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Kansas City Chiefs vs Indianapolis Colts Betting Odds and Lines


Has anybody told the Colts that the 2022 NFL season has started? We’re wondering because after tying against the Texans in Week 1 and being shut out by the Jaguars in Week 2, things don’t seem to be going anywhere for Indianapolis.

Now, as the Colts get ready for arguably their toughest test of the season, playing host to the Chiefs, what version of them will we see?

Having to face Patrick Mahomes is a gigantic task on its own. Now, imagine doing it after scoring zero points against Jacksonville the week before. That’s the reality that the Colts will have to face on Sunday, and we’re here to talk about it, so let’s get to it.

Please Colts, Please, Wake Up!

Before the start of the season, the Indianapolis Colts were pitted as the team to beat in the AFC South. With some important additions, like former Falcons QB Matt Ryan to lead the offense, everything was looking up for Indy.

And we’re not talking about a team that was entering a rebuilding period. No, we’re talking about a team with one of the most solid rosters in the AFC.

Now, after failing to pick up wins in its first two games, against the two weaker opponents in their division, alarms are slowly starting to go off in Indy. Was the hype just that, hype? Is there something that coach Frank Reich is not noticing?

As they prepare to face Kansas City at home on Sunday, one of the AFC’s top favorite teams to make it to the Super Bowl, it’s “put-up-or-shut-up” time for the Colts.

This team cannot fall into the same mistakes it has made in the past couple of games, especially when having players on both offense and defense that can help pivot a game around in seconds.

Against KC, the Colts are going to need all of their lines to play their best football and then some. Indianapolis needs to take advantage of having a good offensive line to give Ryan and star rusher Jonathan Taylor enough time and room to move.

Also, Michael Pittman Jr. will need to shine once again as he did against Houston, exploiting the flaws in KC’s secondary.

Is It Possible To Stop Patrick Mahomes?

While almost everyone around the league has been all in for Josh Allen, Mahomes has also been putting some MVP-worthy numbers too. Mahomes looks like he is playing with a clear mission of making it back to the Super Bowl no matter what, which makes stopping him that much harder.

If you add to that how all of his offense is also continuously picking up the pace and performing at higher and higher levels, we could argue that the Chiefs are just warming up.

After scorching the Cardinals in Week 1 and taking down the Chargers in Week 2, playing against a lowly Colts squad should be like a walk in the park for Kansas City.

The only thing the Chiefs will truly need to come out victorious is for their offensive line to give Mahomes enough time to think and move. Thankfully, Mahomes has proven to be a QB that can make magic within seconds.

On defense, if the Chiefs can keep Taylor grounded, not allowing him any space to run, Indy’s offense could end up being shattered to pieces by that.

Can The Colts Pull Off The Upset?

All it takes for the Colts to get going is scoring one strong win at home. This team has a work mentality that is to be applauded. But scoring a win against Kansas City is not something we can see happening for Indianapolis this week.

The Colts will surely give the Chiefs a run for their money, especially on the physical side of the game. But at the end of the day, Mahomes is too much of a star for Indianapolis to contain.

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