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Soccer continues to be one of the most watched sports in the world, with millions of fans all over the world hoping to watch their favorite team or player show out on TV. International friendlies are yet another way fans can watch their favorite players and see what new players have joined their team.

Brief History

International Friendlies have been going on since 1872, with age-old rivals England and Scotland competing in the first that November. The first match drew 4,000 fans and since neither team scored a goal, the game ended in a draw.

Friendlies serve as a chance for teams to test their players and prepare for international competitions, and therefore are a little different than competitive matches. While many International Friendlies offer the opportunity for teams to develop chemistry and thus don’t put too much on the line deeming them “pointless” by some, some football federations have created leagues to foster a little competition.

In 2018, the UEFA launched the Nations League, meaning European teams could play one another in every FIFA window in a more competitive way. Portugal won the first competition in 2019. Similarly, CONCACAF introduced their own competition of international friendlies in 2019 after seeing the success of the UEFA model. The United States won the first CONCACAF Nations League in 2021.

Though not all international friendlies are of the same competitive nature, FIFA does use the results to help determine the World Rankings. However, an international friendly needs to be either a Tier 1 or international A match in order to affect the rankings.

As it is with most soccer events, fans can also bet on international friendlies, with various betting options given. At BetUS, fans can bet on the moneyline, handicap bets, draw no bets, prop bets and first-half bets. If you are just starting out in soccer betting, moneyline and first-half bets are the best options.

Moneylines are one of the most common types of betting in soccer, wherein the bettor decides what team will win the game. There are both two- and three-way moneyline betting, with three-way offering the option of the game ending in a draw at the end of regulation.

In first-half bets, bettors are deciding either what team will be up at halftime or if the game will be tied at that point. A first-half bet or halftime bet is pretty similar to a moneyline bet, except that it happens in the middle of the game.

How International Friendlies Odds Work

It’s relatively easy to understand soccer odds once you get used to reading them. The team that is favored will have a negative number while the underdog is given a positive number. In the case of a two-way moneyline, there’s only two options, however a bettor can bet the game will end in a tie if they choose three-way moneyline betting.

For instance, say the United States is playing Jamaica in an international friendly. If the USA were coming off some big wins and Jamaica was struggling recently, oddsmakers would have the United States favored to win the match. A three-way moneyline bet for a matchup like that may be the United States (-150), Jamaica (+175), Draw (+150).

If someone placed a $100 bet that Jamaica would win, they would win $175 if Jamaica came out victorious. However, if a bettor decided that the United States were going to win, in order to win $100, they would have to bet $150.

Most Important Teams

The top teams in international friendlies can switch up as teams win or lose throughout the year. While England and Scotland are the two oldest teams to partake in international friendlies, they currently rank fifth and 39th in the world respectively. Brazil is currently the number one team in the world as of the most recent rankings, followed by Belgium and France.

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There are a few ways fans can bet on international friendlies, including moneylines, prop bets and half-time bets.

As previously explained, moneyline bets are the most popular for international friendlies, and there are two types, the two-way and three-way, with the three-way also being the most popular.

Halftime bets are another popular bet for international friendlies and quite similar to the moneyline, the only difference being that the payout comes at halftime rather than at the end of regulation.

The other major type of bet people can place for friendlies are prop bets. From player props to game props, there are multiple types that give bettors the option to make money.

For game props, fans can place a bet on how many corner kicks will be made in a game, how many goals will be scored or who will score first. Player props deal more with individual performance, and bettors can wager on if a player will score or who will get the first yellow card.

While bettors should know what type of bet they want to place, knowing the game and the teams is also important to be able to win the bet and payout.

Fans should keep track of how a team has been playing recently, how certain teams have played against each other, and if injuries are causing a problem for a team.


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To wager on international friendlies, you’ll need a sportsbook where you can do so. As far as online casinos go, BetUS is a solid option. With a wide selection of odds, large bonuses, and an easy registration process.
Betting on soccer takes lots of knowledge and strategy for there to be a good payoff. While people may have their preferred method of betting, there are some ways to make your bet count.

Once again, bettors should follow the teams they plan on betting on and take into account their recent success or failure. If a team has momentum going their way, chances are they are a good bet.

Since international friendlies also showcase new talent, gamblers should take note of how they have been playing or if players are injured, as that makes a difference in how a team performs.

With the World Cup coming up, there are few international friendlies currently being played. However, betting on the favored team or a team with momentum is usually the best bet.
A parlay includes two or more bets, and while they are tougher to win, they yield a higher payout as well.

Bettors can make a parlay by choosing how multiple international friendlies will finish. They can also do a single-game parlay by betting things like the moneyline, over/under and a prop bet like betting both teams will or won’t score.

Since parlays are higher risk, knowledge such as recent team success and player injuries can be a big help.

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