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Special bets take a unique angle, giving gamblers an opportunity to shake it up. BetUS offers many golf betting specials.

For example, the Icons Series features famous athletes and entertainers going head-to-head; this falls outside golf betting’s traditional parameters. Special tournaments typically follow traditional betting, which simply means picking a winner.

Special prop bets, like hole-in-ones or wire-to-wire winners, are another option. Prop bets are focused on an individual player or event, rather than picking a winner. Nearly every major tournament, like the U.S. Open, offers special prop wagers.

How do Golf Specials Odds Work?

Golf odds are similar to betting in most sports. The premise of betting is attempting to predict a victor or event. In the case of specials, most wagers deal with an event rather than a winner.

The chances of the event occurring are represented by the odds. The favorite pick will have a negative number, while the underdog gets the positive. The greater the number, the bigger the favorite or underdog. For instance, a -600 is a heavier favorite than -100, or a +800 is a larger underdog than a +200.

An albatross line will ask, “Will there be an albatross in the tournament?” The odds could be YES (+2000) or NO (-1000). This is straightforward with only two options.

The most popular specials are props for major tournaments. With its popularity and infinite possibilities, there are many choices.

Other specials are the traditional bet with a winner predicted. For instance, a bet for the Icon Series would simply ask for a winner. Let’s say the favorite is -125 while the underdog is +200. For the -125 favorite, a $125 bet is required for a $100 profit. The underdog pick would net a $200 profit on a $100 wager.

Golf special odds are straightforward. Many props will only give two options as yes or no questions. Traditional bets on tournaments like the Icon Series pick a winner.

Most Important Players

Golf is full of parity, giving bettors a wide variety of choices. Justin Thomas, Rory McIlroy, Jon Rahm, and Patrick Cantlay have been mainstays on the PGA TOUR.

Going forward, there is a youth movement in golf. Tiger Woods is attempting to get his footing as he returns to golf. Phil Mickelson has moved to LIV Golf, meaning he’s suspended from PGA play.

In 2022, new players have emerged. Sam Burns and Cameron Smith have played well this season. Within two months, Scottie Scheffler went from no PGA wins to holding the top spot in rankings. He tallied four PGA wins from February-April 2022, including a Masters victory.

Golf bettors have a wealth of players to choose from.

BetUS Offer

Bonuses at sportsbooks make golf betting enticing. Right now, BetUS is offering a 125% sign-up bonus up to $3,125 on your first deposit.

HOW TO BET ON Golf Specials

Of course, the number one priority when betting on golf is keeping up with the game. See who is playing well. Who is consistently coming up short in recent events? Could they finally get the elusive win in the next tournament?

Following the game closely is more important with new names. Few foresaw Scheffler’s hot streak. The ones that did followed the tour closely.

Placing your bet at the right time is just as crucial. To get the most out of your wager, wait until it is the right time. It will never be the absolute perfect timing. However, gamblers get a better feel with more experience. As they say, practice makes perfect.

Stay up to date with live golf odds. Sometimes betting as soon as the odds release makes the most sense. If you feel great with the odds, place the bet. At times, it takes patience. Odds are not permanent, they will move with the trends.

To make the best wager, consume plenty of golf content. Whether it be podcasts, videos, Twitter, or articles, there is a ton of content out there. None of it is useless, you will get something out of it. Consuming this material can be as helpful as watching tournaments.

How to Make a Golf Specials Parlay

Parlays have grown rapidly in recent years. These involve placing two or more bets. To win, every wager must hit. For example, if a parlay involves five bets and four are correct while one fails, this is a loss.

Why would gamblers take their chances with a parlay? It offers big money. Parlays can also make watching events exciting.

Like many sports, golf offers parlays. Golf special parlays can get crazy. Making a parlay with a hole-in-one, a playoff, and an albatross for the U.S. Open is a fun bet. Depending on your picks, the stakes will be high but that yields larger payouts.

To place a golf specials parlay, select several bets on the sportsbook under a specials page. It can be made a parlay when submitting the wager.

Overall, parlays involve a lot of luck. Specifically for specials, there’s not a lot of analyzing to do. Predicting a hole-in-one does not require extensive research. Have fun with golf special parlays and go with your gut.

How to Bet on Golf Specials Odds

This is where strategies come into play. How do gamblers separate themselves from the pack and win big? Here are a few popular strategies for betting on golf specials.

Traditional to-win bets can involve a lot of research. However, wagers for golf specials require less. There’s only so much information on celebrities golfing, like in the Icon Series. Michael Phelps is one of the biggest names in the tournament. Plenty of information is out there about his golfing background.

Knowing Phelps is a great golfer will certainly impact where your bet lands. While research for golf specials is possible, it involves less than a professional tournament.

Special props fall in the same category. If anything, prop bets could require even less research. Special props deal with luck and gambling at its core. There is little skilled betting involved, but it’s a fun bet.

The BetUS sportsbook will label any special. These are found under the “Golf Specials” page or under one dedicated to a tournament, like the “U.S. Open Specials.”

BetUS strives to offer a vast array of unique specials for golf betting. With sign-up offers available, BetUS is a fantastic sportsbook to bet on golf specials.


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BetUS is great for golf specials, providing many options. Plus, the sportsbook consistently offers sign-up bonuses.

First, decide what kind of bet you want to make. Specializing in a type of bet can lead to more winning.

Next, be prepared for research. Have plenty of knowledge at your disposal; making a pick becomes a lot easier.

All strategies start and end with research. While golf specials involve luck, information can make the process easier.
BetUS offers parlays for many sports. Prop golf specials can be turned into a parlay. If you feel good about several golf specials bets, combine them to increase the payout.
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