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MLS Odds & Betting Lines


There was an agreement made in 1988 that led to FIFA awarding the United States the 1994 FIFA World Cup if they established a Division 1 Professional Soccer League (D1PSL).

The following year after its official formation in 1995, the MLS debuted all over the country. After the 1994 World Cup, Major League Soccer was eager to take advantage of the heightened interest in football.

In North America, before the establishment of the MLS, there were only two professional Division 1 football leagues.

The American Football Association (AFA) and the National American Soccer League (NASL) were the two leagues (NASL). The NASL was the most significant soccer league in the United States.

In the first season, there were ten American teams: the Tampa Bay Mutiny, Dallas Burn, Colorado Rapids; D.C. United; Columbus Crew; New York/New Jersey MetroStars; Los Angeles Galaxy; and San Jose Clash.

The first commissioner was Doug Logan. Alexi Lalas and Jorge Campos were two of the league’s most prominent players. ESPN and ABC Sports will broadcast 35 games and the MLS World Cup for three years.

On April 6, 1996, the league’s first season began with a D.C. and New York game. The Spartan Stadium in San Jose was then known as United’s Spartan Stadium.

First-year MLS teams D.C. United would win three of the first four MLS Cups.

Main Annual Events

Teams are divided into two conferences from March through October and play 34 regular-season games.

The playoffs are limited to the conference’s top six clubs. The Major League Soccer Cup is awarded to the team that wins the playoffs.

This year’s CONCACAF Champions League is open only to groups who excelled in domestic and regional competitions. Most weekend games occur; however, some are also held during the week.

How MLS Works

Each Major League Soccer team must adhere to the same roster and budget regulations.

This fact sets it apart from most other leagues in this regard. Each team makes its own choices in hiring and spending, although they must abide by the league’s standards.

To make choices concerning the league as a whole, the owners of each team gather together to discuss matters like the competitive structure, the roster, and the budget. They have the power to vote for changes to the league at any time in its history.

It is also possible for MLS teams to cut a player’s wage by using “allocation money” (generic or targeted allocation money).

There are strict guidelines for general allocation and targeted allocation funds and the amount of money each team receives each year. Additionally, the amount of money each team receives is governed by a set of rules.

Players from abroad, young internationals, and academy players can also construct a team.

These measures have been implemented to keep the competition level and ensure that each section has an equal chance of acquiring new players. Every year, college football players are selected in a national draft.

MLS does not have promotion and relegation like many other top leagues worldwide. Because the MLS is a closed league, the same teams participate every year, regardless of how well they fared the year before.

However, in the spirit of fair play, the teams that finish last in the multiple player drafts generally get the most fantastic picks.

MLS Finals

If you’ve ever wanted to see the best soccer teams in America, now is your chance. The men’s soccer league in the United States, Major League Soccer (MLS), is the best. You’ll love the MLS Cup Playoffs and enjoy your bet on soccer.

The final game is here. Each conference’s best six teams face off in a four-round matchup. One of the unique features of the league is that it has a playoff competition at the end of the regular season, unlike other soccer leagues.

This scenario occurs because the league is distinct from the rest. The league also awards the Supporters’ Shield to the team with the highest regular-season points.

The North American, Central American, and Caribbean CONCACAF leagues champions make up this group. The MLS Cup and the Supporters’ Shield winners both earn a chance to compete in the tournament.

BetUS Offer

BetUS provides a variety of betting options within Major League Soccer. They include Moneyline bets, Live bets, favorable soccer odds, and spread bets. Bonuses are also available.

Betting Strategy

While statistics and past results are significant, they are not the only elements to consider when formulating a prediction for an MLS game. Before you make a selection, consider a slew of other factors.

When one of the major players is ill or injured, it’s critical to keep tabs on how they’re doing. Players in Major League Soccer are incredibly vital, and if one gets suspended for the upcoming match, his club will lose.

It is more difficult for a club with the league’s most outstanding defense to keep a clean sheet if that player cannot play.

In addition, the best seven teams in the league compete in the playoffs at the end of the season. A squad with a strong desire to do so is a smart bet to qualify for the tournament. Other teams may rest their players, so they don’t get injured before key matches.

The under-goals chance is an excellent wager because playoff games are more likely to be close and score few goals.

Relegation in the MLS does not occur at the end of the season. The NFL is one of the few major professional football leagues that do not have this. Betting against the worst teams is a fantastic option because they don’t have to win the three points at the end of the season.

MLS Props Bets

There is another betting in Major League Soccer called proposition betting. You don’t worry as much about the overall result of the game in this situation.

To place a wager on a sporting event, you must bet on the outcome of a game or league. Prop bets on the following MLS events are among the most popular:

  • Man of the match.
  • The first-goal advantage.
  • More or less yellow cards given.
  • Who scored the most goals throughout a game.

Prop bets have better MLS odds than player-specific bets, so keep that in mind when placing your wagers. Over/Under, for example, is a common prop bet with even chances; other prop bets have inflated odds.

Important Teams To Play

  • Atlanta United Football Club.
  • FC Austin. C.F. Montreal.
  • Charlotte Football Club.
  • Fire in Chicago.
  • Rapids de Colorado.
  • SC Columbus Crew.
  • Washington, D.C. United.


Putting money down on a team in Major League Soccer is no different than putting money down on any other sport.

Bookmakers set the odds, which indicate how probable you will win the bet. Before placing a wager on a Major League Soccer match, you should familiarize yourself with how the odds work at various gambling sites.

American odds, fractional odds, and decimal odds are the most common methods in which sportsbooks display odds. Due to the popularity of American odds in the United States and Canada, this article will focus on how they function.

The odds for favored teams have a minus sign (-) before them, and the odds for underdogs have a plus sign (+) before them.

It’s common for bookmakers to allow soccer betting on multiple events at once, which is termed a parlay bet. Because parlays contain a multiplier, your odds of winning are greatly increased. Keep in mind that if you lose one of your bets, everything you’ve won is gone.

If you want to place a wager on a sporting event, you have a wide array of options. As you can see, this includes both traditional markets and “proposition markets,” which deal with the likelihood of a game going well.

Odds and profit margins can be greatly influenced by betting markets.

MLS Point Spread Bets

The oddsmakers give the underdog an edge and disadvantage the favorite before the commencement of the match.

The margin of victory in the National Football League is notoriously large. MLS spreads are often quite small compared to NFL spreads, which tend to be much larger.

Toronto would have to score two or more goals to pay off the bet placed on their team’s performance. Seattle would be unable to make up the difference if they fell behind by more than one goal.

On many of our sites, you’ll see “ATS.” It means that you put bets against fixed odds and came out on top.

The ” spread ” is a number used by bookmakers in Major League Soccer betting to provide soccer bettors more alternatives than merely betting on their team’s win or loss is known as the “spread.”

Betting On Over/Under

Major League Soccer’s over/under betting soccer lines is what most sportsbooks provide. In this case, you bet on whether or not the total number of goals scored by both teams in a game will be less than or greater than a number provided by the gambling service.

Both clubs can score as little as 3.5 goals in an MLS game or as many as 3.5 goals.
A score of 4-3 would result in a higher overall score. The sum will be lower if the score is 1-1.

Money Line Bets

This method is a popular technique to wager on Major League Soccer games at online sportsbooks because of the ease you can do it.

The three-way Moneyline allows you to wager on the match’s outcome, whether it ends in a win or a draw. It’s possible to see the New England Revolution and Philadelphia Union face a battle in the Eastern Conference of MLS.

You can bet on which team will win or if the game will end in a draw. The American betting style discussed before is the same as Moneyline betting.

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USA MLS Frequently Asked Questions

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Odds that begin with a negative sign indicate that a soccer team has the best chance of winning (-). The underdog is the one whose odds start with a plus symbol (+). There are no exceptions to this rule, which applies to all sportsbooks.

To include the Los Angeles FC on the list is logical, given their season in 2021 was one of the best in a long time. They also competed in the CONCACAF Champions League with Seattle Sounders in 2022, where they were eliminated.

Even though you don’t have to wager $100 to win, the American odds are dependent on whether you win or lose $100 on a particular wager. It fluctuates depending on the size of your bet.

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Rolling If Bets are:
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