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Paul vs Diaz: Bring it On!

Matter of When, Not If for Boxing Match

He can’t stop and he won’t stop. Jake Paul is back at it as he now has his eyes set on former UFC superstar Nate Diaz. Paul recently defeated another former UFC champion, Anderson Silva. Now, with Diaz not under a UFC contract, Paul is set to challenge the fan favorite. Boxing odds are already out for this fight to happen and, soon, odds for the actual fight will be released.

Let’s check the latest UFC picks, stats, and UFC predictions. We’ve plenty of UFC expert picks for you to consider.

Paul vs Diaz: Bring it On!
Nate Diaz lunges at Jake Pa | sam hodde/getty images/afp

How Soon Will Paul vs Diaz Happen?

The short answer is: whenever Paul and Diaz sign the paperwork. While there is no official date and contracts have yet to be drawn, the build-up is already happening. Diaz and his crew got into a backstage spat with Paul’s team. Diaz hurled a few water bottles, as he’s become infamous for doing.

Paul also threw verbal shots at Diaz following his win over Silva.

“Well, he’s like slow and at the end of his career,” Paul said during The MMA Hour. “He’s lost it as far as striking. Maybe he still has jiu-jitsu, but as far as striking and all that, he’s just like a street fighter. Boxing is like the purest sport. It’s art, and you can’t come in and street-fight someone in a boxing match. Anderson has length, has height. Anderson hits harder, is more slippery, has better head movement, the list goes on. I know, so that Nate is easier.”

Paul tends to be active as a boxer. He fought three times in 2021 and would have fought more in 2022 had a few of his fights not fallen through. As for Diaz, the elusive fighter last fought in September and could be in shape to fight in the next few months.

Who Wins Between Paul and Diaz?

It’s become fairly obvious at this point that whenever Paul boxes, he will win. Diaz, like the ex-UFC fighters before him, is past his prime. He may be 2-2 in his last four fights, but his wins have come against fellow fighters in the twilight of their careers. Diaz is 37 and could be 38 by the time he steps into the ring with Paul.

As such, it would be more prudent to bet online on Paul as he is younger, unbeaten (6-0-0, 4 KOs), and with more boxing experience.

Paul, technically, continues to be a work in progress. But he’s more than made up for this with his speed, power, and aggression. The more he continues to win, the more confident he gets. And now he’s stepping back into action against a fighter who poses, theoretically, less of a threat than Silva or Tyron Woodley.

As Paul himself proclaimed, Diaz will be a big underdog against Paul at +300 based on the early online sports ufc betting lines. Not only is Diaz “past his prime,” but he’s also the lightest opponent Paul will have faced.

Both Ben Askren and Woodley weighed in over 190 pounds and fought at 170 for most of their careers. Silva fought at 185 and 205, where he owns several knockout wins. Diaz, on the other hand, fought at 155 when he was younger. And at 170, most of Diaz’s wins have come against other former 155-pound fighters like Conor McGregor and Tony Ferguson.

Paul knocked down and defeated Silva at cruiserweight, which is heavier than 186 pounds. While Diaz claims to walk around at 200 pounds, he does not have the muscle and frame of a fighter in this weight class. Paul, in comparison, is around this size and much younger.

Could Paul Fight Someone Else?

While the Paul-Diaz fight seems like the most favorable to happen (+150), there are others that Paul has been linked to. Tommy Fury (+400) is the most obvious name among “real” boxers. The two almost fought in 2021 but Fury pulled out due to an infection.

Conor McGregor (+800) is another MMA fighter Paul could fight. While Dana White has repeatedly shot this idea down, the UFC president has gone back on his words before.

And finally, Uriah Hall (+600) is another realistic opponent for Paul to fight. The recently retired UFC fighter beat Le’Veon Bell in his pro boxing debut on the undercard of Paul-Silva. He’ll make for a more challenging opponent for Paul, though he lacks the name recognition of the aforementioned fighters.

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