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UFC 297 Main Card Betting Preview | Magny vs Malott

In the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s highly anticipated return to PPV, the first numbered event of 2024 is upon us, and I’m back to provide my UFC expert picks for a main card welterweight banger.

Canada’s own Mike Malott returns home in an attempt to defend his unblemished UFC record (3-0), but will he outperform Neil Magny’s veteran skills?

UFC 297 Main Card Betting Preview| Magny vs. Malott
UFC 297 Main Card Betting Preview| Magny vs. Malott

We’re two days out, and the betting lines are live for UFC this week, so let’s waste no time and get straight into our preview of the UFC 297 main card clash between Magny and Malott.

UFC 297 Event Information

1. Date & Time: Saturday, Jan. 20, 2023 – 6:30 p.m. ET
2. Location: Scotiabank Arena, Toronto, Canada
3. Magny vs Malott Live Stream: UFC Fight Pass
4. Main Event Bout: Sean Strickland vs. Dricus Du Plessis
5. Moneyline Probability: Mike Malott – 77.8% (-350) Neil Magny – 28.6% (+250)


Magny vs Malott Betting Odds


UFC 297: Fighter Previews

Neil ‘Haitian Sensation’ Magny

Magny, who has achieved many welterweight records, has consistently held a prominent position in the rankings for the past 10 years, accumulating a greater number of welterweight victories than any other fighter in the history of the UFC. Although he has experienced challenges when competing against top-tier opponents, he has constantly defeated those who are not yet prepared or capable of competing at the highest level.

Now, he’s again faced with a similar challenge in Toronto this weekend with a surging prospect lined up looking to make a name by defeating the UFC veteran.



  1. Magny has lost 4 of his previous 8 UFC bouts
  2. Magny has lost via submission in 3 of his previous 4 losses
  3. Magny has the most welterweight wins in UFC history (21)


Mike ‘Proper’ Malott

Malott emerged as the standout fighter at UFC 289 in Vancouver, and he now has the opportunity to battle just an hour away from his hometown along the 403 route.

Boasting an unblemished promotional record to date, the 32-year-old Dana White’s Contender Series (DWCS) graduate has achieved stoppage victories in all three of his UFC wins and in each of his 10 career victories.

Malott will look to continue this aforementioned trend as he prepares for the most significant fight of his career, which will take place in front of his loved ones and friends at the venue, which will undoubtedly house a massive fan base supporting their fellow countrymen.


  1. Malott has won all three of his UFC bouts inside the distance
  2. Malott owns a 60% finish rate via submission in his pro-MMA career
  3. Malott has gone the distance in just 1 of his previous 7 pro-MMA bouts


Magny vs Malott: Tale of The Tape

Neil Magny Mike Malott
Country USA Canada
Age 36 32
Pro Record (Win/Loss) 28-11-0 10-1-1
KO/Sub/Dec 5 KOs, 6 Submissions 5 KOs, 7 Submissions
Height 6’3” 6’1”
Reach 80.0” 73.0”
Avg Fight Time 12:40 05:56
Knockdown Avg (15 min) 0.08 1.01
Avg Strikes Landed Per Min 3.45 4.21
Takedown Avg (15 min) 2.22 2.53
Win/Loss (Last 5) L/W/L/W/L W/W/W/W/W


UFC 297: Main Card Breakdown & Analysis

Malott has consistently demonstrated his tenacity and skill in taking advantage of his opponent’s errors. Additionally, his capacity to endure punches without being affected further enhances his status as a tough adversary, not to mention that his proficiency in grappling is exceptional, rendering him a versatile combatant capable of asserting dominance regardless of where the fight takes place.

However, despite the prevailing probabilities, it is important not to underestimate Neil Magny, a very skilled and seasoned fighter. He possesses a wide range of skills and a notable edge in terms of reach, which might be advantageous for him this weekend.

Magny’s illustrious tenure in the UFC has seen him confront and triumph against formidable adversaries. Renowned for his exceptional cardiovascular endurance and unwavering persistence, his approach often revolves around gradually fatiguing his adversaries and seizing opportunities in the latter stages of the fight.

Nevertheless, Magny’s striking remains a notable weakness. Given Malott’s inherent ability to make a strong impression as a striker, I believe he will take advantage of this vulnerability.

Considering Magny’s proficient talent, namely his remarkable grappling tactics and exceptional stamina, we can expect Malott to approach the bout strategically. That said, and although Malott is the favored competitor, it would be unwise for him to overlook Magny’s capacity to endure and perhaps change the outcome of the fight, even after the mid-point of the fight.

Ultimately, it’s Malott’s fight to lose. If he can retain control and patience and sustain his hitting precision while keeping his cardio in check, it’s difficult to envision a clear path to victory for the underdog, as he’s seemingly disadvantaged in all areas of MMA versus the hometown favorite.

UFC 297 Best Bet: Malott By KO or Submission [-175]

Considering all factors, although Magny poses a legitimate danger owing to his experience and stamina, Malott’s past performance and abilities cannot be disregarded. BetUs Sportsbooks highly favor Malott, and I agree with their stance on placing him as a significant favorite.

Malott’s exceptional proficiency in striking and his adeptness at capitalizing on Magny’s vulnerabilities make him highly likely to secure a victory. However, the -350 price tag is a little steep, and I expect the Canadian to extend his impressive win by stoppage percentage, and a KO or submission wager will boost our Vegas UFC odds to -175 for UFC this week.

UFC 297 Magny vs Malott: Crystal Ball Picks

In this veteran vs. newcomer bout, a quick rub of my crystal ball reveals that Malott’s speed, offensive striking, and noteworthy BJJ skills will be too much for the aging and battle-tested Magny. With an advantage in striking and grappling, Malott will pressure Magny early for the home crowd and finish the fight via submission or KO in round one.

Potential UFC Bets from a Round 1 KO or Submission:



Questions Of The Day

Which fighter has more chances to make a KO?

All 10 of Malott’s pro career wins were obtained by knockout or submission, making him the prime candidate.

Will the fight finish via submission?

With a finish rate of 67% via submission in the UFC and 6 from 10 wins by submission overall, Mike Malott has great potential to stop Neil Magny.

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