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Touchdown Blitz™

Touchdown Blitz™

Feb 16 2 min read
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Touchdown Blitz™

Let’s introduce Touchdown Blitz™, a new world of online casino games for real money wagers! Inspired by the NFL, this game brings the excitement of football to our casino. Watch as the football flies through the field, and with each moment it stays in the air, your potential multiplier grows. Win a multiplier of up to 10,000x in this must-try game, available at the best online casino, BetUS!

Touchdown Blitz™ Game Guide

We know you love online casinos that deliver the best entertainment, and that’s what you get with Touchdown Blitz™. As the football takes flight, your multiplier intensifies, starting at 1x and potentially reaching 10,000x. It’s a test of nerves as you decide when to claim your prize, but remember, waiting too long might lead to a “fumble” and a lost opportunity.

Online casinos are all about fun, and that’s what we deliver day in and day out!

How to Play the Touchdown Blitz™ Game

Playing Touchdown Blitz™ is simple; trust us on this one. Start by selecting your bet amount, and then hit the Play button to launch the football. As the ball speeds through the field, a growing multiplier is displayed. You decide when to cash out, either claiming a small prize or going for the chance of a massive reward. It’s all about your strategic choices in this exciting casino game.

Minimum and Maximum Bet Amounts for the Touchdown Blitz™ Game

We have the best online slots and games, and this Touchdown Blitz™ release is yet another that welcomes players of all budgets. You can place small stakes or opt for larger bets, obliging both casual players and high rollers. The flexible bet limits ensure an inclusive and fun experience for everyone—just like it should be!

Game Controls for the Touchdown Blitz™ Game

Touchdown Blitz™ offers all-action gameplay that hits all the boxes for the famous “crash” design. Adjust your bet amount effortlessly using intuitive controls, and then begin this online casino game with the click of a button.

Remember, if you want the best online casino with real money experience, come play at BetUS Sportsbook online!

Touchdown Blitz™ FAQ's

Is Touchdown Blitz™ only for NFL Fans?

No, Touchdown Blitz™ is designed for all casino game fans, offering a “crash” style experience that doesn’t require NFL knowledge to enjoy.

How can I win big in Touchdown Blitz™?

You need to strategically time your cashouts as the multiplier grows to score big wins. It’s all about making the right decision during gameplay.

Is Touchdown Blitz™ available on mobile devices?

Yes, Touchdown Blitz™ is mobile-friendly when playing our casino online. It allows you to enjoy the excitement and potential wins on your favorite mobile devices wherever you go.

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BetUS Casino
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by Dylan
An MVP in Online Gaming!
Graphics: 100
Features: 100
Gameplay: 100
Value: 100

I was immediately drawn to the game's theme, and I was blown away by the level of detail in the graphics. The gameplay is fast-paced and addictive, with plenty of opportunities to score big wins.

 by Sean
Score Big
Graphics: 96
Features: 96
Gameplay: 96
Value: 96

From the moment I started playing, I was hooked by the immersive football-themed experience. The graphics are top-notch, with crisp visuals that make you feel like you're right on the field.

 by Jason
Touchdown Blitz: A Winning Game!
Graphics: 96
Features: 96
Gameplay: 95
Value: 98

Touchdown Blitz is a touchdown in the world of online casino games! As a football fan, I was immediately drawn to this game, and it did not disappoint. The graphics are impressive, with realistic football stadium visuals that really put you in the game.

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