 1 (NCAA D-1) ball. Taking into account DII and DIII, there are over 1,000 schools in the NCAA that play basketball.

The guide that follows is designed to make the jump to NCAAB easy for new bettors. We won’t be getting much into DII or DIII, but there is more than enough in Division I to work with.

Ahead we will cover how to read college basketball odds, popular bet types, and some strategies that will help navigate a full season of NCAAB betting.

Reading NCAA College Basketball Odds

The first step in learning how to bet on any sport is getting accustomed to reading odds. Without the proper guidance, the above odds board probably looks like a mess. Luckily this guide will make reading odds second nature to you in no time.

For the start of this section, we will focus on the American (aka Moneyline) format for odds. This is the default for BetUS and what you will see the most in the United States.

Let’s create a hypothetical NCAAB game between the Gonzaga Bulldogs and Baylor Bears to get us started. The Moneyline odds for any basketball game listed above will look like this:

Gonzaga Bulldogs -150
Baylor Bears +120

While this does not seem like a log of information, these lines provide us with all we need to know. The first thing to note is that the home team is always listed second. In this case, Baylor is the home team with Gonzaga on the road.

The next thing to take note of is the plus (+) and minus (-) sign in front of each team. These symbols tell us which team is the favorite and which is the underdog. A plus sign in front of a team means they are underdogs while a minus symbol represents the betting favorite.

When a game is expected to be close, both teams can be listed as favorites or underdogs. Sometimes, the odds for both teams are the same. For example, if both teams are listed as +100, this is called a Pick ‘em. When you see odds like this, it means the game is expected to be a near-deadlock.

So, what about the numbers that follow those symbols? For favorites, the number represents the amount of money you would have to wager to win $100. In the above example, Gonzaga is (-150) to win the game.

That means, to win $100, you would have to risk $150. On the other hand, when betting on underdogs, the number represents the payout on a $100 wager. So, a $100 bet on the Bears would pay $120. In both instances, winning bets get back their initial stake along with the amount won.

That covers the American style of odds, but there are two additional formats you are likely to encounter. So, let’s get familiar with Fractional odds (aka “British” odds), and decimal odds (aka “European” odds).

Here is an example of the same game listed with fractional odds:

Gonzaga Bulldogs 4/6
Baylor Bears 6/5

While fractions annoy most people, understanding this format is a breeze once you see what is going on. A basic example would be a game with odds at 2/1 (2-1) odds for one team. This means that the bet will pay out $2 for every $1 wagered. In essence, doubling your initial stake.

So, in our hypothetical game, a bet on the Bulldogs would pay out $4 for every $6 wagered. Anytime the first number is less than the second, the team is a favorite. The Bears, meanwhile, will pay out $6 for every $5 wagered as underdogs.

Finally, let’s take a look at the same game listed with decimal odds:

Gonzaga Bulldogs 1.67
Baylor Bears 2.20

There is one major difference between the odds in this format and the previous two. While fractional and Moneyline odds represent the profit from a winning bet, decimal odds represent the total return. This means that decimal odds take into account your stake, while the others do not.

For example, a $1 wager on the Bulldogs would return $1.67 total. That breaks down to $0.67 for winning the bet and your $1 stake returned. Similarly, a $1 bet on Baylor will return $2.20 total or $1.20 for winning the bet, and the $1 you risked.

Decimal odds are preferred by many over fractional odds because they are easier to decipher and the line moves occur in smaller increments.

NCAA College Basketball Moneyline Betting

Moneyline (ML) betting is the most straightforward wager you can make on sports. Also known as straight up (SU) or outright betting, the only thing you need to do here is to pick a winner.

This is the best place to start for new sports bettors. The format is the same as the money line odds listed above with a typical game looking like this:

North Carolina Tar Heels +125
Kansas Jayhawks -150

In this example, the Jayhawks (-150) are solid favorites against the visiting Tar Heels (+125). We know this because Kansas is listed as the second team and has a minus (-) in front of their odds.

To win $100 on Kansas, you would need to risk $150. But, to win $150 on the underdog Tar Heels, you would need to bet just $120.

NCAA College Basketball Point Spread Betting

While Moneyline betting is the easiest to understand, betting against the spread (ATS) is by far the most popular. This is because ATS betting is designed to handicap the favorites and move the odds closer to even.

This is particularly important in NCAA basketball because there are plenty of massive mismatches. It is not uncommon to see ML odds of -1000 or more for favorites.

This leaves very little value to be had on the ML when a $1000 bet would win you just $100. So, the spread allows us to add betting value to even the biggest of mismatches.

The way it works is by assigning a set number of points for each game known as the spread. Think of it as a head start for the underdog of (X) number of points. When you see a spread at the sportsbook, it will look something like this:

North Carolina Tar Heels +3.5 (-105)
Kansas Jayhawks -3.5 (-115)

The spread is always the same for both teams and, in this case, is set at 3.5. This is the first time we see half-points incorporated into odds. This is by design to avoid the possibility of a tie or “push.” In the above example, the Tar Heels are 3.5-point underdogs with odds of (-105).

This means a winning bet on UNC would pay out $95 for every $100 wagered. It also means that, at +3.5, the Tar Heels can win or lose, but cannot lose by more than (3) points.

If they lose by (3) or fewer points, they cover the spread as underdogs. Kansas, on the other hand, has to win the game by at least (4) points to cover their spread as favorites.

NCAA College Basketball Totals Betting

Betting on totals is a bit different from other formats as it is not contingent on who wins or loses the game.

This is because when betting totals, aka Over/Under (O/U), you are wagering on the combined points that both teams score. This is a fun way to mix up the daily bets you are making and incorporate something new.

Here is an example of what the O/U odds for a college basketball game look like.

Syracuse Orange vs. St. John’s Red Storm O/U 71.5 (o-105)/-115u)

In this example, the total for this game has been set at 71.5. This means that a score of 72 or more will cash Over bets while any score of 71 or fewer would cash Under bets. Half points are used widely in college basketball totals. We also see that the Over pays out at (-105) while the Under has odds of (-115).

Totals in college basketball can tend to be all over the place with the mismatches that occur. The average scoring total of D1 men’s basketball games in 2021 was around 67.75 points PPG. But, totals can extend much higher, or lower than that.

BetUS also offers team totals for most college basketball games. The difference here is you are betting on one team’s total points and not the combined game score. You can also bet on first-quarter and first-half totals.

NCAA College Basketball Prop Betting

BetUS Sportsbook offers a ton of prop (propositional) bets for most major NCAA basketball games. The bigger the game, the more prop bets will be available. These bets are a great way to expand your bet types and add a ton of fun along the way.

There are two main prop bets in basketball called player props and team props. As the names suggest, team props are based on the performance of an entire team while player props focus on individuals.

An example of a team prop would be the total number of rebounds the Baylor Bears have in a game, or how many fouls the Michigan Wolverines commit. In these cases, the prop bet will be set up like a betting total. An example would be:

Michigan Wolverines Total Fouls O/U 9.5 (o-110/u-110)

In this example, a bet on the Over would be a bet on the Wolverines to commit 10 or more personal fouls with odds at (-110). If they don’t reach 10 fouls, the Under cashes at (-110).

Player props are pretty much the same but allow bettors to wager on individuals instead. It is common to see Yes/No types of bets in this category. An example of this would be:

Will Hunter Dickinson (MICH) Earn a Double-Double? Yes -150 / No +125

In this case, we are betting on whether we think Michigan’s Hunder Dickinson will get a double-double in this game. Yes is implied to be the likely choice at -150 while No would be considered the “underdog” at +125.

NCAA College Basketball Futures Betting

Futures are often considered a type of prop bet that spans entire seasons and not just a single game.

This is because, unlike other types of bets, futures allow you to bet on outcomes months down the road. The major draw of this type of betting is the high payouts that are possible.

Some common betting futures for NCAAB include conference champions, teams to make the elite eight, and who wins Coach of the Year.

While betting on the winner of the NCAA Tournament is the most popular futures bet, there are dozens of options available each season to explore.

Betting on March Madness

March Madness is one of the most popular events in the world to wager on and saw more than $3 billion in action in 2022. More than 15% of the US population bets on March Madness because it is the most exciting month in American sports.

Between play-in games and the National Championship Game, there are a ton of games to wager on and a ton of profit to be made.

Bettors are not locked into head-to-head matchups and can also bet on the outright winner, which teams make the Sweet 16 or Elite Eight, or predict the exact teams to make the finals.

A fan favorite bet is to try and predict one of the rare upsets that occur every tournament. Picking a massive ML upset is a great way to build a bankroll fast in March Madness.

Past 10 Division I NCAA College Basketball Champions

2022- Kansas def. UNC 72-69
2021 – Baylor def. Gonzaga 86-70
2020 – Canceled due to COVID-19
2019 – Virginia def. Virginia 85-77 (OT)
2018 – Villanova def. Michigan 79-62
2017 – North Carolina def. Gonzaga 71-65
2016 – Villanova def. North Carolina 77-74
2015 – Duke def. Wisconsin 68-63
2014 – Connecticut def. Kentucky 60-54
2013 – Louisville def. Michigan 82-76

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College Basketball Faqs

Yes, as long as collegiate betting is available in your state (some have bans on betting on college sports) you can bet on NCAA Basketball odds. There are plenty of NCAAB games in a regular season for you to bet on with 350 Division I teams.
You can find Vegas odds for NCAA basketball right here on BetUS Sportsbook. We have a comprehensive list of odds for each and every game, from moneyline wagers, to point spreads, totals, and special proposition bets that you can wager on.
NCAAB odds are easy to understand and read – we recommend heading over to our How to Bet on NCAA Basketball tab to view the betting guide for college basketball. There, we outline the top betting options available for college basketball, as well as examples, and show you how to read the odds.
The NCAA Basketball season begins in the fall and runs until late March/early April. March Madness is the pillar event of the season, showcasing the top 64 teams in a bracket-style knockout tournament.
NCAA Basketball is played around the United States, in every province, with 350 Division I teams. There are over 11,000 games scheduled in the league per year, in countless different venues and cities.
Yes, betting on NCAAB odds is legal, as long as college basketball betting is legal in your state. You can easily bet on NCAAB odds online at BetUS Sportsbook from your computer or smartphone, making these NCAA basketball odds accessible wherever you are.
You can bet on NCAAB odds from your smartphone, laptop or tablet from the comfort of your own home on the BetUS online sportsbook. You can access the mobile site easily on your browser on any device and place your wagers, make deposits and collect bonuses and promotions on the go.
BetUS offers a great selection of games to bet on, as well as plenty of in-game prop bets and specials you can take advantage of for any of Division I games during the regular season, as well as countless March Madness prop bets on top of the regular betting menu.
For an in-depth guide that will teach you how to bet on NCAAB odds, we recommend visiting our NCAAB betting guide tab, where you can find plenty of examples and betting options that would be available for all 11,000+ regular season games.
While the 2022 NCAA College Basketball Championship is a long way away, reigning champions, Gonzaga are favored to win the title again, but we expect the odds will change leading up to the season, so if you feel good about them to win back to back titles, we recommend taking advantage of the odds now.
NCAA basketball odds are simple to understand, but for new bettors, we recommend learning how odds work by first determining which odds format you prefer – American, Decimal or Fractional, then heading to our How to Bet on NCAAB section to learn how to bet on the popular betting types.
Gonzaga and Arizona are currently the top contenders on the NCAAB Futures list to win the National Championship in 2022. However, this can change as the season draws near based on new recruits, graduating players, and how the team moves forward. The big picture doesn’t show us, potential contenders, until the season begins.
We recommend honing in on a conference or pick a few teams to follow. There are 350 NCAAB teams and it would be difficult and risky to bet on every single game each week. Follow a few teams, learn more about them and their stats, and you can make better NCAAB betting decisions.
College Basketball provides a great opportunity to create some huge parlays. There are so many games being played, and on weekends, there can be upwards of 30 games in a single day. This means you can pile parlays together that could pay out huge winnings and grow your sports betting wallet for the long run.
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