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Three Card Poker General Information

Game Guide

Three Card Poker is a unique game in the online casino where the player is dealt three cards and payouts are based on a specific payout table depending on those three cards. The higher hand wins, as in other poker games, but in Three Card Poker the player doesn’t have to Ante up before any cards or dealt. The player could make a Pair Plus wager instead of an Ante wager. The player can raise or fold in Three Card Poker just like in most poker games and the dealer’s hand only qualifies with a Queen or better.

How to Play

Before any cards are dealt, the player makes either an Ante bet, a Pair Plus bet, or both. The player is dealt 3 cards up. The dealer’s 3 cards are dealt down. If the player made an Ante bet, he has two choices, fold or play. If the player folds, the dealer takes the Ante wager and closes the hand. If the player decides to play, then he makes a bet equal to the amount of the Ante bet. The dealer turns his cards over. If the dealer doesn’t have a Queen, then the dealer pays the Ante bet and the Play bet pushes. If the dealer’s hand qualifies, then play resumes and the highest hand wins.

The Pair Plus wager is a separate wager from the Ante wager. A Pair Plus wager is made before the hands are dealt. If the player’s hand is higher than the dealer’s hand, the player scores! Like the Ante/Play wager, the Pair Plus wager can qualify for a bonus payout.

Bet Types

Before any play begins, the player has to make at least either a Pair Plus wager, an Ante wager, or both. Once the cards are dealt, the player can either fold or make a Play wager that is equal to the Ante wager.
If the player only made a Pair Plus wager, the cards are dealt and the high hand wins.

Minimum and Maximum Bet Amounts

The minimum bet in Three Card Poker is $1.
The maximum bet in Three Card Poker is $100.


There is no real strategy if you’re playing the Pair Plus bet. If after the cards are dealt, you have a pair higher than the dealer’s, you win. If not, you lose.

When it comes to the Ante and Play bets, you want to play with a Queen or higher. If you’re not showing a Queen, then you should consider folding because playing requires you to double your bet. You’re going to want to at least have a 6 following the Queen before making the Play bet as well. A Queen, 6, puts you into a decent position to beat the dealer’s hand. The dealer first must qualify with a Queen and, then, has to have a card that beats the 6. Since 6 is one higher than 5, and 5 is half of 10, a Queen, 6, is a good hand to consider playing.

Many Three Card Poker strategists will only place a Play wager if they’re showing Queen, 6, 4, but you could be giving up a lot of Ante bets with that strategy!

Three Card Poker FAQ's

What is Three Card Poker?

Three Card Poker is a popular casino table game where players aim to create the best three-card hand. It combines elements of traditional poker with fast-paced gameplay and easy-to-understand rules.

How do you play Three Card Poker?

In Three Card Poker, each player and the dealer are dealt three cards. Players can either fold and forfeit their bets or place a “play” bet to continue the game. The objective is to beat the dealer’s hand by having a higher-ranked three-card hand.

What are the hand rankings in Three Card Poker?

The hand rankings in Three Card Poker differ from traditional poker. The highest-ranked hand is a straight flush, followed by three of a kind, straight, flush, pair, and high card. It’s important to familiarize yourself with these rankings before playing.

Recent Winners

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1 Robert N Craps $23.15 $5,106.90
2 Mr. Denis M Double Deck Blackjack (High roller) $113.54 $4,274.50
3 Mr. Deandre C Single Hand Blackjack $30.48 $3,611.00
4 Mr. David A Multihand BJ 2-200 $113.07 $6,320.00
5 Raul R Spins of Independence $17.23 $5,089.00
6 Mr. Michael J Touchdown Frenzy $42.04 $4,060.00
7 Mr. Vasyl S Merlin's Spheres of Fortune - Hold & Win $199.95 $10,037.17
8 Mr. Jason V Buffalo Bullion - Hold & Win $5.00 $1,982.75
9 Mr. Kelvin K Solar Spins $12.27 $1,812.50
10 Mr. Steven M Bounding Luck $4.24 $6,252.27
11 Mr. Kelly L Stampede $13.06 $4,009.64
12 Mr. Jordan B Book Of Darkness $9.77 $3,838.80
13 Mr. Joseph D Play With Cleo $17.14 $8,290.00
14 Mr. Troy N Play With Cleo $22.61 $6,756.50
15 Mr. Philip S Blackjack Multi $216.09 $4,561.50
16 Mr. Donald J Poker Three $126.93 $1,765.00

What other people say

Leo B

April 12, 2023

"The payouts can be really generous too, which is always a plus. Overall, I'd highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys poker or casino games in general."

star review star review star review star review star review

Javier M

January 22, 2023

"As someone who's not a big poker player, I was a bit hesitant to try Three Card Poker at first. But I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised"

star review star review star review star review

Carl C.

January 11, 2023

"I'm a huge fan of poker, and Three Card Poker is one of the best variations out there in my opinion"

star review star review star review star review star review
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