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Soccer Futures

Spain La Liga Outrights

Fri, Feb 04, 2022 EST

Rot To Finish in Top 4 Spain La Liga 2021/22 Moneyline
20 Real Madrid     -100000
21 Barcelona     -175
22 Atletico Madrid     -400
23 Sevilla     -1200
24 Villarreal     +600
25 Real Sociedad     +350
26 Real Betis     +160
27 Athletic Bilbao     +1600
29 Celta Vigo     +6600
30 Espanyol     +15000
32 Valencia     +5000
33 Osasuna     +12500
39 Rayo Vallecano     +2800
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Rot To Win Outright Spain La Liga W/O Barcelona & Real Madrid 2021/22 Moneyline
40 Atletico Madrid     +190
41 Sevilla     -175
42 Villarreal     +4000
43 Real Sociedad     +2800
44 Real Betis     +1200
45 Athletic Bilbao     +10000
46 Celta Vigo     +35000
47 Getafe     +150000
48 Levante     +450000
49 Espanyol     +50000
50 Osasuna     +100000
51 Valencia     +35000
52 CD Alaves     +300000
53 Granada     +150000
54 Mallorca     +200000
All Wagers Have Action. Others On Request.
Rot Top Goalscorer Spain La Liga 2021/22 Moneyline
61 Karim Benzema     -1000
62 Luis Suarez     +5000
64 Memphis Depay     +5000
65 Alexander Isak     +50000
66 Gerard Moreno     +5000
67 Ansu Fati     +50000
68 Antoine Griezmann     +50000
69 Youssef En Nesyri     +50000
70 Eden Hazard     +50000
71 Iago Aspas     +2800
72 Joao Felix     +50000
73 Jose Vinicius Junior     +1400
74 Ousmane Dembele     +50000
75 Marti Roger     +50000
76 Raul De Tomas     +4000
77 Angel Correa     +4000
78 Mikel Oyarzabal     +10000
79 Paco Alcacer     +50000
All Wagers Have Action. Others On Request.
Rot To Be Relegated Spain La Liga 2021/22 Moneyline
80 Rayo Vallecano     +12500
81 Mallorca     +250
82 Elche     +350
83 Cadiz     -335
84 Valencia     +10000
85 Granada     +450
86 Espanyol     +3300
87 CD Alaves     -275
88 Osasuna     +4000
89 Levante     -800
90 Getafe     +335
92 Athletic Bilbao     +50000
93 Real Betis     +100000
94 Villarreal     +75000
95 Real Sociedad     +50000
100 Celta Vigo     +6600
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Sat, Feb 05, 2022 EST

Rot To Win Outright Spain La Liga 2021/22 Moneyline
1 Barcelona     +4000
2 Real Madrid     -1000
3 Atletico Madrid     +2500
4 Sevilla     +1000
5 Real Sociedad     +10000
6 Villarreal     +40000
7 Real Betis     +6600
8 Athletic Bilbao     +50000
9 Celta Vigo     +200000
10 Getafe     +450000
11 Levante     +450000
12 Osasuna     +250000
13 Valencia     +100000
14 Espanyol     +200000
15 CD Alaves     +450000
All Wagers Have Action. Others On Request.

Spain La Liga Outrights

La Liga is an annual Spanish soccer competition that eligible teams qualify for based on their performances in their respective leagues and competitions. This is the top level of Spanish soccer and operates on a double round-robin format, having all 20 teams play each other twice for 38 games in total.

The La Liga operates much like other top-level European leagues where they use a system of promotion and relegation. The three lowest place teams head to the Segunda division, and the top two teams from the Segunda Division are then promoted to La Liga. This means you don’t have the exact same teams in the league each season – which can be interesting for futures betting.

While these promoted teams may be big underdogs, you shouldn’t necessarily rule them out as there isn’t a huge wealth of data that will prove why they can’t win it all.

While betting on La Liga can be a little more simple than let’s say any of the larger tournaments like Europa League, there are only 20 teams to choose from.

You have a one in twenty chance of being right by picking the outright winner of the La Liga.

These are commonly called futures wagers because you are betting on the winner of the entire Spanish La Liga far advance. You can place your wager on your favorite team any time you like throughout the season, however, the odds will change based on the team’s performance. Keeping an eye on the odds and finding the right time to strike will be your best bet and strategy.

As teams start accumulating victories and start proving they might be a contender, you will see their odds will start to reflect that. A team you saw for +1000 at the start of the season may have odds of -110 now if they are blowing the competition out of the water. It’s all in when you place your wager and making sure you have a great La Liga futures betting strategy throughout the season.

Keep an eye on this page for the most up-to-date and accurate La Liga futures and outright wagers. After each match, we will be adjusting odds as needed to reflect the most likely team to win the Spanish La Liga.

Before you make your betting decisions visit our Soccer News section, and also check out our Soccer Picks page and our specialized Youtube Channel: BetUS Soccer Picks and Predictions for the best information you can find to bet on the Spanish La Liga Outrights.

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