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How Many Hot Dogs Are “Too Many Hot Dogs? A Lot According To Chestnut and Sudo

Dog Challenge

Call them glizzys, franks, hot dogs, whatever you want, but when it comes to putting a wiener and a bun together, nobody does it better than Nathan’s Famous in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

Yes, there has always been a debate on what the best way to eat a hot dog is like. Whether it’s the NY dog with mustard, maybe some kraut and that’s it, the Chicago dog with all the fixings, a chili dog from Cincinnati, or a west coast dog with avocado and sunshine, but let’s all be honest and rational adults here and agree that Nathan’s hot dogs rule the land and that’s that. Ok? Coolio!

Nathan’s hot dogs have become so much of an Americana pop culture icon that every 4th of July, while everyone around the US celebrates Independence Day, in Brooklyn, it’s time to chow down on some dogs as the world-renowned Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest goes down. Yes, just like when you’re kicking it at home with your friends and family in a 4th of July BBQ and you decide to see who can eat the most dogs in one sitting, the same goes down in Coney Island, as some of the world’s best professional competitive eaters meet up to decide once and for all, who the king and queen of hot dog eating are, with the event growing in such high levels of popularity that even some of the most important online wagering firms have taken to offer their fans options to bet on Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest odds before and during the day of the competition.

Just like in other professional competitive sports entertainment events, of course, there are some competitors that rise above the rest. In the NFL it’s Tom Brady, in the NBA Lebron James, in soccer it’s Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Well, in a professional hot dog eating it’s Joey Chestnut and Miki Sudo.

Chestnut and Sudo are considered by many, if not all professional eating competition connoisseurs as the best to ever do it in the male and female categories of the competition. Watching them devour those dogs can be considered some sort of abstract, quirky, and filling art form. It’s no wonder why both of these athletes have dominated the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest for as many as 14 years for Chestnut and seven years, without counting 2021 where the winner was Michelle Lesco, for Sudo.

Joey Chestnut, aka the GOAT of competitive eating, has again, as previously mentioned, reigned over the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest for a record 14 straight years, with his last win coming in 2021. Just like there are people that will speak of the prowesses that guys like Brady, James, Woods, and others showcased in their own disciplines when it comes to eating hot dogs, nobody has ever done it as well as Chestnut.

If you were to jump into your favorite online betting platform, you would probably see that the Joey Chestnut odds to win Nathan’s hot dog competition are overwhelming in comparison to other competitors around.

Now, of course, you might think it’s all fluff, he probably ate 10 or 20 glizzys and was done with it, right? Well, good old Joey is not only the longest-reigning champion in the history of the competition but also holds the record for eating the most hot dogs in a 10-minute span. How many? A total of 76 hot dogs, yes, wieners and buns, no crumbs left behind. Yes, we’ll say it again, 76 hot dogs in total in a 10-minute span. Yes, it’s crazy, but then again Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest is not necessarily a competition made for restraint and calmness now is it?

On the women’s side of the dog, when it comes to hot dog-eating excellence, Miki Sudo is the person you are going to want to talk to. While chowing down 76 hot dogs is too much of a stretch for Sudo, in her seven championship wins, until 2021 when she lost her crown to Michelle Lesco, Sudo was the queen bee when it came to eating Nathan’s HD’s.

It was in 2022 that Sudo had her best performance to date when she smashed the previous women’s record of 45 set by Sonia Thomas in 2012 and put on a new one, eating a total of 48 ½ dogs in 10 minutes.

If there’s one woman in the world that might be able to teach everyone a thing or two about downing dogs, Sudo is the perfect person to look for.

As the 2022 competition gears up, will we see another record-breaking performance from Chestnut and Sudo or will somebody new appear to make their own claim at the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest throne? We’ll have to wait until Independence Day to see what happens, but hey, in the meantime, head over to our page highlighting Nathan’s Famous Odds to know how you can make some good money off the world’s most famous hot dog-eating competition is definitely a snack, a meal and a banquet all in one.

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