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Sun, Sep 11, 2022 EST

Point Spread
Team Total
-2 -110
48  -110o
+2 -110
48  -110u
Regular Season Week 1.

NFL Packers vs. Vikings Week 1 Betting Odds & Lines


The NFL odds for Week 1 are already set, as those odds come out nearly as soon as the schedule is released. There are plenty of big games on the schedule in Week 1, but one of the best matchups will take place in Minnesota as the Vikings host the Green Bay Packers.

The NFC North could be one of the best NFL divisions in 2022, at least at the top. These two teams are set for an intense battle throughout the year, and the Week 1 matchup should be fun to watch.

Green Bay has been the class of the NFC North Division in recent seasons, and a future Hall of Fame quarterback leads them. Aaron Rodgers has won back-to-back MVP awards in the NFL and is talented enough to win it again in 2022.

Minnesota has a talented roster, but they have struggled to put it all together in recent seasons. The Vikings are set to be loaded again in 2022, and they appear more than ready to give Green Bay a run at the top of the NFC North.

This NFL Week 1 matchup could set the tone for how the rest of the season is going to go.

Packers vs. Vikings Odds

All NFL Week 1 games are going to come with plenty of betting options, but this will be a key game to begin the 2022 season. Divisional rivalry games always mean just a little bit more, and these teams have quite the history.

If you are going to place a wager on the Packers vs. Vikings, then you should be checking out BetUS Sportsbook. This is where you will find the best Week 1 NFL betting lines, and you will also find a long list of options.

BetUS wants to get your business, and they are willing to offer a nice reward to all of those that sign up for an account. There is a 100% first deposit bonus available for all new customers, and that is actually worth up to $2,500.

Before betting on the Packers vs. Vikings, you need to develop some sort of betting strategy. With so many betting options to choose from, it’s going to be important to determine how to bet on this big game.

Getting your bets in early is usually a good strategy when betting on any NFL Week 1 game, as those odds are out months ahead of the game. Putting together a same game parlay is another great strategy to use, which can lead to a big win.

Prop betting is extremely popular when it comes to the NFL, and you will find a ton of prop betting options to choose from in the game featuring the Packers vs. Vikings. Betting on props can be done both on individual players and team props.

One example of an individual prop betting option would be betting on the number of passing yards for quarterback Aaron Rodgers. If the betting market is set at 249.5 yards, then you can decide if he will throw more or less than that number.

HOW TO BET ON NFL Packers vs Vikings

There will be seemingly endless betting options for the Packers vs. Vikings, but there will always be those betting options that stand out. If you are looking to make a wager on the Packers and Vikings, then here are some of the best bets to make.

Betting Against the Spread

NFL point spreads usually attract the most attention when it comes to this league, and that’s probably the best bet to make on the Packers vs. Vikings. Because both of these teams are expected to compete for the top of the NFC North Division, the spread is not very large.

Green Bay is currently a two-point favorite on the road over Minnesota, and the odds for each side of that wager are set at -110. This means that the Packers would have to win by at least three points to cover the spread, while the Vikings can lose by one and still cover.


Betting the moneyline is another popular football bet to make, and there is actually a good opportunity in this game. Sometimes the moneyline doesn’t have a very big payout for one side, but with a small spread, then this can be a good option.

The Green Bay Packers are set to have moneyline odds of -135 in Week 1, and the Minnesota Vikings are at +125. All you have to do with this wager is pick the winning team, and the betting lines will tell you how much you can win.

If you make a $13.50 wager on the Packers, you would win $10. If you bet $10 on the Minnesota Vikings, your payout would be $12.50.

Totals (Over/Under)

Another great betting option when it comes to the NFL is betting the over/under. You will hear people refer to this bet as betting the total, but your two options to choose from are “over” or “under.”

The Week 1 betting lines for this type of bet are set at 49.0 points at BetUS Sportsbook. Both of the sides have lines set at -110, and that’s a pretty standard line for this type of wager.

If the Packers and Vikings combine to score at least 50 points, then the over would be the correct pick. A final score of 48 points or less would mean that the under hits and 49 points exactly would result in a push.

Live Betting

You have plenty of time to get a pregame wager in for the Packers vs. Vikings as the odds come out months before kickoff. That doesn’t mean you are required to bet before the game starts, though, as live betting will also be another terrific option.

When it comes to live betting, the odds are going to be posted in real-time, and those could change based on the result of every single play.

You will have a wide range of betting options when making a bet while the game is taking place, but sticking to the three betting types listed above is what you will likely want to do.

Futures Betting

Another good option when it comes to betting on the NFL is futures betting, although that type of bet won’t focus on just one single game. A futures bet is a wager placed on an outcome that is going to come at the end of the year, such as the eventual winner of the NFC North Division.

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NFL Packers vs Vikings Faqs

BetUS should always be your top choice when betting on the Packers vs. Vikings online, and really for all NFL matchups. Instead of just using the Vegas NFL odds that are used at other sportsbooks, BetUS will adjust the betting lines to give you the best chance at winning some money. You’ll also find a nice welcome bonus when signing up for your account.
There will be plenty of unique opportunities when betting on Packers vs. Vikings online in Week 1. All you need to do is find the betting options that you want to wager on and then make your bet. Since the NFL is a big betting market, you will find plenty of NFL odds.
As with any game, betting strategy varies based on the bettor. BetUS will undoubtedly give you their strategies and opinions. They are typically good strategies. When laying out your betting strategy, my one opinion is to take away your fandom from the pick. Do not place a bet solely based on your love of a team but on good, sound research.
If you are looking for a big payout, you can try to put together a Packers vs. Vikings parlay using a number of different bets. After looking at the NFL lines for Week 1 then, you will simply just need to add a number of different bets.
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