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Hooxi out of IEM Dallas

Unexpectedly, Rasmus HooXi Nielsen, the leader of the G2 team, has announced that he will not be competing in the forthcoming IEM Dallas competition in the Counter-Strike scene. Due to personal issues, the well-known leader had to stay at home, which made room for American player Jacky Stewie2K Yip to potentially play. The organization is searching for a qualified stand-in to take HooXi’s place as the competition draws near. Continue reading this article for the best information on esports predictions!

HooXi’s departure is a significant shift for his squad, which has been playing well lately. This will be a test of team strategy and coordination, which will be primarily determined by HooXi’s leadership.

Hooxi out of IEM Dallas
Hooxi, with his current team G2, in an interview


Looking for a replacement

G2 is currently evaluating individuals to fill in for the American event now that HooXi is sidelined. Out of all the possible substitutes, Jake “Stewie2K” Yip stands out as the favorite. With his possible inclusion, Stewie2K would compete in LAN tournaments for the first time since joining Evil Geniuses at the Americas RMR for PGL Major Antwerp.

After Marcelo “coldzera” David left the professional ranks, Stewie2K recently made a trial run return to the competition as a stand-in for Legacy. Depending on how well the roles and the move to English communication went, Stewie2K’s stay may be extended.



At IEM Dallas 2024, Audric “JACKZ” Jug had mentioned that he was originally meant to fill in for G2. However, because he played in qualifying with a random mixed team, ESL regulations prohibited him from competing.

Recently, Stewie2K began a trial period with Legacy, demonstrating his willingness to resume playing competitively. His work with Legacy, particularly his role-adaptability and English communication skills, make him a strong candidate for G2 at IEM Dallas. Stewie2K is a possible stand-in, however Guilherme “saadzin” Pacheco will take his place in Legacy after completing his move from W7M and obtaining a US visa.

Stewie2K, who is well-known for his aggressive playstyle and accomplishments in major competitions, could provide fresh strategies to the mix. At such a crucial juncture, fans and experts are keen to see how this potential move may impact the team’s dynamics.


G2’s form

The ESL Pro League Season 19 participation of G2 coincides with the announcement of HooXi’s absence. The team overcame obstacles to win Group B and a postseason berth. and triumphed against BIG in their first encounter at the bracket stage.



At IEM Dallas, where the squad will have to battle without its regular leader, the full effect of these adjustments will be seen. This competition will not only assess their fortitude but also demonstrate Stewie2K’s capacity for adaptability and leadership should he replace him. If he does replace him, this will bring a lot of attention and expectation to this team.

G2 is a current participant in the Season 19 playoffs of the ESL Pro League. They will have 2 weeks to be ready before IEM Dallas on May 27 if they make it to the final.

May 27th is when IEM Dallas 2024 kicks off and runs through June 2nd. There will be 16 world-class teams competing for a $250,000 prize fund.

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