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Hype vs Reality: How Would Jake Paul Fare in an MMA Fight?

It’s a question that’s been pondered since Jake Paul first began fighting former UFC stars in the boxing ring; ‘Would Jake Paul be just as successful in MMA as boxing?’…

Frankly, it’s like asking how Tom Brady would do in a 1v1 against LeBron James in basketball. However, we aren’t going to place these three names in the same sentence because Paul’s success is lightyears behind those legends, and combat sports is an entirely different kettle of fish.

Hype vs Reality: How Would Jake Paul Fare in an MMA Fight?
Jake Paul - Cooper Neill/Getty Images for Netflix/AFP

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In short, the answer solely relies on the opponent. If Paul competes in an MMA bout and follows his boxing career game plan, he’d likely achieve positive results. He’d invite a boxer over the age of 35 to fight him in the cage and take advantage of the unknown. But let’s be honest: Should he challenge a legitimate MMA professional, it’d be a lopsided affair because he doesn’t have the experience or honed skill set.


Why Jake Paul Would Struggle in MMA

What ‘The Problem Child’ has achieved in the ring shouldn’t be entirely discredited, despite the meticulously selected opponents he’s faced. But his only losing bout in the ring came against the only legitimate boxer of the same age and size he’s faced, Tommy Fury, and we all know what that resulted in.

The bright lights and circus show Paul has brought to social media influencers competing in boxing are commendable from a marketable standpoint. Still, if we get to the meat and bones of it, five years later, an endless cash flow to spend on training, alongside a life, he’s seemingly dedicated to the sport, and he’s still not capable of stepping in the ring with legitimate, active boxing professionals in a similar weight class.

So, let’s transition to mixed martial arts; unless he’s been training every day for the past 7-10 years in secret, he doesn’t stand a chance. Even then, without actual fighting experience, he will be at a significant disadvantage. This isn’t, however, a knock-on Paul… Nobody would, and although the resources are at his fingertips, the multifaced game of professional MMA is no joke.

Punches, kicks, elbows, knees, takedowns, and jiu-jitsu are just some of the skills he’d need to have prepared to step into the cage. And sure, as we previously highlighted, an opponent of a similar level would be viable, as his fighting experience against high-profile MMA names in the boxing ring is somewhat of an advantage. Still, ultimately, it’d be a losing game should he face any legitimate MMA athlete in their own sport.


Marketing Jake Paul in MMA

On the flip side, Paul’s move to MMA would be genius from a marketing standpoint, no matter his skillset. A slew of combat sports fans—particularly MMA fans—would pay good money to see Paul suffer a devasting loss.

As many of Paul’s critics question why he’s not competing versus “real boxers,” MMA enthusiasts ponder why he’s inviting MMA fighters to compete in boxing instead of facing them in their own arena. To date, Paul has now defeated UFC legends Nate Diaz, Anderson Silva, Tyron Woodley (x2), and Ben Askren in boxing.

When Paul’s lone combat sports defeat arrived at the hands of Tommy Fury, we still didn’t see him severely outclassed or knocked down. There are countless haters of ‘The Problem Child’ – probably a higher number than supporters – desperate to see him receive a convincing ass-whooping. In contrast, Paul’s supporters will follow him wherever his fights occur, especially in MMA, where he can further display his athleticism and the alleged “wrestling game” he has from school.

So, should we ask ‘if’ or ‘when’ Jake Paul steps into a mixed martial arts contest? The demand is apparent, and while his skills are likely at a low level, it’s a money-making venture that he surely won’t pass up.


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Jake Paul in MMA: ‘If’ or ‘When’?

Let’s not neglect the fact that Paul signed with the PFL (Professional Fighters League) last year in what’s alleged to be a multi-fight deal that would see him compete in the league’s new pay-per-view Super Fight Division.

Donn Davis, chairman and founder of the PFL, told Aeriel Helwani on The MMA Hour that he expects Jake Paul to debut inside the SmartCage at the end of 2024. And Davis had also previously said to have offered Diaz $15 million for said fight.

Paul said on his YouTube channel: “Not only am I an MMA fighter but also a co-founder of the new PFL pay-per-view super-fight division. I will be the head of fighter advocacy, and I will use my platform to market PFL fighters and introduce them to my fans worldwide.”

This will not happen before Paul faces former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, and with the recent rescheduling, the aforementioned forecast of Paul competing in the PFL in 2024 is impossible.

By the way, you can bet on the Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson fight here!

Is Paul truly gearing up to compete in MMA? He’s almost been radio silent on the PFL promotion since the initial hype of his signing. Who knows? – but, love Paul or hate him, whether it’s boxing or MMA, he’s undeniably a polarizing character that we’ll continue tuning in to watch compete.




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Questions of the Day

When is Jake Paul’s next fight?

Jake Paul will fight BKFC fighter and former UFC fighter Mike Perry on July 20 – following the rescheduling of his Netflix-hosted bout with Mike Tyson.

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