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Odds on the NFL

NFL Point Spread

Betting on the point spread is one of the most common bets. The spread allows people to take additional points when betting on the underdog and its line or give points when betting on the favorite. The spread has better odds for favorites than betting on each line on a moneyline bet.

Point spreads usually have slightly negative odds or even odds, making it more appealing than a moneyline bet with less reward for the favorite and more risk with the underdog. When betting the point spread on NFL odds, one must ensure that the team they pick can “cover” the spread. For the underdog, this means losing by less than the points taken in the spread, while with the favorite, they will need to win by more than the points they are giving away.

NFL Moneyline

Moneyline betting is the simplest form of betting on NFL games. A bet on the moneyline means you are betting on who the outright winner will be. The favored teams will have negative odds in their line, while underdog teams will have positive odds in their line.

The moneyline has the least return for favorites, while the underdogs give the highest return. A moneyline bet on an underdog can give a great return if they win but will require one to study the teams’ history to see if that underdog has a chance.

NFL Over/Under

Another common and straightforward form of betting on NFL odds is over/under betting. The over/under bet is a bet on whether the combined total points scored will be over or under the amount set. The odds are usually slightly negative on these bets.

NFL Parlays

Parlay betting is a bet on multiple games, with the odds determined by the number of games added plus the original betting odds on the games added. You can mix point spread and moneyline options on a multiple-game parlay. For example, you can put the Dolphins on the moneyline against the Saints as one game of the parlay while having the Chiefs with a -7 point spread against the Bengals as the second game of the parlay all while using a parlay calculator to help you along the way in understanding how much money you can make.

NFL Live Betting

Just when you think betting on NFL lines couldn’t get any more exciting, how about we throw in live betting just for fun? In live betting, fans are able to place their wagers as soon as each event starts, thus allowing them to keep direct tract of their wagers as well as changing odds, lines, and results.

NFL live betting is a perfect tool for undecisive fans who are looking to always keep an edge over when wagering. Let’s say you have a hunch that your favorite team has the stuff to take down their opponents easily, but as soon as the game starts, reality strikes and everything starts going south. That’s where live betting comes in.

Thanks to NFL live betting, fans are able to continuously make new bets as the game progresses, making their chances to win that much bigger. It’s as sweet of a deal as ever, so don’t miss out.

NFL Player Props

One of the most popular side bets is player props. Player props can have negative, even, or positive odds. Player props are based on milestones for that player to hit. Some examples include the total number of passing yards, the total number of rushing yards, the total number of touchdowns made, or the total number of field goals made.

NFL Futures Betting

If you had the opportunity to look into the future and predict the outcome of bets you place, would you take it? Come on, we know you would, we all would, but since that’s not an option, at least for now, the idea of taking the plunge and betting on events that are still to happen in the future is always a fun second alternative.

In the world of sports betting, and even more specifically, in the world of NFL betting sites, wagering on futures is one of the more outlandish yet fun and attractive options any NFL odds fans can practice. When betting on a future bet, the pundit is wagering on the result of a game, series, award, or other scenario happening in the future.

Let’s say you, avid NFL odds fan feel like Jalen Hurts has a strong chance at winning this upcoming season’s MVP award. According to our own NFL Regular Season MVP odds page, as of now, entering the season Hurts’ odds stand at +800. So for every $100 you place, you could make $800 once the award is handed out and he wins. Doesn’t that sound appealing? Yes, we know it does.

When betting on NFL futures the sky is the limit. From placing money on which teams will win each conference and division, to letting a few bucks run on your preferred team’s win totals, to betting on the winner of Super Bowl LVIII, if you want to bet on it, BetUS has the lines for it.

Don’t believe us? Check out our Super Bowl LVIII odds page, our NFL Conferences odds page, and our NFL Divisions odds page, and check for yourself. Cool, right? Yes, we know.

NFL Teasers

In the NFL, like in all other professional sports, a teaser bet involves a changing of points for added wagering volume. What this basically means is that you as a bettor will be offered better chances for winning with your preferred NFL odds and lines picks in return for cashing out a smaller potential overall payout if you win.

In a teaser bet, like an NFL teaser for example, bettors are allowed to buy points, usually six per game, in exchange of parlaying a couple of other bets the bettor has going on. In a teaser bet, a group of straight bets are all compiled, with the added value of a point advantage, all while understanding that the better the odds, the smaller but maybe more secure the payout.

NFL Betting Odds & Lines

Rookie Alert O/D

Everybody knows that the first big event every pro football season is the NFL draft. It’s sort of the NFL’s way of telling fans “Alright people, let’s get the band back together and get the ball rolling once again”.

The 2023 NFL season has brought with it a draft full of new talent, with three QBs being selected within the first four picks of the draft. The Carolina Panthers, Houston Texans, and Indianapolis Colts will all be debuting head coaches as well as passers this year, something not regularly seen in the league, but something that has all Vegas NFL odds experts already taking a close look at how these teams might fare in the coming season.

Former Alabama star and Heisman Award winner Bryce Young, selected with the first pick of this year’s draft will be hoping to cause a major splash with the Panthers, one that could eventually lead him to winning the OROY award for the season. But don’t count out Houston’s new franchise passer CJ Stroud and Colt’s new offensive leader Anthony Richardson.

Staying on the subject, if you’re looking to score big betting on the 2023 OROY award, remember these names and each respective line. Atlanta Falcons RB Bijan Robinson, Detroit Lions RB Jahmyr Gibbons, Bills TE Dalton Kincaid, Seattle Seahawks WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Minnesota Vikings WR Jordan Addison, and LA Chargers WR Quentin Johnson could all end up giving NFL odds fans a very positive shock.

On defense, this year’s NFL draft had plenty of star defensive talents flying off the boards early on. Keeping a close eye on players like LB Will Anderson Jr., CB Devon Witherspoon, and DT Jalen Carter could prove to be a solid decision when wanting to bet on this year’s DROY recipient. But don’t just take it from us, check out our OROY and DROY odds and get to betting.

MVP Tip-Off

In the NFL you either play well enough to keep a spot in your team or you play to be one of the top names in the game. That’s why the NFL MVP Award was invented, and that’s why betting on it is so enticing.

We’re talking about the biggest individual accolade a player in the pros can receive. What do they need to win the award? Simple, play their butts off, put up massive stats, and become a pivotal piece in their team’s season. Ok, it’s not as simple as it sounds but you get the drift.

Over in our own NFL regular season MVP odds page, bonafide stars like Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Joe Burrow, Jalen Hurts, Justin Herbert, Lamar Jackson, and Aaron Rodgers are all manning the list for top favorites to win the 2023 NFL MVP award.

NFL Betting Trends (All Season)

We know you’re probably wondering, what are NFL betting trends? Don’t worry, we got you covered. In the world of betting on football odds and lines, betting trends let you see and understand how your favorite team or teams when it comes to wagering perform in specific situations.

Keeping an eye on the best NFL betting, like the ones we here at BetUS offer during the regular and postseason can easily become a determining factor when it comes to having an advantage when making your preferred NFL picks.
NFL betting trends constitute factors like how a team does when playing against the spread at home or away, as well as the probabilities of a team covering the point spread both on the road and at home, how a team plays when considered underdogs, or how each squad performs when playing against divisional or conference rivals.

Believe us when we tell you that you can run into a myriad of NFL betting trends to pick from, but usually, the best game plan is to stick with what the experts offer, like the ones we will showcase on our NFL odds page once the action starts rolling. So, make sure you keep an eye and get ready to make bank.


Ok, we covered NFL betting trends, let’s jump into something a little bit more up the alley of all NFL lines fans, betting on NFL futures. What are future bets? A future bet is a betting option where you are allowed to wager on any event, series, award, or specific result for an upcoming event that will go down in the future.

But wait, how does that differ from betting on the immediate outcome of a game for example? Simple, let’s take an NFL futures bet for example, since we’re talking all things pro football.

When betting on an NFL futures pick, you’d be wagering on events such as who the winner of the season’s Super Bowl will be, which two teams will make up the Super Bowl matchup, which teams will win each NFL division, which players can win each individual award like NFL MVP, Comeback Player of the Year as well as offensive and defensive rookie of the year for example.

Still a bit on the fence about NFL futures bets? Again, don’t worry, we got you. Let’s break it down a little more.


What is the perfect scenario to get your futures betting game on? Wagering on all the action waiting to unfold in the postseason of course! But before we dive into that, let’s break down how the NFL post-season and each betting line work.

After a grueling regular season schedule that sees all 32 teams battle it out for their respective divisional title, or in a lesser case a wild card bid to make it into the playoffs, the panorama begins to get smaller as the competition gets tighter. In both the AFC and NFC, a seeding process is put into place, ranking all teams that make it into the postseason from best to worst.

Within said system, each conference’s No.1 seed gets an automatic bye from the first week of post-season competition as well as home-field advantage all throughout the playoffs, with all other teams entering the fray from week 1, also known as Wild Card weekend.

As a quick piece of advice from your friends here at BetUS, checking out the NFL playoff specials page to get a little money playing on which teams will make it to the postseason this year won’t hurt.

Wild Card

Once the regular season comes to an end, and all playoff spots are secured, the time for action arrives, thus commencing Wild Card weekend. Teams seeded from the second to seventh position in the playoff standings square off in “win and you’re in” matchups with the highest-seeded squads earning home-field advantage for that initial game to begin with.

For betting pundits, especially those who have a keen eye on picking out potential playoff sleepers or dark horses, here is where their true NFL odds knowledge comes into play. Once the dust clears and the first games are over, the action moves on to the divisional round of the NFL playoffs.

Divisional Round

Alright, so we’re past the wild card stage, now we’ve officially entered the divisional round of the playoffs. Here is where the line is drawn between true contenders and pretenders. You never know, you might have a sleeper squad muscle their way in, but at the end of the day, it’s usually the perennial NFL betting favorites who make it here and continue on their push for a trip to the Super Bowl.

With a chance to play for their respective conference titles, the top remaining squads in both the AFC and NFC duke it out one last time before making a run for conference gold.

Conference Championship

Once the Wild Card and Divisional rounds of the NFL playoffs are over, there’s just one more step before making it to the Super Bowl. That step is winning the AFC or NFC championship. With almost the same thrills that the actual Super Bowl game brings, the two best teams in each of the league’s conferences square off one last time to determine who the two head honchos in the league are.

Now, you might be thinking that to bet on stages as all the previously mentioned it might be best to sit, wait patiently, and let the season’s results show you the way. And sure, that sounds like a great plan, one where keeping a continuous eye on our NFL odds page might put you over the edge. But if you’re all about the thrills of betting on NFL futures, we got you covered as well.

So what are you waiting for?


We all know football is a team sport. There’s literally no possible way one person alone could win a pro football game, and yes, we took into consideration Tom Brady at his prime and Patrick Mahomes.
But that doesn’t mean that specific players and coaches who put on show-stopping performances week in and week out don’t deserve to get some love.

In the NFL, the best way to show said stars some love comes by the way of individual awards given to players at the end of the regular season. From the “Most Valuable Player” award, honoring the best all-around football player of the season, to awarding the best offensive and defensive rookies of the year, as well as coach of the year honors and comeback player of the year, the league is all about showing its best some much-deserved recognition.

But instead of talking about all of the league’s awards in bulk, how about we break it down a bit and hit each one of them separately? And while we do that, you head on over to our NFL season awards and NFL regular season MVP pages where all the best initial odds for the top candidates to win said awards are awaiting.

Ready, set, hut!

MVP Odds

College football has the Heisman Trophy. Soccer has the Ballon d’Or award. Hockey has the Hart Memorial Trophy. See the trend here? Every single major sporting discipline in the world has a specific award with which their most important athletes are celebrated and awarded. In the NFL, it’s the MVP award, for which you can find the best initial odds for the season in our NFL MVP odds page.

Some of the best to ever grace the gridiron have won this award, further catapulting their status into the highest arcs of football greatness. Players like Walter Payton, Dan Marino, Lawrence Taylor, John Elway, Joe Montana, Steve Young, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Lamar Jackson, and Patrick Mahomes amongst others have all won it. So who will win it this year?

Stick around, find out, and make sure you are putting up some good money on your odds-on favorite here.


For rookies entering the league out of the NFL draft, making the strongest impression they can in their first year in the pros is a definite must. Be it that they are their team’s new offensive gems, or the new defensive cornerstones within their rosters, for a league that’s otherwise known as the “Not For Long” league, making a strong first impression is key and mandatory.

But don’t think for a second that the NFL doesn’t award such feats of strength and talent. No, no, no. Just like there’s an award for the most valuable player of the season, the NFL also rewards the best rookies both on offense and defense by awarding the Offensive and Defensive Rookie of the Year awards.

If you’re an avid football fan, both on the college and pro level, then following the career progression of players making the leap to the NFL is something that comes with ease. That’s why keeping up with our OROY and DROY odds is the way to go.

Jumping into our NFL season awards page to check out the best lines for offensive and defensive rookie of the year award candidates could end up raking in big results at season’s end, so don’t just wait it out, get to wagering!

Coach of the Year

You didn’t think for a second that the NFL only awarded players for their outstanding performances every season, right? In the most important football league in the world, everybody gets love and recognition, including, of course, one of the most pivotal components of each team, the head coach.

Like with the MVP award, the NFL rewards the top-performing coaches in the league each season, donning them with the Coach of the Year Award. Some of the biggest names in the game such as Bill Belichick, aka football coaching’s GOAT, and Andy Reid, coach of the reigning Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs have won it, so who will be next?

Our special NFL season awards page showcasing all of the top candidates and their respective odds to win the Coach of the Year award might give you the best insight on who might just be next, so instead of waiting, get to betting!

Comeback Player of the Year

If you’re not into good old underdog and comeback stories are you really a fan? In a league as physical and intense as the NFL, keeping your spot in the limelight can come and go in an instant.

Be it because of injury problems or other issues, a player’s career can go from the limelight to back at square one in an instant. It’s in those times of peril where a player’s true character comes to play, as well as his drive and desire to once again make it to the top of the league.

Just like with all other awards the NFL gives outstanding players and coaches, the league also rewards players who manage to make their way back into the league and become cornerstones of their respective teams.

Here at BetUS, we don’t shy away from being big fans of comeback stories. As a matter of fact, we live for moments like Geno Smith’s redemption tour last season, which saw the former journeyman QB find his way back into the league with the Seattle Seahawks and stage one of the best, feel-good comeback seasons in recent history.

By hopping over to our NFL season awards odds page, you’ll be greeted firsthand with our list containing the best odds for all players looking to make this season one where staging a massive comeback is a must.

So if you’re all about feel-good underdog tales, hit us up and get to making some cash.

Super Bowl

Ah the Super Bowl, the biggest sports entertainment spectacle on the planet. Broadcasted worldwide, loved by sports fans all around, whether they understand the game or not. The Super Bowl is more than just a football game to determine each season’s NFL champion. There’s so much more that goes into it that makes it, as previously mentioned, the biggest sports entertainment spectacle on the planet.

Every year, the respective AFC and NFC Champions square off in neutral ground to determine who goes home with the coveted Lombardi Trophy, aka, football’s most prestigious award. Take Super Bowl LVII for example. Last season, in one of the best showdowns we’ve had in recent history, the Kansas City Chiefs, with Patrick Mahomes at the helm routed Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles. NFL odds fans had a field day making bank with the action on the field.

Besides the game being the pinnacle of competition in football, there’s so much more that makes this the magnanimous event it is. From the singing of the National Anthem to the halftime show, the celebrity sightings, and all other action on and off the field, the Super Bowl commands an aura of thrills and excitement that no other sporting event offers every year.

With the 2023 NFL season on its way, Vegas NFL odds makers are already hard at work dishing out the best Super Bowl LVIII odds lists, showcasing which squads have the best chances to take the NFL’s biggest title.

Will Mahomes and the Chiefs repeat? Can the Eagles bounce back and win in 2023? Or will a team like the Bills, Jets, Bengals, or 49ers take the Lombardi Trophy home? Stick around to bet and find out.

Super Bowl Props

With a game as huge as the Super Bowl, the chances to make some good money wagering on as many situations is as much a part of the game as passing the ball and stopping the rush. Sure, you can always play it safe and bet on which team is favored to win the game, or the performances expected from the players in the game, like in our Super Bowl LVIII odds page for example. But why stop there when you can go further and truly try to strike gold?

The fun that lies within prop betting, especially in an event like the Super Bowl is that if you can think of it, and find odds for it, then your money is as good as ever to wager. For example, every Super Bowl game starts with the famed coin toss to decide which team kicks off and which team receives. The options are two, heads or tails. So, the question here is, do you feel lucky enough to pick the right side of the coin? Then put some money on it. What color Gatorade do you think the winning coach will be doused with once the game is over? If you think you know, let some cash ride on it.

Betting on Super Bowl props is one of the most entertaining ways to wager on football’s biggest game, all while looking for alternative options to make money.

Super Bowl Futures

So, you want to know which team or teams have the best odds to win the Super Bowl, right? Don’t worry, we all do. Being a fan of betting on NFL odds and lines is as much an exercise of undying fandom and love for your preferred squad as it is a test of understanding that sometimes, if you want to make money, dropping your favorite team and going another route is the way to go.

Our Super Bowl futures odds, which are right up there as the most attractive wagering lines alongside the ones the top Vegas NFL odds pages offer give NFL betting fans an insider’s look into which teams look best fit to make a run at Super Bowl LVIII glory.

In short, we have the best Super Bowl Futures odds, all we’re missing is you going for the gold!

Draft 2024

Do you know what all of your favorite NFL superstars have in common? Yes, they make boatloads of money, and yes, they look like real-life superheroes, but no, not that. All those players you cheer on today, and who sometimes become one of the pivotal reasons behind a strong NFL lines betting strategy started out in the same place, entering the league through the NFL Draft.

Each season the NFL draft not only works as the first mainstream event in the league calendar but also as the initial platform for all of college football’s top prospects to get their first taste of what being in the pros is like.

2024 promises to be one of the best drafts in recent history with two generational talent players ready to take the league by storm in USC QB Caleb Williams and Ohio State WR Marvin Harrison Jr. Both Williams and Harrison are touted as the betting favorites to go one and two according to our special 2024 NFL draft odds page.

While 2023 will bring plenty of action and thrills to go around both in college as well as in the pros, getting an early start on your 2024 NFL draft betting strategy might land you a premier win that will leave you feeling the No.1 pick in the draft.

The NFL Show

When wanting to bet on NFL action, you can wing it, saying a prayer out to the heavens and hoping for the best, or you can surround yourself with the best advice around, get the latest news and info and then have a real and clear chance at making some solid money with your preferred NFL picks. Now, while we don’t condemn wagering on pure luck and intuition, if that’s not your game then head on over to BetUS TV’s “The NFL Show” to get your fix of the best NFL expert picks, tailor-made by our team of handicapping experts who know a thing or two about making a few bucks off NFL action.

Oh yeah, and when we say “a few bucks” we actually mean that they are some of the most successful NFL wagering experts around and have made thousands of dollars off their NFL expert picks. So, don’t take too long to think and check out “The NFL Show” and get to winning.

So without further ado and much money to be made with the best NFL picks around, head on over to BetUS TV to check out “The NFL Show” and then over to BetUS sportsbook to start making some real, NFL all-star type money right now.


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While the 2023 season is still a little time away, here at BetUS we’re already offering our choices of teams with the best Super Bowl odds. While we wait for Super Bowl LVIII to come around, jump into our special Super Bowl LVIII odds page where you’ll find which team looks best to win the coveted Lombardi Trophy.

Can KC repeat? Get to betting and find out.

Sixteen teams per conference will be duking it out from week 1 of the 2023 NFL season to try and win their respective conference title and earn a spot at Super Bowl LVIII. In our special NFL conferences odds page, NFL lines fans will be treated to our picks for favorited squads to win the AFC and NFC title respectively.

While all signs point towards the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs repeating as conference champions, will we be in for a surprise in 2023?

So we covered the odds to win the Super Bowl, and the odds to win each conference championship, is there anything left? Yes, which teams look best to win their respective divisions? With four divisions in each conference, action is always assured.

If you feel like your team looks best to take its division this season, then get to check out our NFL divisions odds page and make your presence felt with a hefty wager to show everyone what’s up.

Understanding how NFL lines work is something that sounds harder than it is, but still, a little help to get the most out of your online sports betting is always welcome. When wanting to understand how to read NFL odds and lines, the three main wagering options you work with are the spread, total, and moneyline.

When reading the first two you’ll see a pair of numbers after each team. The teams who have their numbers with a negative sign are usually taken as favorites, while the underdogs have a “+” sign next to their numbers.

With the total, you are betting on the estimated total of points that both teams will score in a game. You can either go under or over depending on what you feel is the best option and of course, there will always be a favorite and an underdog betting option. When wanting to understand how to read NFL odds and lines, the three main wagering options you work with are the spread, total, and moneyline.

Lastly, when it comes to the moneyline, the bet is as simple as they come. Take the opening game of the season between the Detroit Lions and the Kansas City Chiefs. As of right now on our NFL week 1 odds page, you’ll find that the Lions have +240 in their moneyline option, meaning that for every $100 you bet, you can make $240 in return. While for the Chiefs, who stand at -290, this means that the bettor would have to wager $290 to get a potential $100 in return in a win.

We know it sounds hard, but don’t worry, here at BetUS we got you covered, so stop thinking about it so much and get to betting on the 2023 NFL season.

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  • not available with Free Plays or Futures and Props
  • only available if you have pre existing, non graded wagers
  • you can only use the funds from the amount of the pre existing wager
How to Place a Rolling If Bet:
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