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UFC Fight Night Betting Preview: Hall vs. Silva

The UFC has a potential fight of the night in its hands on the main card of its next event on Halloween. With this impressive matchup, and for an excellent UFC odds opportunity, the main event will feature middleweight fighters in Uriah Hall and Anderson Silva.

The bout will be on Saturday at 6 p.m. ET from the UFC Apex in Las Vegas and will be broadcast on ESPN+.

uriah hall takes down paulo costa ufc fight night
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Main Event Breakdown

Uriah Hall

Uriah Hall (16-9-0) is coming into this matchup with a two-fight winning streak and appears to have some momentum on his side. He won a decision in his bout back in September of 2019 as he was able to take care of Antonio Carlos Jr.

Ranking as the 10th-best fighter in the middleweight division, Hall is aiming to keep moving up in the ranks. By looking at his fighting resume, it shows us that he has 12 wins by knockout, one by submission, and three by decision.

“Primetime” strikes with an accuracy at 50% and has a grappling accuracy at 38%. He delivers 3.31 significant strikes a minute and takes on 3.57. As you can see, he takes on slightly more than he delivers.

Hall defends against takedowns at 69% and defends against significant strikes at 53%. He also has been able to average 0.75 takedowns and 0.20 submissions every 15 minutes.

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva (34-10-0) is a legend and has been feared by many in this division for a long time, making plenty of UFC lines over the years. However, this is a different Silva versus the one from five or 10 years ago.
Taking a look into his fighting resume, it shows that he has 23 wins by knockout, three by submission, and eight by decision.

Throughout his career, he has been able to put up an 18-fight win streak, 10 title defenses, and some of the best finishes to fights we have seen in the UFC. He still has those capabilities, but again, he is not the same fighter due to the number of years he has been in the sport.

“The Spider” strikes with an accuracy of 62% and has a grappling accuracy of 77%. He delivers 3.04 significant strikes a minute and takes on 1.98. He knows how to land strikes and defend well here.

Silva defends against takedowns at 69% and defends against significant strikes at 61%. He also averages 0.52 takedowns and 0.80 submissions every 15 minutes.

Odds For Main Event

The market has been somewhat shaky in their opinion for this one due to people not wanting to bet against Silva. BetUS has the UFC betting odds currently placed at:

  • Hall -220
  • Silva +175

* odds are subject to change

Potential Winning Pick

Completely ignoring Silva is a foolish thing. Just because the man is not on the same level as he used to be with his quickness or being able to take hits on the chin does not mean he forgot how to fight.

Yes, Silva is still dangerous here with his technique and fundamentals. However, Hall brings forth an interesting case since he is going to be the quicker athlete and arguably has more stamina.

Looking at this fight somewhere between five or 10 years ago, Silva would have ended this early. But for today, Hall has put together a solid resume, and Silva is arguably out of his prime.

Overall, this is going to be a good fight to watch. Look for Hall to take this one to a decision for a victory.

Hall wins via decision.

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