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The UFC Show Picks & Analysis

The UFC Show is live every Friday at 2:00 PM ET! BetUS brings you the best betting insights and news around the UFC. Our host Dave Ross, alongside Kyle Purviance and Matty Bets are ready to give you the best UFC bets, props, and previews. Don’t miss out and start making your UFC picks with the guide of our experts!

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Hosts Matty Betss

Kyle Purviance

Kyle Purviance has been an avid sports fan for over 34 years. His passion for sports started when he watched Joe Montana throw the winning touchdown pass to John Taylor in Super Bowl 23 and has only grown ever since. He won his first Fantasy Baseball league at the age of 9. His house was a frequent stop before every major sporting event so his uncles and parents friends could pick his brain for winners long before the internet existed as he would study every baseball card, every box score and every highlight at nauseam so he could know more than everyone else. Now as an adult, when he isn’t immersed in sports statistics, he is busy raising his 18 year old son on his own and preparing him to graduate from high school this year. While sports will always be a massive part of his life make no mistake about the fact that family always comes first him. Don’t be surprised to hear a joke or two from Kyle as making people laugh is always a part of his routine. Whether he’s roasting a friend or observing something that is funny to him in the world, his sense of humor is something that is a huge part of his personality.

Matty Betts

A lifelong sports betting enthusiast specializing in UFC, NFL, and NBA, Matty has a knack for longshot bets, high risk wagers, and predicting exact outcomes. Matty brings both a calculated and fun betting style to his community.

Dave Ross

Dave is a seasoned professional broadcaster with over 20 years of hosting experience in the field. He started in Washington DC and worked at WTTG-Fox5 for 18 years, covering all the major sports involving the Washington football team, Capitals, Nationals, and Wizards. Dave then moved to Chicago in 2013 to help launch a national digital platform called 120 sports which later became Stadium and stayed there as their main host until the pandemic in 2020. Dave left for Las Vegas to join VSIN in 2021 to host gambling sports talk shows for the last two years to round out his sports portfolio. From traditional sports broadcasting to today’s current climate with gambling, Dave has seen the changes in the industry and changed with the times. Dave served 6 years in the United States Marine Corps and participated in the Gulf War as part of Operation Desert Storm. After his military service, Dave wrote a book called “A Dynasty Restored” chronicling his life growing up in Virginia Beach, Virginia while his team the Dallas Cowboys were winning 3 of 4 Super Bowls in the early 1990’s.