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Premier League Picks Matchday 3 | Premier League Odds, Soccer Predictions & Free Tips



Welcome to the BetUS Soccer Channel. I’m Flash. It’s the Premier League show. It’s matchday three, and we’ve got off to an absolute flying start.

We found the teams that cannot score. We found the teams that cannot win. Also, we’ve managed to dodge them teams that are in between. First of all, we’re America’s favorite sportsbook. I’d like you to subscribe and ring the bell, which means we’ll notify you and you’ll never miss any content again.

I’ve got great news if you like your Soccer odds, your props, your parlays, because if you type in betustv.com/odds, they tell me that next week you can actually do a prop builder for the very first time. We are increasing and giving you a little bit more each week.

If you’re in the chat, then please make sure that you do comment and thumbs up, but also give us your recommendations. We’re going to have records and we’ll have a Q&A, because we’re going to cover the six games. Then that means there’s going to be a few games left over for you to have your say.

My two experts, who have also got off to a good start this year, is the award-winning owner of We Love Betting in Mark O’Haire. Evening, afternoon, or morning to you, Mark. Alongside him is the perennial holidaymaker, always on vacation, doesn’t have an address. Congratulations from everyone at BetUS, because newly married as well. Mr. Brad Thomas.

Brad Thomas:

Yes. Thank you. I appreciate it.


What are you enjoy more? The holidays, or married life?

Brad Thomas:

Married life, for now. We’re in that honeymoon phase where pretty much everything’s smooth sailing.


Look at Mark O’Haire. He’s like, “You don’t know.” That honeymoon period. How long have you been together?

Brad Thomas:

We’ve been together for about three or four years, but I definitely actively tried to date her for a year to two years. When you’re putting in that hard work, I consider that dating.


See, the thing is, I’m quite a good judge of character. I think you’re always a half full type of guy anyway. You must be really easy to live with, unlike moi.

Mark O’Haire, let’s get off the positives and let’s look at a little negative, unless we are on the right side of them. Who’s disappointed you so far this season?

Mark O’Haire:

God, there’s a couple. Fulham would probably fall into that category, but not massively surprised. I’m not going to choose for them.

I’ll go and choose Manchester United, actually, because, the second half against Tottenham … Sure, they were very good in the first half and deserved to get something out of that game based on the quality of opportunities they created, but the second half was incredibly concerning.

I think the performance against Wolves is also massively alarming, really. It all stems, really, I think, from the midfield makeup, and ten Hag trying to pigeonhole or trying to fashion a position for Mason Mount. It just creates too much work, then, for Casemiro to try and clean up the mess in midfield. Bruno was obviously always going to want to play further forward, but when you’ve got two wingers and a striker as well in that team, you do need a bit of dog.

I don’t think United ever had it, because Mason Mount also wants to play further forward than where he is. He just looks a little bit lost at the minute, and fortunately or unfortunately for him, he’s now injured for a few weeks. We should see Christian Eriksen slot back in into the midfield, which did look beautifully balanced, I thought at times, last season for United. I’m expecting a more composed performance from them this weekend when they host Nottingham Forest. I do expect improvements.

In terms of disappointment, I thought people were sleeping on United a little bit, coming into the season. Because, considering where they were 12 months ago to how they finished it with a trophy, a top four finish, and then also another cup final appearance as well, I thought there was reason for them to kick on a little bit. I’ve been quite underwhelmed by their start, by that first 45 minutes.


I just didn’t know how Mason Mount was actually going to fit into that Man United side. He wants to go forward. He’s not going to track. The legs. Legs in the middle of the park.

You’ve seen all of these teams, like obviously Bissouma, Casadei. You’ve got Mac Allister. They’re all players in the middle of the park that go from box to box. How are Man United, admittedly one of the biggest teams in the world, gone and bought Mason Mount when he only goes one way?

Brad, there’s so many praises and grumbles. Can you give me a little bit of positivity, because obviously you’re always more than half full?

Brad Thomas:

I’d say the team that impressed me the most … Definitely Brighton. When I started the season, I know that I had them a little bit too low in my power rankings, but I’ve moved them up to the fourth-best team because I had to drop Manchester United down.

Everything that we’ve seen from Brighton, even though you could consider them lucky to get the result that they have these big massive score lines, but they haven’t missed a beat. They’re scoring goals, they’re playing on the front foot.

What I really wanted to see was, could they continue to play this style of football under De Zerbi and not concede, and that’s precisely what they’ve been doing. They haven’t been conceding multiple goals in two games. If they continue to score, continue to play on the front foot, they should find themselves in a favorable position on the table at the end of the season.


Yeah. Is that your dog, is it, Brad? You got a dog?

Brad Thomas:

It is. It sounds like someone is in the house. Sorry about that.


Don’t worry. It’s no problem. No, I love it. I love the way he’s trying to interrupt you to get a little say in. Listen, if it had gone badly, I’d have had him in the seat instead of you. But seeing as it’s gone well, then I’m happy for you to stay.

Let’s have a little look at the records for the first two weeks. Oh, no. Listen, just tell him he can have his chance at some stage this year.

At 6.56 units in the first two weeks of the season. Very good, gentlemen. Really pleased with that. That means that most people in the chat have probably got their pockets stacked as well.

There’s one I’ve got to quickly jump all over, though, because Ali Kahn says, “Villa to beat Burnley is a banker.” Beware of that one. Beware. Let’s bring that back up when we do the Q&A, please, Ali. Make sure you stay with us and bring that back up, because there’s plenty reasons why choosing a side in that game is highly, highly dangerous.

Let’s kick on and put some plenty meat on the bone with our first game. It’s Bournemouth versus Spurs. Bournemouth looked quite good in defeat last week at Anfield, and they’re at +260 hosting Spurs at -105. If you’re a Spurs believer, then the -105 is going to look attractive. Spurs on the road against the side who look very, very strong, going forward.

The draw is at +290, which I believe could well be a runner, but the under or over, there’s no two and a halfs anymore when Bournemouth and Spurs are involved. It starts at three, with basically over three at -105. I’m going to start with you, Mark O’Haire, because Bournemouth, a +152, just scored twice. Has this got a little 2-2 wrote all over it?

Mark O’Haire:

Yeah, I think so. I think there’s going to be lots of goals, lots of entertainment in the mismatched. We’ve got two coaches who like to play on the front foot, are quite progressive in the managerial acumen for Bournemouth.

I do expect them to be really good fun this season. I don’t think we saw the best of what Iraola is going to try and do with that team against West Ham. We definitely did see it in the first half at Anfield against Liverpool, where they pressed really aggressively with real intensity, and put Liverpool under loads of pressure, got that one goal lead, could have doubled it as well. I think there’s a lot of positives to take from that match, despite losing it and conceding a few chances themselves. It’s chalk and cheese, really, compared to the West Ham effort, and I think they’ll continue to get better by the week.

The issue I have with Bournemouth, as always, is actually the concession of chances they’re giving away. Last year they faced the most shots in the Premier League by quite a distance. This season, they’re already top of that metric, having faced 42 shots.

I think Tyler Adams is a really smart pickup. I think he may be able to stem that bleeding in a few weeks time, but for now I’m not too hopeful that they can keep Tottenham out, Spurs who have this massive feel-good factor around the place after the first couple of weeks.

Ange Postecoglou getting loads of praise and support from the Spurs fans. That’s him. That’s his kind of character. He garners that kind of support wherever he goes, really. I’ve been so impressed with what he’s done. What he’s done with that squad, really, taken players discarded by previous regimes and turn them into beaters.

We’ve seen that with Bissouma, who’s got two Man of the Match awards in succession now. We saw Sarr come into the team last week and have a real presence. Even Cristian Romero, who’s kind of a headless chicken at the best of times, has looked to play with a bit more maturity.

I think that’s stemmed from Postecoglou having a word with him, giving him a leadership role within the group, and giving him responsibility. We’ll see how long that lasts, but for now it looks positive.

The negatives for Spurs, similar to Bournemouth, really, just giving up too many opportunities. I think both Brentford and Manchester United scored … Sorry, Brentford scored twice, Man United didn’t score, but both of them generated well over two expected goals in those fixtures, and had chances and opportunities to break that Spurs back line.

I like the direction of travel of both teams. I think both will improve from here, but I also think there’s a few jitters about either team, too, which probably need to be examined before we start getting involved in their matches.

I wouldn’t touch Tottenham at minus money away from home, even against Bournemouth. Instead, I think the easy solution here is to support goals. I’ve gone for over two and a half in BTTS at -120. Bournemouth’s openers have seen 20 shots in the box already, 3.4 xG on average.

Tottenham’s openers have averaged 25 shots in the box, and 3.65 xG BTTS in three of the four games. It really should have landed in the Spurs’s match with Manchester United, as well. I expect both to score, and now I’m looking for a third goal to get paid out, which I think should come. I don’t really care who gets it. Goals all the way for me.


Everyone seems to be on the same page. It’s Jonathan Nelson, “Both teams to score and over.” Then we’ve got Spurs moneyline, and both teams to score. Franklin says, “I’m late.” You’re always late, Franklin, but, there again, you could be early, because we’ve got Serie and LaLiga coming up today as well.

Goran says, “I think there’ll be four goals.” Pony picks, which is Mitch, says, “3-1, 3-0.” Seems like everyone wants to be goals, but is there anyone brave enough to actually go with the away side? Brad?

Brad Thomas:

No, I’m not brave enough to go with Bournemouth. That’s not a knock on them, a slight on them in the slightest. I actually took Tottenham at the -105 price because it was close enough to even money for me, and I took both teams to score on over two and a half goals. I tend not to double up on plays in the same game, but this one just felt like a perfect opportunity to cash both.

When we talk about Bournemouth, everything that we’ve seen from them in these first two matches and in their friendly openers has been positive. It’s been forward-thinking. They’ve been pressing really well.

What I’ve been having a hard time putting my finger on is what’s missing to find that second goal. They haven’t quite turned that hump where … You know you’re going to get one out of this Bournemouth team. You’re going to get one at some point in the 90, but do you know if you’re going to get that second?

It could come against Tottenham, right? If it comes against Tottenham and they get two, I don’t think they’re talented enough defensively to keep Tottenham out, so there’s our both teams to score.

But, on the other side of the pitch, we have Tottenham, a team who’s been playing absolutely great, going into Bournemouth’s side, who love to give up high quality shots but also give up shots on the counter, which has been eating them alive this season. Tottenham is going to do that so very well.

If we look at the pricing in this match as well, it suggests the Tottenham favor here with their team total over one and a half being close to -130, -135, depending on what time you look at this line. I am seeing about a 3-1, 3-2 victory for Tottenham. But, again, it’s only at the price that I’m paying that, and how much I value this Tottenham side on the road.

Last season, that was something that I could not do. I would need at least a +115. I think, as we grow through the season and this Tottenham team grows with confidence, we’ll be able to start betting them a little bit more.

Their biggest problem last season under Conte was, when they would score a goal on the road, you know exactly what was going to happen. They were holding on for dear life, begging not to concede. Now I think they’re going to continue to be the aggressors, but I still don’t trust them defensively to where I think they’re going to win this game in a shutout, especially on the road. I’m taking both teams to score in over two and a half.

Tottenham moneyline’s great too. If you want to get brave and you want to go for the bigger price, Tottenham to win and both teams to score. But I just think that, if this happens to be a 2-2 draw, you’re going to end up being sour that you just didn’t take both teams to score in over two and a half goals.


Yeah. Absolutely. Everyone thinks that this is going to be one of them games where it’s going to be end to end. Tottenham won an expensive game. They want to spread it out. When they played against Brentford, it was from box to box. Bournemouth, it was box to box at Anfield.

But, at home, I’m just wondering … It’s like that visual thing that’s cheating on you. You think it’s a lot tighter than it really is. I expect this game to be end to end. I wouldn’t like to pick the winner, to be honest, because I could see Bournemouth, I could see the draw, and I could see the away win as well. That’s why I had to leave it alone.

There was someone, though. Rick. Rick’s gone crazy. He’s gone Tottenham to win in a parlay. Good luck with that one. You’ll be going on holiday, and if you go on holiday with your winnings, I’m sure you’ll see Mr. Brad Thomas, because he loves a holiday.

Let’s have a little look at the official picks, please. We’ve got both teams scoring over two and a half at -120 for both Brad and for Mark O’Haire, and we’ve gone Tottenham moneyline also, double dipped at -105 for Brad. Three units on that game that’s home. You bring home the bacon, boys.

Okay. Let’s go to game number two. It’s Arsenal versus Fulham. Arsenal’s only one of a few teams that have gone six out of six on the points front. -435, Fulham at +1000. Fulham look in all sorts of trouble, by the way, picking up suspensions to their center backs, picking up injuries, losing their top goalscorer from last year. The draw is at +575.

We have to have a little look, now. Fulham not to score is -115, which I believe is a runner. Over two and a half goals for Arsenal at -115. Do Arsenal score three here? That’s where I would start, Brad. Arsenal’s three. Fulham, you don’t care if you just do the team total, at -115.

Brad Thomas:

Yeah. I think Arsenal’s score three here. Listen, Fulham’s in a tough spot. You can feel the free fall from this team. The fact that they conceded a ton at home and couldn’t get a single quality look in that match absolutely terrifies me.

Because what I think’s going to happen … Arsenal struggled at the back of the net last week. What I think is going to happen is I see an early goal for Arsenal. If you’re someone who’s interested in first half bets, I would bet Arsenal first half.

Then Fulham are going to have to open up. We know that Tim Ream’s going to be out of this game due to the red card suspension, and they’re going to concede goals upon goals. When I was looking for a team to actively fade this week, it was Fulham.

It started with the beginning of their last match. From the opening kick to the last whistle, there was not one moment of positivity that I took and said, “Tottenham will be able to keep up with Arsenal.” But my tune changed. I said it could be a 3-1 victory for Arsenal. As we’re watching the match, I’m just progressively asking myself, “How are Fulham going to score goals this season? They’re not creating enough” …

One metric I like to look at is shot-creating actions and goal-creating actions. They’re absolutely dreadful, and then they’re going against an Arsenal team who is one of the best at keeping opponents out of the final third. If you can’t bring the ball into the attacking third, how do you think you’re going to score goals? From distance? That just doesn’t happen frequent enough.

I’m going to be on Arsenal, -2. Actually, before the line was set, I set my fair price at -2, -110, and now -2 is at +110. I was gladly taking that.

I just think there’s so many quality players. I could go through the list of how well Arsenal have looked, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Like that goal they gave against Forest. I’m not really too worried about that. I just don’t see Fulham scoring here, and they’re going to progressively slide.

One thing I will say before I pass this back over is … It’s a good year to be a bad team in the Premier League, because when you have teams like Luton and Sheffield United already muddying up the waters in the bottom three, Fulham could be terrible this year and still stay up.


I just don’t know how, though. I just don’t know how.

Brad Thomas:

Yeah. It’s going to be tough.


Especially, going to Arsenal … Sorry?

Brad Thomas:

I said it’s going to be tough for Fulham to stay up. But this is the year they want to be bad, because there’s a lot of bad teams in the community.


There could be six of them, and as long as we keep fading, then and that will be great.

Okay. I looked at this game in-depthly. Fulham, very, very poor down their own left-hand side. Arsenal, extremely strong down there. I think Saka, anytime goalscorer, is going to be able to cut in. Tom Robinson at left back … Honestly, he would not find Saka with a map or a compass.

Arsenal score three goals, -115. Do not complicate it, Mark O’Haire, and even add a couple on if you want. Arsenal five. We got it right last week when Villa ripped Everton apart. Now I think Arsenal rip Fulham apart.

Mark O’Haire:

Yeah. Another vote for Arsenal here. Obviously I’ve taken the alternative route back in the handicap there, at minus one and three quarters. A little bit more pragmatic, compared to Brad’s.

It just means, if Arsenal win by exactly two, I get a half stakes win there. If Fulham win by three, I get paid out in full at -122. That appeals to me.

Fulham … I kind of put the boot in last week. I kind of wasn’t surprised, but then I was surprised quite how bad they were against Brentford at home. The 3-0 defeat looks bad, but when you look at the actual game in itself, the highlights and the numbers, it’s really bad. They conceded over three non-penalty expected goals, 17 shots, but 15 of those 17 shots were inside the penalty area. Eight shots on target conceded. You can’t do that at Premier League level and expect to survive.

We spoke last week about them being the data defiers last season and riding the lucky train a bit. They outscored their xG by more than 10, and conceded 10 goals fewer than their xG against figure suggested. That’s a 20-goal swing. I thought they were very fortunate against Everton on week one.

They’ve now definitely lost Mitrovic, and I think he was the difference maker. He wasn’t just a goalscorer, either. He was a real presence and a bit of a mood around the place. When he was available, Fulham felt like a different beast, especially at the cottage. Now they lose a large part of their identity without him, and I do worry about them, really, going over old lines, here.

But, when you got a center forward like Raul Jimenez leading the line now, he’s got six goals in his last 55 Premier League appearances. I know the injuries had a massive effect there, but even still, it doesn’t fill you with confidence. Joao Palhinha coming back from injuries is a big plus, but he can’t do it on his own.

Outside of the obvious, it looks like a very bang average team. I don’t think Arsenal have set the pulses racing just yet, but I think we’ve talked in the past, at least on the last year’s show, relentlessly about how good Arsenal are at home when facing bottom half teams. When Arsenal host teams in the Premier League, when they’re rated as minus money favorites, their record is ridiculous, really.

If you look at just last season in terms of results, they went 9-11 at home to bottom half teams, 9 wins from 11. They scored three goals or more in every game, and they won eight of those matches by two goals or more.

I’m going to back Arsenal minus one and three quarters. It just covers me on the 2-0, 3-1, et cetera. I still get a half-stakes win if that’s the case. I fully expect Arsenal to score at least twice, obviously, and Fulham … I’ve just got a big question mark over the name right now.


Listen, I just don’t see Fulham getting out. Please, find that ruthless side of yourself, because I do not worry about you feeling sorry for teams with 36 games to go. That means we’ve got 36 games to fade them, and I will be fading them. No goals, no passes, no chances, and the other team doing as they like.

Listen, let’s have a little look at the official picks, because I went deep into this game and I could have had seven different picks. It’s Arsenal -1.75 at -122 for the award winner. For the man that’s always half full, we’ve got Arsenal -2 at +110. For me, I’m not complicating it. Arsenal score three here, Arsenal team total over two and a half at -115. Okay. We’re really positive about that game.

Let’s go on to game number three. Okay. You have to rub the dust off of this book cover and see what’s inside and not what’s on top, because Everton at +130, favorites at home against anybody is wrong.

Wolves at +210. Back-to-back defeats, and yet they’ve been a little bit better than having no points after two games. The draw could well be a runner at +235. Wolves’ score is -240. That tells you they score, but the under or over is set at 2.25 with the over being -118.

Mark O’Haire, Everton versus Wolves. Everton got put to the sword against Villa. Yes, they had a couple of injuries, but you can’t go down like a damp squid. Then, Wolves. Wolves got battered at home, and yet missed chance, after chance, after chance when it was 1-1.

Mark O’Haire:

Yeah. This is almost a relegation six pointer already, and we’re only in August, really. Everton have hurt my head a little bit. I’ve started August thinking that there could be a strong bet for relegation, but by mid-August I was thinking, actually, there’s a nucleus and a spine there that might be competitive enough to steer clear.

Still going to be bottom half cross, but maybe they’ve got enough in that spine. So much of that relies on Calvert-Lewin and his fitness, and he hasn’t played 90 minutes for so long. To see him go off with that injury against Aston Villa was a hammer blow. I’m not sure on his availability. They reckon he wasn’t concussed, so suggest that he might be available.

With or without him, they just looked completely ineffective, and beaten before the first whistle, which is unlike a Sean Dyche team. The way in which they unraveled … They were so poor.

Danjuma was lively enough off the bench, but Keane, Pickford, key players in that spine, made massive errors. You’ve got a 38-year-old left back doing similar. Just a bit of a shambles, really. They’re now pointless and Goalless. the pressure is on.

I wouldn’t touch them. The market’s saying these two teams are basically rated the same. I kind of give Wolves the edge, really, just because they’ve shown much more in the first two fixtures. Impressed at old Trafford, like we all were. Deserve something out of that game.

Then the Brighton match … It looked a lot worse than it really was, because, if you look at the actual metrics, the shot count was 16-16. The shots in the box count was 11-12. The xG was almost exactly the same.

Wolves were just very loose and conceited just after halftime, and naive in terms of getting caught on the counterattack as well. The big issue they have is upfront. They start Fabio Silva, the guy who’s got four goals in 56 Premier League games. I like Matheus Cunha, but he’s not a central striker. They’re in dire need of a finisher.

They’ve had 39 shots this season. Only Brighton have had more. Brighton have scored eight goals. Wolves have just won, and that came as a bit of a … In that defeat. They’ve lost Matheus Nunes now to that stupid red card, Ruben Neves, the danger man from dead ball situations sold in the summer.

It’s looking pretty tough, though. If I was getting involved in this game, I’d be quite happy to oppose goals. I think, under two and a half goals, you can get around -125, which is probably fair enough, really.

Because the key question I have, in terms of if you’re going to back goals in this game … If you’re going to go over two and a half goals, which team is going to score two goals or more?


You cannot do that. You cannot.

Brad Thomas:


Mark O’Haire:

Because if you look at Everton and Wolves, combine their home and away records from last season, only three times in 40 fixtures have either of these two teams scored two goals or more. That’s in their home and away games combined, which is astonishingly bad, unbelievably bad. If you can’t see either team scoring multiple goals, you have to go under.


Without a doubt. I’ll tell you what, let’s go from matchday one, Everton versus Fulham. Fulham came away, kept a clean sheet. I went with the +0.25.

Wolves, you can do the same at 118. Wolves, +0.25. That’s better than double chance. It’s like, “Come on, now.” Wolves, for me, have to be the favorites in this game, and you’re getting +210.

Do I think they win the game? I’m not that brave enough, Brad, but I definitely think that they could potentially be a lot better than the home side.

Brad Thomas:

When I was doing my handicap for this match, I almost got a little brave and a little crazy. I was going to take under one and a half goals, I think it was at +200 at the time, because of the lack of finishing quality.

What worries me a little bit about this match is, when you watch Wolves, you can tell that they want to be a better team than they were last season, but they just lack that discipline of being in the right spot. Kind of play a little chaotic, which I don’t want when I’m backing it under that steep. I don’t want any kind of chaos. I want a team who plays their position, they get back in position when out of position, but Wolves don’t really do that.

Then what’s okay with it is … I think they struggle with defining what Cunha’s role is. When you watch them play … I was on his shot props last week. The week before that, I think he took five shots in that game last week. I think he took one. He was getting in great shot-creating opportunities, but he was flirting with that line of, “Do they want me to be more of a facilitating role, or do they want me to be the guy who’s attacking and trying to shoot and score goals?”

When you don’t have that clear goal-scoring threat, tends to happen to a lot of players on your pitch, which makes you want to lean under in a game like this. Where I think both teams are pretty similar in that, where they don’t have prolific goalscorers. They don’t have clear, set goalscorers, and that helps you.

I would probably agree with the handicap here of Wolves, though. That Everton match … God. They were awful. I think we all knew it. I think that was the biggest layup that any one of us [inaudible]-


It was beautiful viewing.

Brad Thomas:

It was like … When we bet that, I think the collectives who bet Aston Villa in that match, when they’re betting against Everton, didn’t even worry. I was on Villa moneyline and over five and a half corners, both hit by halftime, because Everton just laid down and let the Villa train run them over.

I think that if Wolves can just find some semblance of organization in their midfield or in transition, it’s going to be tough for Everton. I agree with the handicap, where you’re getting +0.25 for Wolves. I just don’t want to bet it. I have a hard time laying juice for teams to actually get a result when I don’t rate them as highly as, probably, others.


I think Everton are only going to do okay in particular games where teams go from back to front and make it a dogfight, because the two boys in midfield … They don’t get in the oppositions box. They don’t actually protect very well, neither, because Villa got in between the lines.

Wolves almost can play with that force nine and keep interchanging, and they’re going to find spaces in between. Then the two sleeping policemen at the back for Everton, they don’t know whether to come out, because, if they come out, they’re going to have runners in behind.

The big thing with Wolves is they like to get down the sides, and pull balls and put them in that six yards. If it was cricket, which a lot of you probably won’t know what cricket is, but … It’s in that corridor of uncertainty.

Let’s have a little look at official picks here, because I’ve gone quite bold here. I’ve gone with first half Wolves, draw, no bet, at +110. I think the worst case scenario is it’s 0-0, or maybe 1-1. I can definitely see Everton 0, Wolves 1 at halftime at +110.

That puts a pin in your blue, Mitch, because Mitch was going, “Banker is draw halftime.” If you happen to go with it, I’m happy to have a push, but I think that I’d rather be with Wolves.

Let’s move on to game number four. Brighton at home to West Ham, Brighton at -190, West Ham at +440. You’ve got to, again, look at these goals. It’s almost like Bundesliga. Over 3.25 is +105 West Ham, and -210 to score. Brighton are +150 to score three.

Let’s have a little look at … See what happened last week. Brighton scored four. Okay, but if you look again deeper, Wolves could have scored four as well. West Ham beat Chelsea 3-1. Should have been beaten by five.

Brad? Try and pick the bones out of this, because I tell you what, I wouldn’t go near Brighton at -190. Maybe I’d have to get creative.

Brad Thomas:

This was a fun match to handicap. I was looking at all kinds of angles, maybe a both teams to score an over two and a half goals, but ultimately I ended up laying off.

I do think both teams are playing well enough in the attack to where we could easily see two or three goals from either side. Defensively, the teams that they’ve played so far, I don’t think the score lines match up with what we’re seeing.

That’s a Brighton team who’s allowing way too many shots in the box for a West Ham team who will gladly take them. James Ward-Prowse over on this West Ham side has looked phenomenal facilitating set piece specialists, and this is a West Ham team who just loads up on the set pieces. I know they can at least get one.

If you want to take both teams to score, I think you might as well take both teams to score on over two and half. I think it’s priced -220 for both teams to score, which is a little too rich for my blood.

One play that I liked … But, obviously you guys want to wait for your starting lineups, because literally anything can happen. This Jarrod Bowen … I’m high on Jarrod Bowen for his shot on target. You should probably get it around +120, +135, but again, wait until the starting lineups come out.

Jarrod Bowen has been aggressive in finding his own shot this season. So far, he’s averaging four and a half shot-creating actions per game. He’s hit three shots on target with one goal so far this season in the two games.

I don’t love his anytime goalscorer prop at +450, just because I don’t think he’s just going to go out there and score 15 goals in a season. But he does a great job of getting it on frame.

He’s one of those guys who knows that … It’s like a really good shooter in basketball. If you keep shooting, one’s going to eventually go in and help your team. That’s exactly what he does. From a side or totals perspective, I wasn’t too interested, but I probably will be playing Bowen once we get the confirmed lineups out.


I just cannot believe, already in week three, Mark O’Haire, that we’re looking at totals at three and a quarter. Is it a little bit disrespectful, though, that West Ham are +1, plus money?

Mark O’Haire:

I don’t think so. I think Brighton’s body of work now isn’t just a flash in the pan. It’s been there for quite some time, really.

Sure, we’ve only got a two-game sample this season, but it goes back to the very beginning of De Zerbi’s reign, because the numbers are absolutely astonishing. No side has got a better expected-goals-per-game average in the Premier League and Brighton since De Zerbi was appointed better than Man City, which is extraordinary.

They are so good going forward. We’ve seen them score eight goals now, six different goalscorers. Three different players have made two or more assists. Seven different players have taken three or more shots. If you look at the players individually, Brighton have the first fifth and sixth-highest chance creators in the Premier League after two games. 43 shots, an xG output of 6.24. That’s despite De Zerbi rotating his forwards and rotating his central midfield.

It’s unbelievable, really. They just slot in, they do a job, score goals for fun. They play that gung-ho football, which is quite a pulsating watch, really.

It does leave them vulnerable to conceding goals, without a doubt. In those 34 games, in the Premier League under De Zerbi, an average of 3.5 goals per game, hence the high goal line here. But 22 of those 34 fixtures have seen both teams scoring, and they’ve only kept nine clean sheets.

I talked about it last week when we were chatting about Brighton, about Luton’s ability to get into the penalty box against them on week one. As we’ve already discussed, Wolves had opportunities against them last week. An xG over 2, 12 shots in the box, four big chances created as well. I absolutely believe that West Ham have the potential to get on the score sheet here and cause them problems.

As Brad says, Ward-Prowse’s delivery from dead ball situations and open play could prove crucial, really. West Ham’s record from scoring from corners is up there with the best of them in the Premier League since the start of last season.

For me, ultimately, West Ham away under Moyce … It’s very hard to like them. They were demolished here at 4-0 with Brighton last year. They lost 13 of 19 away games. They lost seven of nine trips to the top nine.

Therefore, I had loads of different wages lined up. Which was the best one? Ultimately I’ve gone for the biggest price, because I think it offers the best value, which is Brighton to win and both teams to score at +185. It’s an enormous increase on Brighton, the moneyline there at -190. The handicap at -1 is minus money as well. You got a goal line of a three and a quarter.

You look Brighton to score three goals, where it’s only +150. West Ham to score is -210. The market is already saying Brighton win this game probably 2-1, 3-1, yet the moneyline is -190. Why wouldn’t you just bet on both teams to score on top of that for a +185 shot?

That’s my thinking here. I did have over two and a half goals and BTTS lined up, but I think ultimately West Ham’s away record, and as you said as well, their performance last week against Chelsea wasn’t as good, perhaps, as the narrative after the game suggested.


No. Okay. Let me just give a little bit of … Obviously everything points to Brighton, but Brighton have played Luton and played Wolves, both of them naught points. But Luton did have their opportunities. They did have good situations.

Wolves should have scored four as well, so I think you’re on the right train with the goals. You don’t really want to be going against a Brighton side where whoever comes into the setup, they either assist, or create, or get on the end of something.

Listen, I cheer you on because, obviously, +185 of Brighton … Basically, you don’t expect Brighton to keep a clean sheet. They’re -190 to win the game. All of a sudden I think to myself, “You’re getting +185 for a -190 chance,” because I think West Ham could cause some problems. But, again, 2-1 does actually get the job done.

Let’s have a little look at the official pick. There it is. Brighton and both teams score, +185.

Mitch, don’t be putting none of your +170s in that in the chat when Mark O’Haire has dug up a +185. Okay? Shop around. You know that. Come to us, BetUS.

Okay. Brighton two, West End one. Gets the job done. Let’s move on. Massive games.

Sheffield United at +1400, and reason why is because they host the European champions, the Premier League champions, and some … They’ve won cups as well, and Super Cups, and they’re -575.

No Pep Guardiola this week on the sideline. Is that something that we’re going to be a little bit concerned about? Because he does kick every single ball. The draw is at +625. The under/over is set at three, with the under three being the favorite at -112. Something to think about that, because under three is -112, Mark O’Haire, but Man City to score three is -115. For me, is this Sheffield United nil, Man City three?

Mark O’Haire:

Yeah. Wouldn’t be too surprised by that outcome at all. I think we’re all probably assuming City win this with room to spare.

Last week I thought was possibly the best time to play Man City, all those injuries and illness. Game immediately after the Super Cup, playing Wednesday night in Athens and coming back to play Saturday against a well-rested Newcastle. Did it matter? Not really. City just completely neutralized Newcastle. [inaudible]


Mark O’Haire, let me interrupt you there, please. Do you know that Man City went off at -105 from an opening -150? There was a couple of other strange moves. Villa against Everton. They were like -150, and then they were like -115. I’m thinking, “What is going on?”

They both were comfortable. Man City, one, they just feel comfortable. But why are Man City at -105 last week?

Mark O’Haire:

I think purely due to the lack of rest, really, after the Super Cup, and missing all those players. They basically played with three center backs.

I was watching that move, and thinking the further it goes, City are suddenly a big value bet here. When the team sheet came through, you look at the 11, sure, the bench was full of kids, but the actual 11 itself was more than strong enough.

They proved it. They won pretty comfortably. The 1-0 was probably a bit kind on Newcastle. They only managed one shot on target, and that came from Rodri’s era. Phil Foden was superb in that role, playing a little bit more centrally.

I think they’re only likely to miss Stones and De Bruyne this weekend now Bernardo will be available. The 11 looks really, really strong. They’ve had a full week’s rest and recovery to prepare.

I know there’s no Pep, but I think that’d be more concerning if they’re going anywhere else but Bramall Lane. The minute to play a Sheffield United side who conceded 24 shots to Palace here just a fortnight ago.

City have been suffocating teams. We’ve seen that already. Two clean sheets from two, only two shots on target faced so far, an xG output of 0.62. Conceded across away trips to Burnley in a home game against Newcastle. Really impressive, really solid.

Now they’re playing a team who are much worse, much weaker than those two teams, Sheff United side who are weaker than the side that won promotion last year, losing both games so far, managing just one xG across the two. The only goal they’ve scored was a worldy by Gus Hamer, who’s an excellent pickup, in fairness, but he’s a bit of a loose cannon.

Just on the Blades, they’ve scored 73 goals during their promotion year. 36 of those goals were scored by players who have since left the club. The only player left in the squad who scored more than six last year is Oli McBurnie. He scored once in 23 Premier League games. He’s been injured in midst of most of preseason.

Last Friday, against Forest, they started Osula, a 19-year-old Academy striker. He’s never scored for Sheff United. He was replaced by Hackford. He’s another 19-year-old Academy Striker. He’d made one Senior League appearance before this season.

Also, Benie Traore, Vini Souza, two of their, probably, shining lights against Forest, both went off with injuries. They’re rated doubtful now for the weekend too. It’s going to be tough for Sheff United here to make any sort of inroads.

Just on numbers-wise, City’s record away to bottom six finishes under Guardiola, 26 wins from 30, an average of 2.93 goals. They’ve conceded just no 0.53 goals per game in that sample, keeping a winning to nil on 18 occasions, which is a 60% hit rate.

Interestingly, too, when they’ve been priced up at -400 or shorter away in the last six seasons, they have a 60% hit rate for winning and seeing BTTS no. That is my selection, City to win and BTTS no, or City to win to nil. It’s the same thing.

-140. Bit of a shorty. Wouldn’t normally put it in. Brad did, and I thought, “Yeah, I love this.” Anyway, if Brad’s allowed to put -140s in, I’m going to put a -140 in.


Listen. -140, if it’s a winner, it’s a winner.

Sheffield United at -164, Brad, to score. I’ve got this Sheffield United nil, Man City two, Man City maybe score three. I’ve just got this as Man City get themselves in front, and then it’s kick ball.

I also think that Sheffield United … I don’t think we see an early goal from Man City. I think Sheffield United will try and stick together, make sure that they don’t give any gifts. But, Man City … Remember, they went to Burnley, and then basically demolished them.

Brad Thomas:

This was a fun match to handicap, because I had to go back and rewatch the match versus Forest. I wanted to remember that Gustavo Hamer shot. I knew it was a worldy. I knew it was a shot that was going to have a low xG. I didn’t realize how much it was.

I think I was watching the game and looked away, and then I was like, “Oh, great. They scored.” That shot probably had 0.08 xG to go in there.

It makes sense. That’s what they’re going to have to do to score goals this season. They’re not creating enough. They are, what, second to last in shot creating and goal creating actions this season? They’re playing against a Manchester City team who … They don’t get complacent.

Every single time Manchester City play a match, we try to find a bit of complacency where they’re up big, and then they start to get stretched because they’re having too much fun. No, that doesn’t happen under a Guardiola team. What they do is they keep possession.

With Sheffield United, I think Sheffield United … If they lose this match 1-0, 2-0, they’ll be happy. Because, at the end of the day, for them it’s not about challenging for a top six spot. It’s not about challenging for a top ten spot. It’s about not getting relegated.

When you’re in a relegation battle, especially as a newly promoted team, when you’re playing the top three clubs, you really think about goal differential. I think they’ll be happy with a 1-0, 2-0 loss. That will be … I don’t know if happy is the right word, but I think they will be able to build from that mentally and as a team, and get more confidence.

I took Manchester City to win to nil, but I have a couple tidbits on this game that are pretty interesting. For anybody who likes to goal score markets, you obviously know playing Erling Haaland is not the greatest bet. But, against bottom-half teams last season, he was absolutely scorching.

I think he scored in something like … Every single bottom half team he played, he scored in every single game except two of them. One of them was one against Leeds. But, in the other game he played against Leeds, he had a hat trick.

In those games against the bottom-half teams that he scored, in over 60% of those, he scored multiple goals. His price to score two goals is around +200, +210. This is the kind of match where you’d want to look at that.

Not from tactic standpoints. Tactically, it’s not going to be the best bet, but from a sheer numbers perspective and EV, you’re getting … I think it’s about a 20% edge.

I’m going to play it, I just need the price to make sure I know what the price is. When we see him in the lineup, I don’t want anything to happen where I play him, he’s out of the lineup, and then I just have my money holding throughout the game.

Then, on the other side of the ball, I thought an interesting nugget was Sheffield over two and a half bookings was plus money. I probably would’ve priced that closer to -105. Three bookings in both matches.

It’s not because they’re just egregiously fouling players, it’s because their lack of size and physicality compared to their opponents. Getting caught often. I think they’ll get caught on the wings in this match, too, against City.

That’s just a good price for something that has a two-game hit rate. You know that’s obviously going to change throughout the season, but I think it was like +120. It’s just something that I sprinkled a little bit of money on.


I quite like that. I think that this Sheffield United setup has got to be like … Back in the day, when teams went against a Barcelona, you basically go with that inverted Christmas tree. You make sure you push them wide, don’t let them come inside, and you keep it as tight for as long as possible.

Man City will win the game. Whether they win it to nil, I think that’s probably the only way that you could probably play it on that side. Or you take a leap of faith that Man City are going to keep the ball, because the official picks will be …

Mark O’Haire and Brad have both gone for Man City win to nil. -140 for me. I’ve gone for Man City to win at under three and a half at -110.

How many times have we seen Man City win this type of game 1-0, 2-0, or 3-0? 3-0, we’ll all be happy, but I probably will be sweating the last 10 or 15 minutes. The bench was weak last week for Man City, so I’m hoping that they rest some of the players once they get 2-0 up.

Okay. Let’s have a little look at the next game, because biggest game in Europe, bar none. We’re off to the Northeast. Newcastle +120 favorites hosting Liverpool at +190. Straightaway, you look down and see the draw is at +290, the under/over is, again, over three goals. The market is 3.25 with -102 on the over. Liverpool, +0.25 and -115. Newcastle score twice, and -127.

Brad, you can start here, because I’ve got Newcastle being stronger than Liverpool. I’ve got both teams scoring, but both teams scoring over is, I don’t know, -160 or something.

Brad Thomas:

Yeah. This is a funny match, because … I’m not betting this only for one reason. I have a lot of stake on Liverpool to finish outside the top four, and this is one of those matches where I think Liverpool has to lose for me to really feel confident about my bet early in the season. I don’t want to bet on Newcastle, and then we see Liverpool win and it feels just like a double loss for me here.

First, let’s talk about this match in terms of what I think’s going to happen. I think Liverpool gets dominated in the midfield by Newcastle’s midfield here. If we see Salah get sold … What, we’re eight days until the close of the window? He agreed to terms with one of the Saudi teams. Now it’s just up to Liverpool if they actually sell him. That’s going to be even more detrimental loss. Their emotional leader on the team’s going to be gone. I think we see the price of Newcastle go from +120 down to closer to the +110 range.

I don’t see Liverpool being able to stay … I don’t want to say stay competitive, I do think they find the back of the net, but I don’t think they’re going to be able to fashion enough goals or to create enough goal scoring opportunities where they convert enough.

When I watched that Bournemouth match, we talked about this a little bit, where … If Bournemouth can just turn over that second goal, so many of their matches are going to go different. The scorelines are going to look different at the end of the game.

It’s the same when they played against Liverpool. Where, if they turn over that second goal, we could see them walking away with a point here, or even all three. Liverpool would be even more trouble than they already are.

From a betting perspective, there were a couple things that caught my attention. I didn’t quite play yet, but I think that you should consider Newcastle over five and a half corners at +110, or, if you want to play it safe, over 10 and a half corners.

Newcastle had an astounding hit rate of over six and a half corners through the season. When they played Liverpool, especially last season, I think they racked up something like 10 corners just because of … I talked about it. The domination in the midfield. If you’re going to own the midfield battle, especially at home, you’re generally going to get more attacking third caries, which generally leads to corners. For this to be a plus number at +110, I think that’s something you have to consider.

Especially, we know Newcastle. They’re not going to be okay with one point. I think that that’s a fallacy that a lot of people are going to say, where they’re going to say, if Newcastle plays Liverpool, they’re going to be okay with walking away.

No, they’re not. Not at St. James Park, not against a Liverpool side who is against the ropes. They know this is a weaker Liverpool side. These are three points that you desperately want, especially for a top four chase, because it’s going to get murky as the season continues. You have to play Champions League. These are points you pick up early in the season at home.


I like the fact that Newcastle have probably a deeper bench. They play on the front foot. They have pace as well. When Liverpool are attacking, Newcastle are dangerous. Liverpool, we know, with their front thinking players, that they’re going to have chances as well.

I’ve just got to come down … I was tossing the coin up and going, “Do I just not be greedy and go Newcastle at +120?” I think I probably will go that way as well, Mark O’Haire.

But it’s the home side for me, because Liverpool have looked a little bit vulnerable in tracking. Also, defensively, they seem to be a bit far apart. But Newcastle, they’ve got plenty players. Then, after an hour, they bring on fresh legs.

Mark O’Haire:

I found this game really hard, actually, to decipher. I could make a case of both teams wanted to get with goals, but amazed that the goal line here is probably the highest in the Premier League weekend. Really minus money for over three and a quarter goals. As you say, the BTTS and over is, I think, -150, which is staggeringly short for a Premier League match.

I haven’t got a bet on it. I’m going to take a watching brief on this match. The reason being is I was a little bit disappointed and underwhelmed by Newcastle last week. Obviously we expect a much improved performance, because they’re at St. James’ Park. It’s here where they tend to bully teams, especially with the midfield and the balance they’ve got there now, as Brad was pointing out.

Just, on Newcastle, I don’t think they’re quite as rock solid as we possibly anticipated in previous months, because they started last year incredibly well. Going up to the end of January, they played 20 league games. They only considered 11 goals and kept 12 clean sheets, and they had the best defense in the division by some distance, actually.

Since then, they’ve played 21 matches across all competitions. They’ve only kept two clean sheets in those 21 games, which really surprised me, actually. Even against Aston Villa, a bit of a demolition. They did allow 12 shots in the box.

I think Liverpool will have plenty of joy against this Newcastle team, because they are so gung-ho. They do have so many different attacking variables to their play. But I also think we probably will see an improved performance from Liverpool in midfield, too, because Endo should come into the side here. They can’t carry on playing that midfield the way it is. At the minute, Mac Allister is available as well.

Endo, I think, is such a smart pickup. There’s been a lot of snobbery over here in the UK towards his signing, but he’s come from Stuttgart. Appreciate it’s not a big club, but what he’s offered there suits Liverpool down to the ground right now.

He’s Japan’s captain as well. He’s got energy. He can break up play. He’s composed in possession. I think he’ll be a real asset. As long as he can slot in and do the job straight away, I think Liverpool will be much improved because of that.

But, at the same point, you can’t trust them defensively either. Even last week, against Bournemouth, you looked to the old guard of Alisson, van Dijk, and Trent. All of them looked uncomfortable at times, and forced into mistakes.

I fully expect Newcastle to score, fully expect Liverpool to score. Therefore, you’re looking for a goal-based bet, but there’s nothing there that screams to me a value play. In terms of the moneyline itself, Newcastle +120. The market is saying they are marginally the best team right now, and I don’t disagree with that. I think they are.

Further down the line in terms of their progression, Liverpool clearly having a bit of an overhaul and transition in midfield. I understand why they are +120, but I don’t particularly make it a strong play. I’ve left it alone. Quite happy to put my feet up and just enjoy this game, because it could be and should be good fun, and plenty of goals in it.


Listen, I really like it. I think that Newcastle will be pushed on, obviously, by the crowd. They seem to have all the players that want to play on the front foot. They have good delivery.

Liverpool look very dodgy at the back. Newcastle at score twice at -127 … That may well move again on the Liverpool lineups. But Liverpool at +109, this could be a 3-2, 3-1. I’ve got Newcastle +120.

If you have a little look at the official picks, I’ve gone a bit bigger and bolder. I’ve got Newcastle to win and both teams to score at +240, because I don’t think there’s any clean sheets. Then I’m just basically getting double the money. That you’re getting Newcastle at +120. That’s 1-0 only, because if they win and it’s not 1-0, then I’m going to get +240.

Okay. Now’s the time for your Q&A session, so make sure you … Anything you want to know, then now’s the time to type it. But first of all, I’d like to make … Ask you. Make you. To subscribe, and also ring the bell, which means we’ll notify you and you’ll never miss any content again.

Remember, BetUS is 30 years old this year. There’s going to be all sorts of prizes, competitions, gifts, free bets. Make sure you type in betustv.com/odds, or you can also do betustv.com/join.

Okay. Let’s have a little look. Throw up a question. Ali Kahn says, “Hi, Flash. In the Q&A, can you address Villa to beat Burnley isn’t a banker?”

Okay. The reason it’s not a banker is Burnley are decent. Burnley are decent. We have Villa, who want to play on the front foot and could well get caught out here. I think that both teams will score.

I think I would probably edge on the side of caution, and think I’d rather have the home side, double chance. Mark O’Haire, quickly, what do you think?

Mark O’Haire:

I agree. I think Burnley … I’m not sure why it’s considered a banker, because, sure, we’ve only seen Burnley play against Man City, isn’t it? Whilst they lost the game, most teams are going to lose to City.

I think Burnley are coming up with a … They’re a class apart, really, from the two that came up with them. They’re a very progressive team. I think they’ll settle and consolidate in the Premier League.

We saw how Fulham last year easily tabled a top half finish in the end. I think Burnley will be looking to do something similar, and I think they’ve got the quality to do so.

Obviously they also played in the conference qualifiers on Wednesday night. Appreciate it. It was a comfortable 5-0 away, Hibs, and the travel was marginal, just up to Edinburgh and back.

Even still, Emery went with a very strong team. I think he only made one change from the weekend. Perhaps there’s a bit of tiredness. Perhaps, like your guy who’s asked the question, there might be a bit of complacency, as well, assuming that Burnley at Turf Moor won’t be easy pickings. I don’t-


They let you play, though, didn’t they, Villa? Villa let you play. Listen, I remember, first day of season, my banker was Man City, win to nil. I was sweating because Burnley had really good situations, really good. They were attacking. I’m going to just obviously find these numbers from the back of my head. I think they won the corner count.

Brad Thomas:

They did.


They won the corner count against Man City. I think they scored … I think it was like 6-3, so I’ve gone one step further now, Brad, by even quoting the numbers. 6-3, right? If they have six corners against Villa-

Brad Thomas:

It was 6-5.


No. I knocked two of them off because they shouldn’t have been allowed, right?

Brad Thomas:



Villa can concede from set pieces. I maybe talking myself into a bet here, but I fancy Burnley double chance if I’m going to get a decent price.

Right. Brad, I’m coming to you, because I quite like this one myself. Brian said, “What about this? Chelsea, Man City, and Arsenal all to keep clean sheets.” Basically, Luton, Sheffield United, and Fulham under half a goal, parlay.

Brad Thomas:

That’s probably got to be a pretty good price, but I wouldn’t doubt it. My only question-


I like it.

Brad Thomas:

I like it. The only question mark I have is with Chelsea. I think they’re going to be overly aggressive against Luton at home this week. If they can stay compact, I don’t see Luton scoring goals this season, so I like it.

We already talked about how we think the clean sheets are going to happen in the first two. Basically you’re just asking the question, can Luton score on Stanford Bridge? I don’t think so.

The price … For me to do three games, though, because we see how often it happens where a team will score a goal with an xG of 0.4, three is just getting a little too much. Two is just more comfortable in terms of parlaying.


I’d like to know what that actually comes to, Mark O’Haire, because on paper, it’s decent, especially with Chelsea being on the first leg on a Friday night. I mean I think you get past that Chelsea game and you’ve got massive value.

Because we both feel that … You’ve both gone from Man City, so the middle leg of that sandwich is … Okay, you’ve both gone for it. Then all you’re doing is … You could almost bet the last leg of Fulham to … No, I’m not having it. I’m not having it. I think it’s a winner. Do you, Mark?

Mark O’Haire:

Yeah. I like it. Yeah, absolutely. Has a bit of interest across the whole weekend as well, with games on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to look forward to. It’s not going to be a fun watch, by any stretch, but the price will be decent.


I can’t quite see what Mitch is saying here, because he says … Hold on. Let just have a little, quick look. Fulham and Luton, under 0.5 parlays, +258. That seems massive, especially if you had Sheffield United on there as well.

Okay. Junior, let’s have a little look at this game. Brentford versus Palace. Be really quick, please, Brad. Brentford-Palace. Why have we left it alone?

Brad Thomas:

Brentford versus Palace, I didn’t know what I would want to do here. I could make an argument for goals. I can make an argument without goals. I think there’s probably more value in goals at the price for both teams to score.

If you want to bet that, I think you should look at corners over 10 and a half, is about -105. Both teams are going to be trying to play end to end, especially getting a lot of shots up. I just didn’t like anything particularly.


Okay. Ponce de Leon, the question and the answer, your question … The answer is, no, not at the moment. But listen, we love having you on. You’re part of the team.

Okay. Fulham can definitely score. I know they can all score, but we don’t think they will.

Okay. Best bets, because we’ve got plenty of them, and we’ve been here so long. I remember LaLiga and Serie A today as well.

We’ve got a bit of yellow. Yellow always takes the top draw. Arsenal, team total over two and a half, at -115. By the way, we’re 3 and 0 on bankers from the Premier League show so far this season, after only two weeks.

First half, Wolves draw no bet for your host at +110. Brad’s gone. Bournemouth top, then both teams score over two and a half at -120, as has Mark. Arsenal -1.75 at -122. Brad’s gone Tottenham moneyline at -105, and Arsenal -2 at +110. Man City win to nil for Brad and Mark.

Brighton to win and both teams to score is Mark’s pick at +185. He did upgrade it. That was Mark’s original, which you could actually go for as well. Both teams scoring over two and a half at +100.

For me, Man City and under three and a half, -110. Newcastle, both teams to score, is at +240 for everyone. Mitch is saying, “It’s 478 if you have them” … It’s +478 for that free team, no goal, parlay of Luton, Sheffield United, and Fulham.

From Mark O’Haire, from Brad Thomas, from myself, from everyone at BetUS, don’t forget, Serie A coming up, then LaLiga. Bundesliga tomorrow. All the shows are on fire.

Mark O’Haire, have a great weekend. Brad, do what you do. Remember to retweet and like. Listen, everyone in the chat, thumbs up on your way out. Remember to share this video with all the people you think need it. You take care.


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