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UEFA Womens EURO Outrights

Wed, Jul 06, 2022 EST

Rot To Win Outright UEFA Womens EURO 2022 Moneyline
1 England Women     +450
2 France Women     +500
3 Netherlands Women     +500
4 Germany Women     +700
5 Sweden Women     +700
6 Spain Women     +300
7 Norway Women     +1400
8 Denmark Women     +2500
9 Italy Women     +2500
10 Switzerland Women     +5000
11 Austria Women     +5000
12 Iceland Women     +8000
14 Belguim Women     +10000
15 Northern Ireland Women     +20000
16 Finland Women     +20000
ll Wagers Have Action.

UEFA Women's EURO Outrights Odds & Lines


The history of women’s football in Europe has seen numerous significant shifts and twists: Early on, the female football competition was known as the “UEFA European Competition for Representative Women’s Teams” and was held in Europe.

A European Championship was established for women’s football in 1990, making the sport even more popular.

Only in 1991 and 1995 were European teams able to compete at a FIFA Women’s World Cup. In 1999, the women’s teams adopted the same group format as the men’s.

“European Competition for Representative Women’s Teams” was the original name of the competition. Three of the eight UEFA Women’s Championships took place in July and August.

It went like this, in 1969 and 1979, Italy hosted unofficial European competitions for national teams won by Italy and Denmark. Qualifying for European Women’s Football UEFA 1984 commenced in 1982.

Sweden won the Olympics in 1984. In 1987, Norway won the championship. Eight of the 10 UEFA Women’s Championships have been won by Germany, except for the 1993 tournament in Norway. In 2013, Germany won the World Cup for the sixth time.

The first round of competition was between four teams, but it was eventually reduced to three. The introduction of eight teams in the 1997 edition was a significant milestone.

During the third expansion in 2009, clubs from twelve different groups came together.

How UEFA Women’s EURO Outrights Works

48 UEFA member countries participate in the tournament, including the first-time participants from Cyprus and Kosovo in senior women’s football. England was automatically qualified. The remaining 47 teams will compete in a qualification tournament for the final 15 spots in the event.

A preliminary round was previously required for qualifying contests. A new qualifying group stage has been introduced. Firstly, the qualification tournament has two phases:

A three-game round-robin format is used in the first round. You gain three points if you win. A point is awarded if the teams draw; no points are awarded if the units are defeated.

There are quarterfinals, where the top two teams compete for the semifinal and final berths when they finish first. There will be a third-place playoff if no one makes it out of the semifinals. They’ll have to come up with a second-place finisher. Finals are determined by extra time and penalty shootouts, if necessary, on the soccer line.

Each group plays a round-robin series of home and away games. A final event will be held for the winners of their respective groups and the three best runners-up (excluding results against the sixth-place team). Second-place finishers are forced to compete in playoffs.

There is a two-legged playoff format in which the top three teams from each group will face off against each other.


The finals comprise the teams with the highest points. A win earns a team three points, a tie earns one end, and a loss earns zero points. There are three ways to break a tie in points in the


  • Head-to-head matchups between tied teams.
  • Head-to-head matchup goal difference.
  • Goals scored by either club in a head-to-head matchup.
  • It is applied again if more than two teams are tied and a subset of them are still tied after applying the criterion above. This subset is only reapplied when the requirements mentioned earlier are present.
  • There was a goal differential in every game in the group.
  • Goals were scored in all of the group games combined.
  • A penalty shootout will be used if only two teams have the same number of points and meet in the group’s final round. The penalty shootout will be used if the sides are still tied after applying all of the conditions mentioned earlier. The penalty shootout will not be used if more than two teams have the same number of points or if their rankings do not affect qualification for the next stage.
  • (A red card is worth three points, while a yellow card is worth one point.) The current ranking of UEFA’s coefficients following the most recent match.

BetUS Offer

You should use the terms “point betting” or “line betting” when placing a wager on the UEFA women’s EURO point spread. The goal difference favors one club over the other, as in the case of underdogs and favorites.

When placing a wager on the soccer odds, the favorite has to beat the handicap to win the bet. Overachievers have no room for error when it comes to achieving their goals.

You’re placing a wager on the game’s result using a Moneyline. The only thing you have to do now is choose the tournament’s winner.

UEFA Women’s Betting Strategy

When it comes to football, many nations will go all the way to the finals not to exit the competition early. Each match is examined to see if there are any opportunities for customers to obtain a better deal on the various soccer betting markets.

To get the best value out of Asian Handicap markets, you should look for a side that is underdogs and has a low house edge.

The European Championship in women’s football holds a lot of ways. Teams will strive to perform at their best in the most important matches every few years. Women’s Euro 2022 betting predictions on which sections will win each game are the most accurate and reliable.

Many bookies cover UEFA Women’s EURO Outrights odds which might vary widely from one bookmaker to the next so that we can point you in the direction of the best bets. The price of some games may go up, and there may be special offers on popular titles. In the final chapter, this is even more so.

Props Bets

In other words, prop bets are wagers made during a sporting event that has no bearing on the outcome.

Although these markets have long-term odds, they might vary during the buildup to an event because of team changes or injuries. These are just a few of the thrills if you bet on soccer.

Depending on how well each team does in the group rounds and how well they do in the knockout phases, drastic changes will occur during the competition.

When you place a bet, you agree to the terms of the wager. The better the odds, the sooner you place a wager on one of the favorites.

After the group stage and into the knockout round, the price of true title contenders rises significantly.

Although the odds aren’t as good, you can bet on a team to win its group or advance through the group stage.

Betting on individual games at each tournament level is also possible in various methods.

Important Teams To play.

England (hosts), Austria, Norway, Northern Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Netherlands (holders), Sweden, Switzerland, France, Italy, Belgium, Iceland.

HOW TO BET ON UEFA Women's EURO Outrights

The Euro Championships are the biggest football tournament in the world. Only the World Cup surpasses the Euro Championships in importance.

Some of Europe’s largest countries are participating in the competition. The United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, and Germany are among them.

Each group has two players who can move on after the groups have been drawn. Each game in the tournament has a significant impact on the outcome. As a result, the tension and suspense can build to dizzying proportions.

Until the start of Euro 2021, the outright market is the greatest option for bettors. If you want to get the greatest odds, you must place your bet before the event’s commencement. As more contestants are eliminated, your chances of winning improve.

Popular Markets

Match result/Moneyline markets are the most common places for a wager. There are three methods to win or lose in this type of market.

The odds may not be in your favor if one of the teams is superior to the other. You may be better off putting this bet in an Acca, though.

The over/under market is another term for this. Many things are up for grabs in this section. It allows you to wager whether the combined total of goals scored by the two sides in this match is greater than 2.5.

Betting on the event’s unique markets is an option for those who wish to try something new.

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UEFA Women's EURO Outrights Faqs

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It is possible to place UEFA Champions League bets on the tournament’s outcome or the result of an individual match. Outright reveals who is most likely to win and advance to the championship game.
With odds of 226.0*, Finland (W) appears to be the favorite right now.
Bettor’s winnings will be paid if their bet is successful after the competition ends or the event expected by the punter occurs when they place an outright betting on a club or a person.

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