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Italy Serie A Outrights

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Rot To be Relegated Italy Serie A 2022/23 Moneyline
41 Salernitana     +400
42 Cremonese     -200
43 Spezia     +140
44 Lecce     +900
45 Empoli     +500
46 Sampdoria     -335
47 Bologna     +800
48 Udinese     +100000
49 Sassuolo     +1200
50 Verona     -160
51 Monza     +450
52 Torino     +15000
53 Fiorentina     +10000
54 Lazio     +100000
55 Juventus     +100000
57 Atalanta     +150000
58 Inter     +200000
59 Roma     +150000

Odds to Win the Serie A



The first Italian National Championship was held in 1898. Despite the fact that the league decided the entire competition in a single match, Genoa Cricket & Athletic Club was the inaugural winner.

The event was divided into regional divisions for more than two decades. Between 1922 and 1929, the organizers investigated several schemes before bringing together several interregional divisions.

The expansion also included Serie B, the league’s second-highest tier.

This inclusion occurred during a time in Italian football history when the ruling Fascist party prohibited foreign players from competing in league competitions.

The organizers renamed Serie A Lega Calcio to replace the Italian Federal Football Association, which had existed since 1935.

Winners’ shirts have been emblazoned with “scudetti” (Italian for “shields”).

Principal Events During the Year

Serie A has had 16 or 18 teams since its inception, but there are now only 10 or 11 teams in the top tier.

There have been twenty clubs since 2004–05. To avoid a postwar conflict with Yugoslavia, the league only existed for one season (1947–48) and had 21 clubs.

The season consists of 38 games for each team. Both at home and away, the same game is played.

It’s called “the andata” because each team in their league only plays each other once.

In the second half of the season, the clubs play an additional 19 games, known as the ritorno, both at home and away.

Before the 2021–22 season, the two halves of the season had a similar fixture schedule.

A win earns three points, while a tie earns one point. They will receive no points if they lose. A team receives two points for a win, one point for a tie, and zero points for a loss.

If they finish first or second in Serie A, they will qualify for the UEFA Champions League. If the Coppa Italia winner wins, the fifth-placed team will join UEFA in the Europa League.

How the Championship works

The league has a total of twenty members. The team with the most points, or the Scudetto, wins the title after 38 games. Each team plays two games, one at home and one away from the stadium.

There are games every weekend during the regular season, except when international games are scheduled. Saturday night games are common, both early and late.


During the first half of the season, called the andata, teams only play each other once. All in all, there are a total of 19 titles.

The ritorno, or return, is a second meeting between the teams in the second half of the season. There is a switch in the home and away from positions for each game.

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Betting Strategy

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When placing bets on top-tier matches, it’s critical to consult the most recent football statistics, and we also provide in-depth and experienced Serie A betting advice.

Important Teams To play

Juve, AC Milan, and Inter Milan are all part of the league. From 2000 until 2008, the G-14 represented Europe’s most famous and largest football clubs. All three were founding members of the G-14 (ECA).

Even though Spain’s La Liga has the most Ballon d’Or winners of all time, Italy’s Serie A league has the most Ballon d’Or winners of any league today.

Juventus holds the record for the most international titles won by an Italian club and national team combined, placing them sixth in Europe and twelfth overall. Juventus is Italy’s most successful sports team, too.

How to Bet on Italy Serie A Outrights

If you want to bet on Serie A, you’re not limited to placing wagers on specific matches but you’ll still need to check soccer lines.

These bets are called ante-post wagers, and they are related to the outcome of a long-term event, such as a tournament or a full championship.

Some of them will be examined in the next sections, and we’ll direct you to our page on football markets for further information on the subject.

There have been three relegations from Serie B and three promotions from Serie A since 2004.

First, second, and third-place finishers in the standings qualify for Champions League groups; the Europa League qualifies for Europe’s second competition.

In addition to the Italian Cup winner, the teams ranked fifth and sixth, respectively.

Last, this team must finish in the 5th or 6th spot in the championship to avoid elimination in the standings.

There will be a new Conference League for the top seven teams in the standings, which will begin to play in January 2017.

We should also mention that the season in Italy goes from August to May, with the possibility of a break in January and the deletion of two rounds during the Christmas holidays, as has been the case in the English championship for years.

Players can be traded between clubs during both the summer and winter transfer market periods: the longer summer session, which lasts from July through August and ends at midnight on a Friday before the tournament begins, and the shorter January session, which is referred to as the “repair market.”

Research On The Most Successful teams

Juventus is also well-known to non-football fans, having won 36 Italian titles (even if the Turin club attributes one more, not assigned due to the match-fixing scandal known as Calciopoli of 2006).

In the table below, Inter and Milan, both rated 19th and 18th, round out the podium, while Genoa, which has won nine titles, the most recent of which dates back to the 1923/24 season, completes the top three.

The hierarchy of power in Serie A is closely reflected in Italy’s fan popularity rankings of the teams.

As of this writing, Juventus leads the group ahead of Milan, which has a narrow advantage over Inter, according to the most recent data.

Naples, Rome, and Fiorentina are just the beginning. Juventus and Inter likewise dominate season ticket sales at the stadium.

Who are The Best Players?

As is understandable, the forwards are the players most loved by the fans: they are responsible for scoring the decisive goals for the victory and making their dream of the Scudetto.

Traditionally Italy has always been a land of great strikers, and those who have won the top scorer in the last five championships can certainly be part of the category. You can find them in the table below.

The Italian championship is one of the most important in Europe and has always boasted many stars ready to tread the fields and make the fans fall in love.

After a few years of decline, in recent seasons, this trend seems to have resumed, and Serie A can boast some of the best known and strongest players on the international scene, starting with Cristiano Ronaldo who, together with Leo Messi, is the strongest in the world. Look at the graphic below and see if you agree with our choices.

The Most Popular Bets

Among the bets on Serie A futures, the most classic of the ante-post games is the one in which the name of who, at the end of the season, will sew the Scudetto di Campione d’Italia on the shirt is indicated.

In the image on the side, you will find the logo of Inter, the 2020/21 title-winning team, a feat accomplished after a hiatus of ten years.

The Milanese are the club with the highest number of titles won after Juventus, having won 19, while the Bianconeri are 36. Milan occupies the podium’s third step, with 18 league titles on the bulletin board.

As the name implies, the purpose of this ante-post market is to guess who will finish second in the standings at the end of the Serie A championship or, to put it in English, the “winner without the champion.”

It is a very interesting and well-quoted market, given that second place is a much more unpredictable result than that relating to the winning tournament, especially from March onwards: the “bridesmaids” were often Naples and Rome.

In 2020/21, however, Milan took the silver medal, 12 points behind the Inter champions, for a ranking that speaks the Milanese dialect.

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