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The College Football Show Picks & Analysis

The College Football show is live Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 1:00 PM ET! We’re bringing you the best insights and game previews for the 2023/2024 season, delivered by our expert panel of Gary Segars, Kyle Hunter, and Parker Fleming. With our crew analyzing every matchup, you’ll have a distinct advantage in your betting strategy. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the game!

Join BetUS as we dive deep into each week of NCAAF action on our exclusive College Football Picks and Predictions Show. College Football season is almost here!

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Kyle Hunter has been betting on sports for more than 15 years, and he has been professionally handicapping sports since 2010. Kyle majored in finance/investing and got his start in the stock market. After deciding to turn his passion for sports into another way to find an edge when investing, this became a full-time gig.

Kyle has racked up a lot of honors in the past 11.5 years. Flat unit $500 per game bettors are up $98,100 betting all of his games since 2010. Totals are Kyle’s single biggest specialty, especially when it comes to college football. Since 2010, in a sample size of over 1,000 bets, Kyle’s college football totals have hit 57%.

Kyle has a passion for helping other bettors gain knowledge of the sports betting markets and make wise investments. Knowledge is power in this industry and Kyle is always learning and sharing that knowledge with others.

College Football aficionado, former Prosevere lead singer, husband, father, and owner & host of WinningCuresEverything.com.

Gary started blogging about CFB in 2005 by creating MemphisTider.com, amassed a massive 3M pageviews on the site in less than 2 years and continued building a following until beginning WCE in 2012.

A diehard SEC football fan, and a CFB gambler for nearly 2 decades, Gary has infiltrated his way into the College Football universe with his witty humor, analogies, and an ability to remember game and team specifics, and understanding analytics, while not allowing emotion to sway his opinions or picks.

After 15 years of touring, he began his own sports podcast with a childhood friend, which has led him to multiple hosting opportunities, advertisements, appearances on national radio, and now, hosting the BetUS College Football Show.

Parker Fleming is an economist moonlighting as a football analyst. He is the creator of cfb-graphs.com, a website for college football advanced stats, graphics, and analysis, where he hosts Expected Points Added (EPA) figures and more for all FBS teams.

His football research focuses on identifying the persistent game-to-game factors that matter for future success and uses advanced stats to challenge ideas and evaluations based on traditional stats. He is a TCU fan, and his newsletter and podcast about TCU and the Big 12 can be found at purpletheory.substack.com. Additionally, he is a contributor for Football Outsiders, writing a weekly advanced stats recap.