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Italy Serie A Outrights

Sun, Feb 06, 2022 EST

Rot To Win Outright Italy Serie A 2021/22 Moneyline
1 Juventus     +2500
2 Inter Milan     -400
3 Atalanta     +1100
4 Napoli     +800
5 AC Milan     +1100
6 Roma     +50000
7 Lazio     +50000
8 Sassuolo     +150000
9 Fiorentina     +50000
10 Sampdoria     +250000
11 Verona     +150000
12 Udinese     +200000
13 Bologna     +150000
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Rot To Finish in Top 4 Italy Serie A 2021/22 Moneyline
20 Juventus     -225
21 Inter Milan     -15000
22 Atalanta     -300
23 Napoli     -600
24 AC Milan     -300
25 Roma     +800
26 Lazio     +2000
27 Sassuolo     +75000
28 Fiorentina     +2800
29 Sampdoria     +125000
30 Verona     +40000
31 Udinese     +75000
32 Bologna     +75000
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Rot Top Goalscorer Italy Serie A 2021/22 Moneyline
40 Lautaro Martinez     +1200
41 Duvan Esteban Zapata     +2500
42 Alvaro Morata     +10000
43 Ciro Immobile     +110
44 Luis Muriel     +10000
45 Victor Osimhen     +10000
46 Dusan Vlahovic     +140
47 Zlatan Ibrahimovic     +5000
48 Dries Mertens     +12500
49 Ante Rebic     +25000
50 Paulo Dybala     +8000
51 Edin Dzeko     +3300
52 Andrea Belotti     +25000
54 Francesco Caputo     +50000
55 Borja Mayoral     +50000
56 Oliver Giroud     +10000
57 Moya Borja Mayoral     +50000
58 Lorenzo Insigne     +15000
59 Joaquin Correa     +10000
60 Giovanni Simeone     +2500
61 Joao Pedro     +5000
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Rot To Be Relegated Italy Serie A 2021/22 Moneyline
60 Salernitana     -800
61 Spezia     +600
62 Venezia     -120
63 Empoli     +4000
64 Genoa     -450
65 Hellas Verona     +40000
66 Cagliari     -300
67 Torino     +50000
68 Udinese     +1600
69 Bologna     +4000
70 Fiorentina     +50000
71 Sassuolo     +10000
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Rot To Win Outright Italy Serie A W/O Juventus 2021/22 Moneyline
70 Inter Milan     -400
71 Atalanta     +1100
72 Napoli     +800
73 AC Milan     +1100
74 Roma     +50000
75 Lazio     +50000
76 Sassuolo     +150000
77 Fiorentina     +50000
78 Sampdoria     +250000
79 Bologna     +150000
80 Cagliari     +450000
All wagers have action. Others on request

Italy Serie A Outrights

Italy Serie A is the top level of the Italian soccer system and is one of the oldest European soccer teams, founded 123 years ago. You can bet on the Italy Serie A almost year-round, from August to May, alongside other popular European leagues, and bet on the Italy Serie A futures alongside your usual game bets.

Futures wagers are bets on a particular outcome that occurs in the future, sometimes months or weeks in advance. Italy Serie A futures allow you to pick which team you think will win the top level of Italian soccer at any point throughout the season. However, you will get better value by predicting the winner at the start of the season instead of right before the end.

There are only 20 teams in the Italy Serie A, and each team plays 38 games each season, they play each team twice. This isn’t as intimidating for futures bettors as it would be for leagues with 100 or more teams.

As Serie A teams begin to play, you can identify which teams are having a good season and winning their games. When you look at the futures board for Italy Serie A outrights, you will see these team’s odds will start to increase. If you decided to place a bet on an underdog team early in the season and they start performing really well,you might see their odds change and they become more favored. This is great for you because you locked in the value when you initially placed your wager and now others aren’t getting the same odds as you would have received.

Keep an eye on this page for the most up-to-date and accurate Italy Serie A futures and outright bets. Keep an eye on every team’s odds to win the Italy Serie A championship and place a few wagers on your favorite clubs throughout the season!

Visit our Soccer News section, or check out our Soccer Picks page and our specialized Youtube Channel: BetUS Soccer Picks and Predictions for the best information you can find to bet on the Italian Serie A Outrights.

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