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Sun, Sep 11, 2022 EST

Point Spread
Team Total
+6 -110
43½  -110o
-6 -110
43½  -110u
Regular Season Week 1.

NFL Giants vs Titans Week 1


The New York Giants have a week 1 opponent who made the playoffs last season. That opponent is the Tennessee Titans.

When you examine what these teams have done during the offseason, most of their roster moves came during the NFL Draft.

The Giants had multiple first-round draft picks, thanks to a trade they made in 2021 with the Chicago Bears.

They used their picks to draft edge rusher Kayvon Thibodeaux and offensive tackle Evan Neal. They also used their other picks to draft two offensive guards and a wide receiver to help Daniel Jones and their offense during this season.

The Titans made a couple of shocking moves during the NFL Draft, with the first being a trade of their top receiver, A.J. Brown, for a first-round pick they used to draft another receiver.

They also drafted a quarterback late in the draft while already having Ryan Tannehill. During the offseason, they also let Julio Jones go in free agency while trading for receiver Robert Woods.

While the roster in Tennessee is seeing an overhaul, they are expected to have their best players returning for this season. The biggest name on the list set to return is Derrick Henry.

The elite running back suffered a foot injury during the 2021 season, which saw him miss eight games for the season.

How do Giants vs Titans Odds Work for this Matchup?

Vegas NFL odds are what gamblers are looking for with this Giants vs Titans week 1 matchup. It’s easy to find them with every betting option this game offers.

NFL point spreads, moneyline wagers, over/under, and player props all have these odds that gamblers examine before placing their bets.

The first one they go to is those NFL point spreads. With the Giants vs Titans matchup, gamblers could see a 7.5 point spread between the two teams.

This means one team will get those points while the other will receive these points with any point spread wager.

If you want to bet on the final score based on the total points scored, the over/under is something to wager on. In the Giants vs Titans matchup, gamblers could see an over/under of 44.5 points.

This means if you bet the under, you want 44 or fewer total points, while betting the over has you wanting 45 total points or more.

If you really want to take a risk on the Giants vs Titans week 1 matchup, a moneyline is the best choice. Vegas NFL odds on the moneyline give gamblers great odds on the underdog.

However, there is risk when taking them on the moneyline, as there’s a consensus they would lose the game.

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Giants vs Titans Prop Bets

If betting on the Giants vs Titans week 1 matchup isn’t appealing to you, maybe making some prop bets on the game might be something to tickle your fancy.

These wagers can also give gamblers something else to bet on besides the Vegas NFL odds on the game. Prop bets can make this NFL match interesting when betting on them.

Derrick Henry and his rushing yards and touchdown totals could be a player prop to look into if doing prop bets.

The number of passing yards Daniel Jones or Ryan Tannehill have could be another popular prop wager. No matter which prop bet you choose, they all add excitement to this game.

New York Giants Odds to win the Super Bowl +12500

Tennessee Titans Odds to win the Super Bowl +3000

How to Bet on Giants vs Titans Matchup

The Giants vs Titans matchup has a vast range of betting options. However, a focus should only be on two of those main betting options, with a look at the third main option as a last resort. The main two to examine are NFL point spreads and the over/under..

Vegas NFL odds on these two options could prove better for gamblers. However, if things look like there could be a turn for the underdog, a look at the moneyline might be in order. Let’s start off looking at the NFL point spreads.

The Giants could start this game as seven point road underdogs to the Titans. If you find this as a seven point game, it might be a significant chance for those who feel the Giants can hold the game close. However, it could come down to how many carries Henry gets and if he can attack the Giants’ defense early.

With NFL point spreads, it’s all about those seven points and if the Titans could cover the seven points. The Titans will rely heavily on Henry with their offense missing two of its best receivers from last season to score points.

Their defense was one of the tougher ones last season and would need to perform here to help the team win by more than a touchdown.

The Giants offense isn’t stellar by any means and Daniel Jones doesn’t jump off as a quarterback that can fight off a good defense. Health concerns with him and running back Saquon Barkley could prevent their offense from scoring lots of points.

However, their new offensive line and some new defensive players they drafted could make an impact.

The other favorable betting option is the over/under on total points scored. Here is where it’s important to examine any past games these two teams had against each other. Another thing you could do is examine the previous season’s averages on points scored and allowed.

These two teams have only faced each other 12 times, meaning there’s not a lot of head-to-head data to examine.

The last time these two teams faced each other was in 2018. So that means gamblers will need to look at last season’s performance on offense for some more recent data.

For gamblers looking for extreme risk, there’s a moneyline wager they can make. The Giants, being the underdog, have high Vegas NFL odds.

However, the Giants would need their defense to stop Derrick Henry and their offense would need to perform well, something that it doesn’t do well without Barkley being healthy.

A risk on them could be too much, as they aren’t a proven team lately. However, gamblers could examine their performance during the preseason.

They can see how the rookie offensive line works out for the Giants and if new defensive stars will perform in the NFL for New York.

The NFL preseason is great for seeing if players get injured or if there is a new star on the rise. It can also highlight any mistakes teams are making on both offense and defense before the regular season starts.

Roster moves and the NFL preseason are friends for gamblers willing to wait to place their bets. So when you look at the Giants, they added Evan Neal, Kayvon Thibodeaux, Tyrod Taylor, and a few other players.

The Titans also made some offseason moves by drafting a new receiver to replace A.J. Brown and traded for Robert Woods to replace Julio Jones.

If you feel confident in the Giants covering that spread, an early wager would be the best move to make.

However, the NFL preseason can show gamblers if they should have waited on those Vegas NFL odds on the NFL point spreads.

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