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Spain La Liga Outrights

Sat, Dec 31, 2022 EST

Rot To Win Spain La Liga Without Real Madrid and Barcelona Moneyline
21 Atletico Madrid     +110
22 Sevilla     +12500
23 Villareal     +400
24 Real Sociedad     +600
25 Real Betis     +1000
26 Athletic Bilbao     +450
27 Valencia     +4000
28 Celta Vigo     +15000
29 Espanyol     +75000
30 Getafe     +100000
31 Osasuna     +3300
32 Rayo Vallecano     +4000
33 Almeria     +100000
34 Valladolid     +50000
35 Elche     +100000
36 Cadiz     +100000
37 Mallorca     +10000
38 Girona     +25000
All Wagers Have Action.

Odds to Win La Liga


Famously known as “La Liga,” the Spanish football league competes in the first division of the country’s football pyramid. It’s been around since 1929. Primera División and Segunda División are the names of the top and second divisions, respectively.

Twenty teams have been competing in La Liga’s premier level since 1997.

The Spanish Civil War halted all but one season, which lasted from 1936 to 1937.

Real Madrid and Barcelona have dominated LaLiga since the 1950s, giving them the strongest chances to win the Primera Division this year. Premier League titles include a record 34 for Real Madrid.

Twenty-six times, Barcelona has won the competition. Segunda Division teams are promoted to La Liga from the Primera Division, while the lowest three teams are demoted.

Keeping all three newcomers in the Primera Division will be incredibly difficult because they all begin the season with the lowest relegation probability in the league.

The giants Barcelona and Real Madrid have made such a name for themselves that it’s dubbed as ‘El Clasico’ whenever they meet.

It’s arguably a battle of the titans whenever the two teams meet regularly, twice a year, and by chance on European competitions and the Copa del Rey.

Real Madrid has had the upper hand over the Catalan giants as they have won 97 wins while Barcelona has 96 wins.

Around the time of the La Liga draw, in late August or early September. When examining La Liga odds, Barcelona and Real Madrid have been the clear frontrunners for a long time.

This is because Primera Division rules give precedence to head-to-head results when two or more teams are tied in points.

The Champions League is open to the top four teams in the Primera Division. Competitors from La Liga’s fifth and sixth places will have the opportunity to compete in the Europa League.

Because it’s become tradition, the odds are extremely low that either Barcelona or Real Madrid will finish top four in La Liga this season. This implies that the Champions League draw will most likely include them.

As a result, two Champions League slots are always up for grabs, and clubs like Atlético Madrid or Sevilla may present some intriguing LaLiga betting odds.

Main Events During the Year

Three bottom teams are relegated to the Segunda Tier, and three top teams are promoted from the Segunda Tier based on final rankings to La Liga. This covers the division winners and runners-up and the playoff winners; therefore, it is open to everyone.

Copa del Rey

Over 126 of Spain’s greatest teams have competed in this year’s Copa del Rey knockout phase.

League champions can compete in the UEFA League if they have not already qualified for Europe.

If they have already qualified, the berth is allocated to the league’s highest-placed team that has not already qualified.

This means Barcelona has won 30 trophies, making them the league’s best team.

Spanish Super Cup

Each year, La Liga and Copa del Rey winners participate in the Supercopa de Espana (Spanish Super Cup), dubbed the “Spanish Super Cup.”

The Copa del Rey champion and the league’s top three teams will join this season.

Barcelona has won 13 consecutive league titles.

How the Championship Works

In Spain, there are 20 teams at the top of the league. Tournament teams face off twice, once at home and once away.

Each team will play 38 games this season. It is a championship awarded the team with the most points at the season’s conclusion.

Unless there is a break for international games, there are games to watch every weekend during the season.

However, when it comes to weekends, the majority occur during the day or late at night on Saturday and Sunday.

In the Primera Division, a playoff is held to determine which three teams are the league’s team to be relegated.

After this division’s 42-game season concludes, all of these teams are eliminated and replaced by the division’s three best teams.


The Spanish La Liga is officially known as the Campeonato Nacional de Liga de Primera División. It is one of the top men’s professional football leagues in Spain, and it is excellent.

This event has been running for over 90 years and features twenty teams.

They compete in Segunda División, a division below La Liga. Teams promoted from there compete in La Liga. Since the league’s inception, 62 clubs have competed, but just nine have won. From August to May, many fans enjoy attending La Liga matches.

Several of the more significant matchups include the following:

  • Real Madrid and Barcelona (El Clasico)
  • Atletico Madrid vs. Barcelona
  • Real Madrid vs. Valencia
  • Sevilla facing Betis.
  • Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid (Madrid Derby)

How to Bet on Spain La Liga Outrights

The majority of bets are placed on who will win La Liga outright. In addition, individuals wager on future markets, also known as Ante-Post markets, when they wish to predict what will happen throughout a tournament or season, rather than just one match. In most circumstances, the greatest odds for outright and futures wagers will be available before the start of the season.

As the La Liga season progresses, some teams will rise, and others will fall in the standings.

As a result, the odds will tighten, and those teams with a decent probability of winning will pay less.

Atletico Madrid won La Liga last season by a two-point margin over city rivals Real Madrid. Simone’s club had the greatest defense in 2020/21 following this season.

If they maintain their current form, Atletico Madrid might win back-to-back La Liga crowns for the first time in nearly 60 years.

It would be fantastic if Real Madrid won their 35th league title now. Indeed, their dominance in the standings has altered the odds that they are now overwhelming favorites to win the league.

For the first time in a long time, the betting odds on who will score the most goals in La Liga will exclude Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Messi has joined Ligue 1 club PSG.

Messi earned the Golden Boot last season with 30 league goals for Barcelona.

Real Madrid’s Benzema finished second with 23 goals, while Villarreal’s Moreno finished third with ten. Suarez scored 21 goals for Atletico Madrid during the league season.

At the start of the new season, all four players were considered the most likely to score the most goals in the 2021/21 La Liga season.

It is already more than halfway through the season. Karim Benzema is the preseason favorite to lead the league in goals in 2022.

Nonetheless, the chances are currently stacked against him and other candidates.

If you were a bookmaker, it would be easy to predict which teams will finish first in La Liga in 2021/2022. Finally, there are only three viable options: Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, or Barcelona.

If forced to place a wager, we’d suggest Real Madrid will win La Liga next season.

We’re not ruling out Barcelona, even though they recently parted ways with their best player.

Atletico Madrid may be able to win their 12th title under this scenario. You never know what can happen in Laliga; always expect the unexpected.

Several teams might perform admirably but still fall short of the top three. In the meantime, grab your popcorn and enjoy the rest of the Spanish La Liga season of 2021/22.

According to most bookmakers, Sevilla is 7/1 to beat Real Madrid and win La Liga.

With victories over Atletico Madrid and Athletic Bilbao and a draw against Barcelona, they remain unblemished in La Liga thus far.

In addition to betting on the team to win Spain’s Primera Division outright, there are a variety of other markets to choose from.

Bets on the team to finish in first, second, or third place are available, as are betting on the squad to go unbeaten.

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Spain La Liga Outrights Faqs

When you request a payout, it allows 24 or 48 hours for processing. Payouts are regular, including on weekends. Individuals who have wagered could expect to receive their funds in their cryptocurrency wallets within one to two hours.
Fans of the Spanish La Liga can wager on various events. If you want to wager, you can do so on a single game’s outcome (win, lose, or draw) or on the league’s overall results.

Now that we’ve returned from the winter break, Real Madrid is nearly guaranteed to win La Liga. Some bookmakers are offering odds of as little as 1/12 on Los Blancos winning this season.

Carlo Ancelotti’s club is now sitting pretty atop the standings. However, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid are both suffering for consistency, while Sevilla and Real Betis lack the quality to challenge the crown.

Los Merengues currently lead Sevilla by four points and have lost only two of their 22 league games. They are anticipated to maintain their current pace through the season’s final four months.

Sevilla was a contender for the title last year, not for a short period. Julen Lopetegui’s team won the Europa League in 2020 and looked to maintain the form and consistency on the league’s side but fell on the final league stretch.

Real Madrid is the favorite to cinch the Laliga season. Athletico is out of the title race, while Barcelona has a slim chance of threatening the league leaders. Could they pull a surprise? Let’s wait and see.

Looking for the odds on a team to win the league is an outright bet.

This La Liga outright winner odds comparison enables BetUs to display the best odds for each team to win the league outright, allowing bettors to maximize their winnings. If you’re interested in one-on-one matches, there are also odds in your favor.

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