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Mexico Liga MX Outrights

Fri, Feb 03, 2023 EST

Rot To Win Liga MX Clausura 2023 Moneyline
1001 America     +400
1002 Pachuca     +500
1003 Monterrey     +400
1004 Tigres UANL     +500
1005 Toluca     +1600
1006 Chivas de Guadalajara     +1200
1007 Santos Laguna     +1100
1008 Cruz Azul     +3300
1009 Leon     +1600
1010 Atlas     +1800
1011 Puebla     +5000
1012 Pumas UNAM     +1800
1013 Atletico San Luis     +3300
1014 Mazatlan FC     +10000
1015 Necaxa     +12500
1016 Tijuana Xolos de Caliente     +10000
1017 FC Juarez     +3300
1018 Queretaro FC     +10000

Mexico Liga MX Outrights Betting Odds and Lines


The Mexico Liga MX is the top-flight men’s soccer league in the Central American country, with two tournaments per year.

The league exists in the CONCACAF confederation, where the best teams from the league play in the CONCACAF Champions League. For each season, 18 teams battle for the division’s title.

You can place different kinds of bets on this competition, including soccer spreads, outright, under/over, etc. You just have to understand the league before jumping in to start betting.

Also, you should have a sportsbook where you want to start placing your bets. The options are endless, and you’re good to go if you can find the right place to start.

Before betting on the Mexico Liga MX, you should know what you’re getting into. Like any soccer league that you want to give a try, understanding how it works will go a long way for you, and it will improve how you place your bets.

You might not have a problem getting started if you know how various soccer leagues work.

However, you should know that the Liga MX format isn’t as straightforward as most leagues, and if you want to place soccer bets on this competition, you need to understand the format.

Therefore, you should know that the league is divided into two: the Apertura, the opening tournament, and the Clausura, the closing tournament.

The Apertura runs from July to December, while the Clausura starts in January and ends in May. It follows the FIFA’s world footballing calendar, where the season opens in July-August and closes in April-May of the following year. After the regular season, the top 12 teams get a chance to play in the Liguilla (playoffs).

However, only eight teams from the 12 would play in the playoffs properly, and one team would lift the Liga MX trophy at the end of the day.

Mexico Liga MX Outrights History

Once you understand how the league works, you can place a soccer bet on the Liga MX outrights options.

In that case, you need to know what it entails before you get started. Know that betting on outrights simply places long-term bets, meaning you have to wait for a few games or until the end of the season.

Therefore, you need to know about the history of the teams, which ones are performing, and those below standard to properly categorize the teams.

These teams have different soccer odds based on how the algorithm ranks them after using different metrics to judge. Also, it gives a good idea of how they would rank after the games are done.

How do the Mexico Liga MX Outrights Work?

The Mexico Liga MX Outrights is no different from other top soccer competitions outrights. It is all about betting on different bet options that would take some time to complete.

It can be on players or teams. The options are plenty, depending on the sports betting sites you decide to use and the part of the league you want to focus on.

You can place outrights bets on the Apertura or Clausura parts of the league. Or, you can simply go for the overall action where you bet on who will win the league.

You don’t need to worry; you can always pick from the various options and combine different ones if you want to place accumulator bets.

In addition, you should know that each team has different odds before the season starts, and each of the odds is based on their previous performances and history in the league.

Therefore, you can back the ones with the lowest odds in each of the options that you want to bet on. That way, you’ll know what teams you should focus your research on before placing your bets.

BetUS Offer

Finding the right sports betting site with the best soccer lines will go a long way to help you place bets better.

In that case, you should pick BetUS as your playground because it has some of the best offers available to players that want to start sports betting. You can always choose from the different options.

With BetUS, you can place bets on the Mexico Liga MX Outrights and get the best playing incentives to kickstart your journey.

You should know that there is a welcome offer for newbies, and as you keep playing, you’ll receive more incentives, making it easy to reduce the risk on your bankroll.

Betting Strategy

When you want to bet on soccer, you should know that you need a betting strategy to ensure that you don’t place bets randomly.

In that case, it would be easier if you got the right one. Therefore, if you want to bet on the Mexico Liga MX, you should first decide what options you would like to go with.

If it is the outrights bets, you should know that there are different options in this category, and the one you pick will determine how far you would go.

In that case, you need to work on how you want to bet on each game and the amount you would like to spend. Finally, you should have what teams you want to back in your bet slip.

Props Bets

Outrights bets are fun, and you can always give them a go. However, you can also try props bets, especially if you don’t want to care about who wins or loses the game.

Props bets give you a wide range of options on which you can place bets, depending on what you want back in the game.

You can decide to go with the number of corners one team or both teams would get, cards, fouls, etc. Also, you can pick options like who would score the first goal, what player would pick up the first card, would VAR intervene in the match or not, etc.

What you’ll get on the list depends on the sports betting sites you join, and BetUS has a massive option available.

Most Important Teams and Players

The competition has been around for many years, and since the start, some teams have been familiar names in the roaster.

These teams maintain a high standard and give the fans something to look out for every season. Some notable mentions include Club América, Atlas, Cruz Azul, Monterrey, and Guadalajara.

These teams have been consistent in the league for many years, and we’ve seen them win titles. In addition, we’ve also witnessed many players take on the mantle to dazzle the fans and spectators of the league, giving us a show every time. These teams and players remain essential to the league.

HOW TO BET ON Mexico Liga MX Outrights

If you’re familiar with betting on sports, you will discover that it is easy to bet on soccer. You just have to understand what it entails, and you’re good to go.

In addition to that, you might need to learn about the different areas you have to check before you can get started with placing bets on games.

After that, you must learn how the sport you want to bet on works before jumping into it. In that case, you should find out what soccer entails, and when you want to bet on the Mexico Liga MX, you should know about the competition’s history.

You can start with the different teams and their previous performances to set the tone.

Mexico Liga Mx Outrights Odds

Every season, each team gets odds for different betting options. But, before the season starts, each of the teams in the league is allocated different outrights odds depending on the options that fall under.

So, the teams with the best chance to win would have the least odds, while those with the least chance would have the highest odds.

But you should know that what you’re betting on can be positive or negative. For instance, it can be betting on teams that would be relegated (negative) or on teams that would enter the playoff rounds (positive). So, the worst teams would get the least odds for the negative options and vice versa.

How to Bet

To start betting, you should know that there are different things you should have in place. For a start, you need a good betting site to get started with your betting journey.

You should choose where you want to pitch your tent. If you’ve never played sports bets before, you should take your time before making any decision.

But to save the stress of researching, we recommend you pick BetUS, the sportsbook that offers different soccer competitions, including the Mexico Liga MX.

Therefore, you can register, deposit, and go to the soccer section to start playing. There, you can bet on the various outrights options available.

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Mexico Liga MX Outrights Faqs

The BetUS platform is a perfect fit if you want to bet on the Mexico Liga MX Outrights because you’ll get a wide range of options and an abundance of options available.
To bet on the Mexico Liga MX outrights odds, you should first pick a sports betting site, log into your fully funded account, go to the soccer section, pick the league, and place your bets based on your predictions.
The favorite to win the league varies for each season, and you can always notice them based on the odds they are allocated before the season starts and as it progresses.
The Mexico Liga MX outrights are pretty straightforward. They are simply long-term bets that you can wager on, but you have to wait for a period before it is fulfilled. It can be after the season is over or a particular milestone is reached.
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