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Shinobi Wars General Information

Shinobi Wars is an online casino game with a ninja theme. In fact, it uses a lot of the characters from Naruto, so anyone familiar with anime and manga will be familiar with this game. It looks excellent, with all characters drawn really well. It also has some great features in place to make it a very interesting title.

Game Guide

Shinobi Wars is a title that sticks to its theme perfectly. It’s a 5-reel slot with 25 paylines, so it sits just on the average for casino games. The volatility is low for this game, with a maximum payout of 250x the player stake. This is a fast-paced slot that really matches up with the theme.


Orange Ninja
Purple Ninja
Green Ninja
Blue Ninja

How to Play

There are a lot of bonus features available in this game. It makes every spin an interesting one. Players are able to grab free spins and other bonuses in the Shinobi Wars slot. It sticks to the overall theme perfectly, with the Naruto influences shining through and providing an excellent overall experience. Even if you’re not a fan of Naruto, there’s a good chance you will be after playing this online casino game.

Minimum and Maximum Bet

Players can wager a minimum of $0.25 when playing Shinobi Wars. It’s pretty much in line with what’s expected from an online casino game, but it still might put off some lower-budget players. The maximum stake is set at $100. This will definitely appeal to high-budget players.

Game Controls

All of the stake controls for Shinobi Wars are located in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. It makes it very easy for players to choose how much they want to wager on each spin. When it comes to playing the game, the “Spin” control is placed in the middle of the reels. On either side, there are buttons to choose the maximum stake and set up an “Auto-Spin” program.

Shinobi Wars FAQ's

What is the RTP of Shinobi Wars Online Slot?

Shinobi Wars slot has an RTP of 96.50%, which is considered high and appealing to most players. RTP, or Return to Player, is a percentage that indicates the likelihood of winning based on the player’s house advantage.

Are there any special features in Shinobi Wars Online Slot?

Yes, there are special features in Shinobi Wars Online Slot. Players can trigger a free spins round, and it is possible to re-trigger it [3]. Additionally, there are hidden scrolls that can appear on the fifth reel, and players can enjoy unique multipliers, free spin prizes, and chakra boosts.

What is the theme of Shinobi Wars Online Slot?

Shinobi Wars Online Slot is inspired by the popular manga and anime series Naruto. The game is set in the fantastic world of ninjas, and players can train with legendary shinobis and learn new techniques with Naruto and his friends while spinning the reels.

Recent Winners

Name Game Wager Payout
1 Robert N Craps $23.15 $5,106.90
2 Mr. Denis M Double Deck Blackjack (High roller) $113.54 $4,274.50
3 Mr. Deandre C Single Hand Blackjack $30.48 $3,611.00
4 Mr. David A Multihand BJ 2-200 $113.07 $6,320.00
5 Raul R Spins of Independence $17.23 $5,089.00
6 Mr. Michael J Touchdown Frenzy $42.04 $4,060.00
7 Mr. Vasyl S Merlin's Spheres of Fortune - Hold & Win $199.95 $10,037.17
8 Mr. Jason V Buffalo Bullion - Hold & Win $5.00 $1,982.75
9 Mr. Kelvin K Solar Spins $12.27 $1,812.50
10 Mr. Steven M Bounding Luck $4.24 $6,252.27
11 Mr. Kelly L Stampede $13.06 $4,009.64
12 Mr. Jordan B Book Of Darkness $9.77 $3,838.80
13 Mr. Joseph D Play With Cleo $17.14 $8,290.00
14 Mr. Troy N Play With Cleo $22.61 $6,756.50
15 Mr. Philip S Blackjack Multi $216.09 $4,561.50
16 Mr. Donald J Poker Three $126.93 $1,765.00

What other people say


August 15, 2022

Shinobi Wars is a powerful online slots game that transports you to the world of the ninja. The graphics are stunning, the sound effects are immersive, and the bonuses are a true representation of the skill and bravery of the ninja warriors. I was deeply moved by this game.

star review star review star review star review star review


February 24, 2022

Shinobi Wars is an emotional rollercoaster of a game. The ninja-themed graphics are beautiful and the bonuses are a testament to the strength and bravery of the warriors. I was impressed by this game and I think others will be too.

star review star review star review star review star review


December 3, 2021

 by Shinobi Wars. The game is not just about winning money, but about the journey of the ninja warriors. The graphics are stunning, the sound effects are powerful, and the bonuses are a true representation of the challenges and triumphs of the characters. I highly recommend giving this game a try.

star review star review star review star review star review
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