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dev1ce punches monitor on stage

During a crucial round vs FaZe at IEM Chengdu 2024, Astralis star Nikolay dev1ce Ridtz lost his cool and struck his monitor. His play was interrupted by a technical issue, which had an impact on the team’s performance at a crucial juncture. A sudden monitor failure during a heated match on the Inferno map between Astralis and FaZe Clan left dev1ce noticeably angry. When FaZe found themselves in the midst of a crucial round with the score 6-9 in his favor, he acted quickly and decisively by hitting the shattered screen. Continue reading this article for the best information on esports predictions!

The episode spurred a lot of conversation on the strain eSports competitors experience in high-stakes competitions. Online, fans and commenters had mixed opinions. While some offered empathy for dev1ce’s frustration, others denounced the outburst as inappropriate conduct. But in contrast to the Chengdu incident, additional incidents frequently resulted from mistimed scheduling at significant events like the StarLadder Berlin CS:GO Major 2019 rather than technical difficulties, which, to put it mildly, infuriated dev1ce. But fans can imagine many of them would be just as, if not more, irritated if CS2 crashed in the middle of a LAN tournament quarterfinal. Fortunately, or at least fans hope so, no (more) monitors were damaged during the compilation’s filming.

dev1ce competing on stage for Astralis
dev1ce competing on stage for Astralis

As one of the best Awpers of all time, dev1ce is a professional who characterized Astralis’ glory days in Counter-Strike. He was just a few games away from leading the team to the IEM Chengdu Grand Finals when tragedy struck. He was about to readjust after missing a critical shot when his game crashed, killing him. Luis Mira of HLTV confirmed this was a game crash with ESL personnel. Counter-Strike 2 prohibits players from pausing in the middle of a round unless something catastrophic occurs to the entire lobby, in contrast to other esports games like League of Legends, which have policies about pausing and fixing the game in the event of technical difficulties or problems. This has grown to be a serious issue given how frequently CS2 crashes during performances. Dev1ce was having none of it.



Though it’s not as if pros are experiencing Counter-Strike 2 crashes in every game they play, it’s still a persistent enough problem to be noticed. This wasn’t even the only major issue found in that match, or the first time CS2 crashed in the middle of a match at IEM Chengdu. FaZe appeared confused early in that match due to another known glitch that makes players spin; the replay shows his expression of confusion. Luckily for FaZe, though, the glitch didn’t activate until after the round was finished. Astralis ultimately lost this last map in part because of dev1ce’s game crash. The CS2 pro expressed his satisfaction with the team’s performance at IEM Chengdu in his post-event comments on the incident.

Nicolai “Device” Reedtz made a statement online saying he won’t be smashing anymore monitors, a development that is sure to make headlines and relieve observers. With a promise to stop smashing monitors, the record is cleared. It appears that the esports maestro is trading in his rage for calm and his blows for harmony.

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