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If you’ve ever heard anybody say that football is one of the easiest sports to understand, then they were probably lying to you, or they were Bill Belichick, but given that the chances of actually running into Bill Belichick and having a long, structured talk about how football works, for example how NFL scores function are slim and none. But, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a learning opportunity here, because low and behold, we’re here to give you a general explanation and overview of how scoring in football works.

First of all, there are some basic concepts any and all football fans should grasp when trying to understand how NFL football scores work. Let’s start off with the easiest and most known scoring method. First there’s the touchdown, which is the most amount of points any team can obtain at any given moment after scoring. A touchdown is six points, that can then be followed by either a field goal which equals one extra point or a 2-point conversion, in which the team plays the equivalent of one more down from the goal line where in order to score, the ball must pass the goal line as if the team was trying to score a touchdown once again. With touchdowns and two-point conversions the ball can be passed or carried into the end zone. When it’s a one-point field goal, the ball needs to be kicked and it has to go through the goal, between the upright pillars and across the crossbar.

If a team cannot manage to score a touchdown but still wants to try to get some points on board and they are in field goal range on the field, that’s when a three-point field goal can be executed. The dynamics of it resemble the one-point conversion kick, with the only differences being the amount of points awarded and the distance from the goal in which it can be kicked.

Last but not least, there’s a safety. This is a kind of score that is not usually seen as much in the game, but it still manages to happen from time to time. This kind of score happens when either the ball becomes dead in the offensive team’s end zone, or the ball carrier, be it the quarterback, running back, wide receiver or anybody carrying the ball gets either tackled or thrown out of bounds within their own end zone. When that happens, the defending team is awarded two points.

Now, we get it, understanding football, especially when you want to succeed with your NFL betting purposes can be tough, but at least now hopefully you as a fan can have a better understanding about how NFL scores work.

NFL Scores Frequently Asked Questions

What are the NFL Scores Today?

If you’re an avid football connoisseur that loves to be all over the best NFL game scores, we have got you covered. Just hop on over to NFL Scores and check out all of the latest scores, reports and trends going around in the league to further sharpen your NFL betting ventures.

What is the Most Points Scored in an NFL Game?

While one would think that today’s football is one that’s more driven towards offense-friendly schemes and strategies, making for NFL scores to go through the roof, given the advancement in the evolution of the sport, nowadays it’s harder to come by as many picture worthy high-scoring game than back in the sixties or seventies.

For example, to find out which game has had the most points scored ever in the NFL we have to travel all the way back to November 27th, 1966 when the old Washington Redskins, now called the Washington Commanders seriously outscored the New York Giants by a total score of 72-41, amounting to a total of 113 total points scored between both teams.

Most recently two other games stand out, one being a Bengals vs. Browns affair in 2004 that saw the Bengals beat the Browns by a score of 58-48, combining for 106 points in total. Then in 2018, in a game that can easily be considered one of the best games ever played, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs outscored Jared Goff and the LA Rams 54-51, combining for a total of 105 points.

What’s the Average Score of an NFL Game?

Trying to calculate and come up with an average of how many points are scored in average per team and in each game in the NFL can be somewhat of a gargantuan task, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible though.

According to reports and calculations, the average score in an NFL game is about 48.5 points per affair. Now that of course doesn’t mean by any chance that in every single game the score will always tally around there, but on average that’s what football fans can expect each game. Also, it has been noted that on average each team scores around 22 to 23 points per game. Meaning that NFL scores usually live up to the hype of what fans are looking for, thrilling and continuous action on both ends of the field.

What NFL Games are on Today?

Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all the games and the action going on, especially when fans wish to have live NFL game scores right at their reach, which is why we’re here to help. If you want to keep up with all of the games going on and all of the NFL scores today make your way to our Today NFL Scores section and there you will find up to date scores, news and everything else you might want to have in hand for your football viewing pleasure.

What was the Last Super Bowl Score?

Last season’s Super Bowl, Super Bowl LVI, which had the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals battling it out for NFL supremacy ended up having the Rams barely edge out the Bengals by a score of 23-20. With amazing performances from both offenses, as Joe Burrow led the Bengals and seasoned veteran Matthew Stafford did the same with the Rams, it was Los Angeles at the end who were able to edge out Cincinnati in one of the more entertaining Super Bowls in recent times.

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