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Chile Primera Division Odds & Lines



Santiago’s most prestigious football clubs created the Liga Profesional de Football de Santiago on May 31, 1933. (LPF). 

The LPF included the following teams: Unión Española, Badminton, Colo-Colo, Audax Italiano, Green Cross, Morning Star, Magallanes, and Santiago National. Chile’s Federación de Ftbol approved it on June 2, 1933.

Magallanes dominated Colo-Colo to take the inaugural professional title. The first professional tournament was held between the eight founding teams. 

The following year, Liga Profesional agreed to join the AFS after being approached by Chile’s football federation. Ferroviarios, Carlos Walker, Deportivo Alemán, and Santiago FCC were all included in the 1934 AFS professional football competition. 

A new second division would be created in 1935 by eliminating the final six teams from the 1934 season. Magallanes retained the title in the 1934 edition. That year, he triumphed in ten of his eleven encounters.

Main Annual Events

The Chilean First Division features sixteen football teams and is organized as a single league with promotion and relegation to the Chilean Primera B. There are two rounds in the game.

Chile’s Primera Division has undergone a structural modification. The Primera Division no longer has two separate tournaments, an Apertura and a Clausura. 

They are crowned winners and advance to the Libertadores Cup group round. The second team progresses to the group stage, often known as the second phase. They’ll get to move on to the next round.

How Does The Championship Work?

One of Latin America’s most venerable sporting events has been going strong for almost a century. The Chilean first division, Campeonato AFP PlanVital, was relaunched in 1933 and is known as the Chilean first division. 

In Chile, planning the tournament falls to the Association of National Professional Football Associations. Please see Chile’s football federation (Chilean Football Federation) (Chilean Football Federation).

A single competition with promotion and relegation to Chilean Primera B is held each year for the 16 teams in Chile’s First Division. There are two rounds in the game.

Everyone competes against each other throughout two rounds (a lengthy tournament).

The “National Champion of Chilean Professional Football” title is awarded to the winner after the competition.

The clubs who finish first, second, and third in the Copa Libertadores will be entitled to participate in the tournament.

The Copa Sudamericano will be open to the top three finishers.

The Chilean league’s Primera B will be reduced to two teams at the end of the season. Promotions and relegations will take effect the following season. Thus they will begin after the current one.

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Chile Primera Division Betting Strategy

Chile’s top football division is known as Primera Flight. In this campaign, 16 Chilean Primera Division teams are participating. It’s known as the Scotiabank Campeonato, or the Chilean Primera Division Campeonato.

One of South America’s most popular leagues, the Chile Primera Division, is watched by many people. The two stages of the season provide excitement and intrigue for both fans and bettors alike in this division.

The Primera Division of Chile is notoriously difficult to profit from in sports betting. It isn’t easy to win money betting on this league’s great teams since so many of them. 

They come to our expert advice site searching for the greatest Chile Primera Division soccer betting tips to increase their winning chances.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are just like any other kind of sports wager. Betting against the outcome of a sporting event is a popular pastime, with many people placing wagers on the outcome of the game.

According to Player Props, there is a prize for figuring out who scored the game-winner. Whether he’s leading or trailing, he’s capable of scoring at any point in the game. It works like this:

The Game Props can also be used to play. Props can influence the outcome of a game, either by determining whether both teams will score or not.

Important Teams To Play

In Chile, four teams are regarded as “great” due to their history, football, involvement in international events, and squad passing of great southern football talents. Colo-Colo has won the championship the most times, having 32 titles to his credit. 

The University of Chile comes in second with 18 titles, followed by Colo-Colo. With 14 and 8 titles, respectively, Catholic University and Cobreloa are its most direct challengers. 

These teams have a legacy of dominating sports betting because their adoring followers and cheering them on every day have a taste for it.

The competition has become more level with time, and the teams are struggling to maintain a high level of performance. 

They normally hire these. figures from South American soccer, which help them meet their sporting goals and achieve glory, not only in Chile but throughout the continent.

How To Bet on Chile Primera Division

Chile’s Primera Division is a tremendously popular competition. As a result, most bookmakers offer a diverse range of Chilean football betting odds on both the outright and individual match markets each week.

The secret to effective football betting is to find the value of the bet that is most likely to come in at the longest soccer odds

That is why accumulators are so popular: they combine several low-odds bets with high probabilities into a much better-odds gamble.

Because there is now so much science behind football predictions, the odds provided by bookmakers are generally a reasonable reflection of the possibility of winning, making football betting one of the few ways to make money.

Explore Short Term Bets

Individual football match betting markets would incorporate short-term betting. Unlike long-term betting, short-term betting is all about finding value in bets. 

The most popular markets are the full-time outcome, half-time/full-time, first scorer, and over/under 2.5 goals. All four markets are simple to understand, offer good odds, and wagers placed on them may benefit from the assistance of tipsters. 

You can also guess the correct score at the end of the game. Predicting the number of corners (per team/per match) is a side market that can be wagered on. However, it is not advised.

Handicaps, on the other hand, are a popular sort of bet in football betting and work well with short-term wagers.

Bet On Handicap Bets

Over time, this market has become one of the favorites of the users of the different bookmakers, since due to the various options that it offers, quite significant profits can be obtained. 

In this way, it is tremendously important that you handle the most basic concepts so that your chances of earning money betting here are high.

Thus, in handicap bets, bookmakers propose “betting lines,” where users must select one of them according to what they think will happen in the given event. 

The “lines” are nothing more than goals that will be added or subtracted, depending on the goals scored during the match by one of the teams. For better understanding, here is an example:

  • Palestinian (HA -1.5) at odds 3.70.
  • O’Higgins (HA +1.5) at odds 1.26.

In this way, if the user decides to select the first option, that is, the Palestinian handicap (-1.5), then he must deduct that figure from the goals scored by the Arabs so that to win the bet, the La Cisterna must win the match by two or more runs. 

On the other hand, if he deems it convenient to play the handicap (+1.5) of O’Higgins to obtain the winning bet, then the “celeste” must obtain any result other than losing by more than one goal.

As you can see, it is a very simple market for bettors to understand, and because there are many lines proposed by bookmakers, this type of bet is perfect for playing in a simple or combined way.

Watch out For Over/Under Betting

This type of bet is not related to betting for or against one of the two teams, but rather it is aimed at predicting the number of goals that will be scored during the ninety minutes of the Chilean league matches. 

Of course, as in the handicap market, in this market, also called “over/under,” Bookmakers propose certain goal lines, and users must select one of them, depending on whether they think there will be more or fewer goals. 

For example, if the user selects the more than (+2.5 goals) that is paid at a rate of 1.60 for a certain match, then to “green” the bet, there must be three or more annotations. 

Conversely, if you decide to bet on under (-2.5 goals), then there must be two goals or less to win the bet.

Research On The Best Bookmarkers

As is evident in the various television commercials and on the various sports websites, the bookmaker market has grown tremendously, to the point that today the main “sponsors” of the clubs of the first division and the various tournaments of the ANFP, are these bookmakers.

Explore Diverse Markets

Aside from wagering on both the first and last scorer of a football game, there are markets for League/Tournament Top scorer and the Over/Under. 

Football betting isn’t just popular during the season. Player Transfer betting markets are offered by many bookies during the off-season and allow you to bet on which club a player will join next.

You may create profitable Football predictions if you know your sport and your betting markets and soccer line, but you need a proper football betting strategy to be consistent with those forecasts. 

If you’re a football lover, you owe it to yourself to learn how to interpret odds and trends and betting chances. Also, you should be able to identify trends and assess opportunities in betting. One of the most prevalent methods of betting on football is to rely on market biases. 

Many bet on them when home favorites are offered at a discount, even though the away team may offer a greater value. 

There are many alternative ways to wager on football, but ProTipster has the greatest football betting recommendations.

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Chile Primera Division Faqs

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Nublense hasn’t dropped a game in six outings. The links above the league standings in the upper right corner of the screen provide access to Cobresal and Colo-Colo metrics.
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