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Copa Libertadores

Tue, Feb 07, 2023 EST

Team Total
Sport Huancayo
Sport Huancayo
Nacional Asuncion
Nacional Asuncion

Wed, Feb 08, 2023 EST

Team Total
Nacional Potosi
Nacional Potosi
El Nacional
El Nacional

Thu, Feb 09, 2023 EST

Team Total
Boston River
Boston River

Odds to Win the Copa Libertadores



A lot of fighting occurred during the 1930s Copa Aldao between Argentina and Uruguay when they were battling for the tournament title.

This event sparked the notion of a continental competition, which was subsequently implemented. 

Although it took a long time, Chilean team Cola-Cola was finally ready to compete in the South American Championship of Champions in 1948 after many years of preparation and training. It took place in Santiago. 

Champions from each country’s premier league were present. Ultimately, the victory went to Brazilian Vasco da Gama. 

A “champions cup” trend began in South America in 1948, which eventually led to the founding of Europe in 1955. An interview with a Brazilian sports show in 2015 by one of the European Cup’s “founding fathers” stated this.

During Pearl’s board of directors meeting in 1958, they decided how the tournament would be organized and administered. 

A South American version of the European Cup, the Copa de Campeones de America (American Champions Cup, later renamed the Copa Libertadores), was established as part of the Intercontinental Cup in 1958. 

To determine “the best club team on Earth,” the champions of both continental confederations would play each other.

During the 24th South American Congress in Buenos Aires on March 5, 1959, the International Affairs Committee unanimously supported the challenge. 

It passed the committee’s review and was given the green light. They included Simón Bolvar and José de San Martin, among the South American heroes who struggled for independence.

Copa Libertadores Main Annual Events

The Copa Libertadores begins with three preliminary qualifying rounds that determine which four teams will compete in the group stage’s field of 32. (The whole qualifying schedule is shown in the table below.)

The games in the group stage have begun, following the drawing of lots.

Qualification (Round 1)

Qualification (Round 2)

Qualification (Round 3)

Round of 16 Quarterfinals Group Stage

Semifinals then Final: 

There will be 16 teams (the top two teams from each group) in the knockout stages from the group stage onward. 

From the Round of 16 to the semifinals, the knockout stages and two-leg aggregate goal series will be drawn. Each game will be a two-goal contest. At a neutral location, the final will be a single match.

If teams are tied on aggregate goals after both matches, away goals will not be used as a tiebreaker. In the Champions League, this is precisely the same.

A two-leg series will go to penalty kicks if the teams are tied on aggregate goals in the qualifying stages, the Round of 16, the quarterfinals, and the semifinals. There will be no need for the extra 30 minutes except for the final.

How Copa Libertadores Works

Twelve teams from outside Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Colombia compete in two-legged knockout rounds during the first six to eight months of the Copa. Teams compete in two-legged contests.

The six winners of the first round advance to the group round, including 26 additional teams. They are divided into eight four-team groups with home-and-away games.

The knockout stage consists of two-legged quarterfinals and semifinals, with the top two seeds from each group advancing.

Currently, 47 teams are battling it out over six to eight months. The competition has three stages: the first, second, and final.

Twelve teams compete in two-legged knockout games in the First Round to determine the tournament’s finalists.

They join 26 groups and form eight teams of four.

Each group’s teams compete in a double round-robin format. Hosting and traveling to each other’s team is the norm.

The knockout stage consists of two-legged games between the top two teams.

After that, it’s two-legged knockout matchups to the quarterfinals, semifinals, and championship matches.

When previous winners didn’t enter the competition until they reached the semifinal stage between 1960 and 1987, it made it easier to retain the cup.

UEFA and CONMEBOL held the Intercontinental Cup or Toyota Cup in 1960 after it had won the tournament the year before. 

As a result of this competition, the victor of the FIFA World Cup was awarded a place in Euro 2016. (since renamed the UEFA Champions League)

There has been a Club World Cup since 2004 for champion teams from each of the six continental confederations.

After winning the Club World Cup, the winner has competed in other tournaments. FIFA, the world’s governing body for football, is in charge of the match. 

Because Europe and South America are considered the finest places to play the game, its champions advance to the semifinals.

A two-legged final against the winners of the Copa Sudamericana is also up for grabs for the Recopa Sudamericana winner.


Last year’s final between Flamengo and River Plate was won by Flamengo. An all-neutral venue has to be chosen for the final.

Except for 2018, when Boca’s match versus River Plate was played in Real Madrid’s Bernabeu stadium due to safety concerns following an attack on the Boca bus, the final has always been contested in South America.

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Prop Bets 

The same rules apply in other sports when it comes to soccer prop bets. It’s possible to place wagers on various game outcomes, including who will score the game’s first goal and how it will conclude after the final buzzer has blown.

You can use Player Props to determine who scored the game’s lone goal. It would be best if you tracked down the perpetrator. 

It could be his team’s first or last goal or even the game’s final. Using the Game Props might also reveal how excellent a player you are at chance. Your goal is to arrive at the correct final score using the Game Props.

Important Teams To Play

There are two tournaments named the Apertura and Clausura that most clubs enter the Copa Libertadores, which are half-year tournaments. 

Many Latin American countries adopt this format: Bolivia, Colombia; Ecuador; Paraguay; Peru; and Venezuela. For the Copa Libertadores, both Peru and Ecuador have devised fresh strategies. 

There are numerous phases to this process. South American leagues in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile do not follow the Apertura and Clausura structure. 

To be eligible for the Copa Libertador, you must first win your country’s domestic cup.

How to Bet On Copa Libertadores

MoneyLine Bets

By correctly forecasting the outcome of a soccer betting match, you may easily make Moneyline bets. The odds are different for everyone who place a wager. You will receive a reward.

A $100 wager on Internacional to win would result in a $145 return; the original bet plus the winnings would equal $145. 

You’ll get your investment back and $187 in prizes if you place a wager on Always Ready to Win. In a draw, your stake will be reduced to $225.

Learn About The Teams

You’re doing your bank account and a disservice if you don’t know who you’re betting on. Get to know the favored teams if you want to know which ones are popular. 

You’ll also need to figure out which sections are underdogs, wild cards, and other types of bets. It’s possible if the group has been working hard to prepare and has made some progress toward the event.

This tournament has demonstrated that surprise winners can emerge from the shadows in the past. 

Only a handful of teams have ever won consecutive championships. It’s vital to remember that the club that won last year isn’t guaranteed to win this year. Copa America, for example, does not frequently adhere to this regulation.

Copa Llibetadores Game Spread Bet

Here, the favorite’s points (or societal goals) are subtracted while giving the underdogs’ points back. As you can see, there are a lot of issues or objectives that are not identical. Many examples come to mind, such as:

A team must win or draw by a specific margin to be considered a favorite. 

You’ll lose your bet if you do anything less. It would be best to have them win or draw by several goals for underdog bets. You’ll be out the money if you settle for anything less.

Understand The Reason They Are Your “Favourites”

For this reason, it makes sense for bettors to place their money on these clubs. Players and coaches are at the top of their game. 

They also have the most resources and a winning mindset. Perhaps these favorites have been the best in their leagues, crushing their rivals. When a team is on fire and moving forward at a rapid clip, it’s usually a sign of good things to come.

Regardless, it is impossible to predict whether or not the favorite will win, no matter the sport. They won’t be as good if the team from last year isn’t the same or has lost key players to European clubs. 

As a result, a bookmaker’s short odds may not be worth the money they’re worth. Then, perhaps this team can defy the soccer odds and wipe out the rest of the competition.

Remember that most of the money usually goes to the bookmaker’s preferred causes, and keep that in mind when placing your wagers. When betting on the Copa Libertadores, bear this in mind.

Over/Under Bets

Over/Under is a wager on how many goals will be scored in a soccer match. You place a bet on whether or not a game will go above or under a specified total. Many examples come to mind, such as:

If the total is more significant than 0.5, at least one goal must be scored by both teams. You’ll be out the money if you settle for anything less. 

A score of 0 indicates that neither team can score. If you go above that limit, you’ll lose your wager.

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Copa Libertadores Faqs

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For each Copa Libertadores match, sportsbooks that cater to Spaniards and have Euro accounts are used to determine the best odds.
Clubs from Argentina have won 18 CONMEBOL titles, making them the most successful in the competition. The top two teams are Boca Juniors and Independiente. Independiente needed to win more than any other team to win the Copa Libertadores.
The Copa Libertadores odds are different for everyone who places a wager. Based on what you decide to accomplish, you will receive a reward.
If you’re going to wager, you’ll need to move swiftly because the odds fluctuate a lot during a game. As the game progresses, the odds shift.

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