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Overview of the 2022 NFL Draft 

The 2022 NFL Draft is upon us and with the pro football world all buzzing to the brim with excitement, expectations and of course news and rumors flying around everywhere, right now is as best of a time as ever to get down and talk some NFL draft talks. Every single year, the Draft marks the beginning of all football fans’ favorite season, NFL season, and with all teams looking and hoping to find the next big generational talent amongst a slew of talented and pro ready college standout players, this event has all the makings to be a can’t miss affair.

Unlike last year where the 2021 class was filled to the brim with incredible talents at QB, with a total of five QB’s being taken within the first 15 picks of the draft, this year’s edition of the event is more about defensive players that have the skills to become angular stones for the defensive units of whichever team decides to pick them. So, without further ado, let’s talk about the upcoming NFL Draft.

Watch For Defensive Monsters To Fly Off The Board

Usually the draft is an event where teams try to go all offense first as their priority and then try to find hidden defensive gems here and there but in this 2022 NFL Draft it feels more and more that the defensive side of the ball will be getting all of the biggest hype early on. With players such as Michigan’s edge rushing star Aidan Hutchinson, Oregon’s polarizing edge Kayvon Thibodeaux, Georgia’s defensive leader Travon Walker and Purdue’s powerhouse edge rusher George Karlaftis, all fighting for the top spots in the mock drafts that continue to pop up everywhere by every single expert in the football world, it’s clear that this Draft will not be centered around QB’s like last year.

But why stop there, how about the talented crop of defensive ends that will be looking to join the league. Notre Dame’s star safety Kyle Hamilton will surely be a player that will fly off the boards easily and in the cornerback position two names stand above all others. LSU’s Derek Stingley Jr. and Cincinnati’s Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner have all the makings to become two of the best generational talents to enter the NFL in the CB position in years.

Wide Receivers Are Coming In Hot Too

While this year’s draft class is not full of QB talents, if you see the WR core, it’s a whole different story to tell here. Players like Arkansas’ Treylon Burks, Ohio State’s Garret Wilson and Chris Olave, USC’s Drake London and Alabama’s Jameson Williams will all be prayed on like crazy by teams looking for some serious upgrades in their offense.

Last But Not Least, Expect The Unexpected

One of the most beautiful things about the NFL Draft is all the chaos and madness that goes on behind the scenes as teams are looking to strike the best deals by trading picks both present and future and players in order to get ahead in the picking order of the event. This will surely be the case for the 2022 draft with multiple teams such as the Lions, Jets, Giants, Eagles and even the Chiefs all holding two picks in the first round of this year’s draft. So, with this said, just buckle up and pray that your team pulls off the best moves available.

How to bet on the NFL Draft

Just like with any other NFL related activity, if there’s a chance to wager and make money off the action, you know that we’ll have you covered, which is why we’re here to give you a quick “How To” on betting on the 2022 NFL Draft. While betting on pro football action, such as games is one world in its own, wagering on the NFL Draft is a completely different venture from a different world all in itself.

Here, fans are putting money into play on what decisions each team’s front offices and managers will take, especially regarding the future of said team, so understanding how this dynamic works and of course how you can make money off it is crucial. Here to help out are a few ways in which you can bet on the NFL Draft.

Betting on The First Pick

Every year mock drafts come and go, especially even more so as the actual Draft day approaches, which means that certain players and in which position of the draft list they’ll be picked will start to trend. Wagering on the first pick will always be one of the easiest bets to go with as there will always be a plethora of information about which players have the best possibilities for being the 1st pick in the event.

While usually it’s QB’s that always go first in the draft, this year’s edition of the event has three defensive behemoths all bidding to be the first players picked, Aidan Hutchinson from Michigan, Kayvon Thibodeaux from Oregon and Travon Walker from Georgia. So if you’re looking for an easy bet, here’s a good place to start.

Betting On Which Position Goes First

As previously mentioned, usually in the Draft the first position to be picked is QB, but that doesn’t mean that it happens every year, which is why wagering on which position will be picked first is also a fun alternative to make some money on the draft. This is why keeping up with the latest information regarding the draft is key, so that you as a betting enthusiast know that in this year’s draft, going with DE will most likely be the best way to go.

Betting On Who Each Team Picks

All over the internet you’ll find stats reports of which eligible players each NFL team will be looking to draft. But given that in the draft anything can happen, while “X” team could be looking to draft certain player, another team, “Y” can come before and snag him up, which is why betting on which player each team will pick with each of their picks can become a very fun and thrilling betting option. Just pray that your team chooses right and you’ll be a winner.

NFL Draft Frequently Asked Questions

When is the 2022 Draft?

For pro football fans everywhere, there is a wide list of important dates in the NFL yearly calendar to take into consideration, but at the end of the day none are as important as Week 1 of action, the start of the playoffs, the Super Bowl and of course, the NFL Draft. While the first three are all about action and strategy on the field, the draft is all about action and strategy off the field as the team’s all try and do their best managerial biddings to try and snatch the best up and coming talent that is hungry to enter the league.

This year’s NFL Draft, which will be happening in Las Vegas Nevada for the first time in the history of the NFL will be starting at 8 PM Eastern Time on Thursday April 28th with the first round of the draft and it will extend itself all the way to April 30th where the 4th through 7th rounds will take place.

Where to Watch the 2022 NFL Draft?

Given that the NFL draft holds so much importance in the sports calendars of fans all over, especially football fans of course, this has become a must-watch and follow event year after year. For football fans all over sitting, waiting and wishing for their teams to be able to draft the best players available for their teams having the best broadcasting options to enjoy the action as it unfolds is of the utmost importance.

NFL and sports fans in general will be able to enjoy this event via the NFL Network, ABC, ESPN, and the Spanish ESPN Deportes broadcast both nationally for the US as well as internationally for people watching abroad. Asides from that, both the ESPN app and the NFL Mobile app will be live streaming the event for all mobile device fans.

Where is the 2022 NFL Draft?

For the first time in history, the NFL Draft will be heading to the “Entertainment Capital of the World” Las Vegas, Nevada. The event in itself, which is slated to go down between April 28th until April 30th will be happening at the Draft Experience and Draft Theater located right next to the ever so famous Caesars Forum Convention Center right in the heart of the Vegas Strip. Given that the NFL Draft is a party all in itself, then bringing it to one of the epitomes of partying in the world seems to fit the bill just fine.

With Las Vegas being one of the most important epicenters for sports wagering purposes, the city now hosting their own team, the Las Vegas Raiders, and with having one of the absolute best and most modern football stadiums in the NFL, Allegiant Stadium, it’s only fitting that one of the most important dates in every year’s pro football calendar be hosted in Vegas.

Which Teams To Watch In The 2022 NFL Draft?

When thinking of which teams to watch for in the Draft there are various strategies to understand which teams are worth watching more than others. For example, whichever teams hold the first pick in the draft will always give plenty to speak off. Asides from that, keeping an eye on which teams hold the most draft capital, meaning picks, all the trades that can be made and where each player ends up going to will certainly play a pivotal role in which teams to watch.

In this year’s draft watching out for what the Jacksonville Jaguars will do with the first pick will be very interesting. Also, with the New York Jets and Giants both holding two picks each within the top-10, it will be very intriguing to see if they decide to keep both picks or play a little trading game with teams who either don’t have picks in the first round or that are looking to move up in the picking order. Asides from that, there’s plenty of teams all looking for new QB’s so those should definitely also be top priority teams to watch.

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